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  1. I don't trust anyone today, April fools joke?
  2. Awesome news, good to hear that you're all trying to make the game better for all.
  3. Yeah, I remember that exact same thing on Left 4 Dead, at least I think it was Left 4 dead, there would be speech bubbles with Gaben talking about the game.
  4. Dude you're just bad, Jason is perfect as is, I barely lost as him.
  5. Do not change Jason's speed, it is completely fine as it is, I have an easy enough time killing everyone anyways.
  6. And I asked them about the whole killer thing, they said that you all have a chance to be the killer even if you're in a party with a friend online.
  7. And i'm guessing the breakaway walls will highlight for him but the counselors wont be able to see it, so it'll look like any normal wall.
  8. Discord is a place where many gamers can talk, they have built in voice chat and text rooms to be placed and named whatever the host wants to call it. I suggest you all create an account so we may all talk in one area about the game in real time. It's a really good service. https://discordapp.com/
  9. I think what happened is after his head got smash into the door by Jason, his body flung into the chair. That's just what I think though.
  10. Staying with other counselors, staying on the trail (not going off trail into the forest area), using your flashlight, hiding and maybe turning on the radio? That's all I can think of as for now.
  11. Yeah, I'm really hoping they let us choose from a selection of weapons to mix and match with. Would make the game more replayable and unpredictable.
  12. 12,343 (was lucky enough to get my hands on the original steelbook edition)
  14. I'm going to try to upload as much gameplay that I can of this game on my channel, so watch out for that!
  15. Almost definitely sure that there is just going to be a closed beta, since that would be unfair to us who paid for access for the beta.
  16. When I said gameplay instead of videos, i meant don't do what Dead by daylight did, they used videos in game for the tutorial instead of letting you play and learning the controls like that.
  17. Same, I've played this one game called Duck Game for about almost 1,000 hours, can't get enough of it!
  18. You missed this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cr3AWX_XgAAIWze.jpg
  19. Does motion blur cause the game to be laggier? If so I would also like it to be turned off.
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