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  1. Aquanaut, Potent Ranger, Easy Listening, Evasion, Heavy Sleeper, Psychic and Quiet Swimmer are probably among the WORST perks in the game. Btw, Thick was already massively nerfed awhile back. It's pretty mediocre now. The only reason Thick Skin got such a huge nerf was because of Chad being able to soak like 4 traps before being crippled.
  2. They messed up right from the start. The devs bit off way more than they could chew. They were too small of a team to make a game like this. Game breaking bugs like Jason being able to to block bear traps stayed in the game for MONTHS before it got fixed. Bugs and balance issues were running rampant in this game since release, and it took them months upon months to fix them. And when they finally did, they just caused more. Lol, if a killer gets bullied in that game it's their own fault. Same goes for F13. Which is why all of the constant Counselors nerfs weren't needed. Decent Jasons had 0 issues clearing a lobby. Even going like 4-5/8 is still a big win for Jason.
  3. Will that even do anything? Rofl These hacks have been going on for awhile now, and nothing has changed. It's sad to see F13 die this way. No credibility is right. It was lost long before the lawsuit even came in.
  4. Lol. Posts like this are the exact reason Jason kept getting unneeded buffs. You face a premade of 7 people, and they rolled you, so you ask for Jason buffs? How about being smarter than them. If they were a "fool brazil complete troll team" (racist to say that, by the way), then you should have no problems with outsmarting a group of "fools". I think the fool was you if you couldn't handle it. And besides, the game is meant for Counselors to work together. So you're literally asking for Jason buffs because people played the game properly. And also, if the devs didn't want us to "troll" then they would disable dancing. It was literally put in to trigger Jason players. Looks like it's working :)
  5. Maybe they shouldn't listen to the dumbass YouTubers then? Most of them have always been toxic for game communities. And remember guys, make sure you make a "Hello" post in the Introduction sub-forum before posting, because it's a "rule" LOL!!
  6. Not going to check out the YouTube of someone that advertises it like that rofl. Also wouldn't think someone who wants traps to instant kill would have anything meaningful to say, and their gameplay probably matches that. Nice double post, by the way.
  7. This almost reminds me of something on ESO. Stamina for mounts. There is a bug that when you run out of stamina, you can still sprint on your mount. It happens all the time, and it was never fixed. Sense is similar (IMO). It was something that wasn't really intended to be spammed, but then just never got changed. If you really think about it, Sense shouldn't be spammed, as it makes the +/- Sense perk completely useless. All +/- Sense does is lower/raise the cooldown, and increase/decrease the duration, both of which get bypassed when it's spammed. Seems silly to even have that as a perk. Spammable Sense also makes the whole line of Sense avoidance perk nearly obsolete. I also think Composure should have a greater effect on Sense as well. Not to ever make you completely immune to Sense, but at least lower the radius at which it can see you, if you can manage your Fear.
  8. Didn't think I would ever see this coming out of these forums. And I'm surprised no one is hating on it yet. IMO, the one thing that would make Stealth stronger and Sense weaker would be to make Sense not spammable. This would make Jason have to rely more on pings, and this could also make Sense avoidance perks useful.
  9. @HaHaTrumpWon LOL!!!! I have never seen that before in my life. Omfg I died! 🤣 Little knife makes the car explode. And then Deborah "Holy shit!"
  10. Jason traps and knives already do more than enough damage. 2 Knives bring a counselor into the limping state, and 1 trap makes them limp. Maybe get better at placing traps and get better aim with knives?
  11. 100% agree with OP. And so many times I see these Jason kill groups, and they just crumble. All of these people complaining about "JASON NEEDZ MOAR BUFFSS!!11" probably come across these kill groups only once and awhile, and when they do, they expect the game to hand them kills. So they just swing their weapon like a brain dead monkey, and when they don't get kills, they cry for more buffs.
  12. I find it ironic that people have so much hate towards DbD. They are CLEARLY jealous that it is still going strong. "What exactly are they doing right?" Well for starters, they still have a 20k+ playerbase, so while the 7 people on here who find DbD boring, 20k others don't. And while DbD is more repetitive then F13, and the DLCs are just a cashgrab (even though emotes and dances are too), DbD has constant updates. Updates where they actually fix things, and not add in more problems then they take out. Their perk system is IMO much better overall. There are a few perks on F13 that I really like, but the RNG of it is just a HUGE pain in the ass. Spending thousands and thousands of CP just to roll useless perks like Evasion and Psychic. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand playing DbD. But I can at least see where they went right, and can respect them for taking such good care of their game. Anyways, to OP, can't really say, even after a year. The only thing we can do is hope for the best. But unless they can come out with some QUALITY updates and balance changes, then F13 will either stay as it is now, with a playerbase of under 400. Or it will die completely and the servers will be shut down.
  13. When the game is practically over after Jason gets Rage, killing him is the only thing to do. Especially when people are now rushing to get the boat/car and leaving everyone behind. Or hog med sprays and don't tank traps so people can fix the phone. I'm considering running with Hypochondriac AND Medic just so I have a damn med spray. So many times I'll see a Counselor running around doing nothing, then when they finally die/leave, they had 2-3 sprays on them.
  14. QQ? Jason is a cakewalk. Why do you need even MORE buffs? It's already easy to get 8/8 You could always do what some crybaby I saw did. He claims he has never been killed as Jason, because if they demask him, he hides in the water until the match is done.
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