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  1. I'm just gonna go cry in my ambulance now, don't mind me.
  2. In what way was I easy to kill?
  3. Who are you calling lackluster?
  4. Looks like the chocolate bar is out of the wrapper...
  5. Ideas for Roy

    You have my blessing. Also, "I don't think he'd need any weaknesses to strength or durability, as he's pretty much the equal to the human Jasons in that regard in the films." ???????????????
  6. I need my road flare too. Also, let me drive the car. I can drive, unlike Red Chevrons...
  7. Does this mean physical backers get both blood patterns since we are playing the digital copy?
  8. Will someone please accidentally put me up for download?!?!?!? PLEASE?!?!?
  9. I will join you and hold up my sign that demands that I be put into the game!!!!!!!!
  10. While I agree that the game does feel unfinished, a AAA studio would have filled this game with microtransactions and probably wouldn't have paid as close of attention to detail. This biggest issues that this game has, is the amount of money put into it, and that it feels like an early access game off Steam. Money was always going to be an issue, no doubt about that, but that is why we only got three maps and one game mode. The repetitiveness is going to affect players sooner or later. I feel that this game should have had another 6-12 months of development. More money could of been raised, and more time to polish the game. Another thing that kind of annoyed me was they were given the license, but had to raise all the money themselves. It would have been nice if someone at Paramount or New Line could have gave a few million in exchange for a cut of the profits. Then again, movie studio executives vs game development and the fact that this type of game is not that common, so the risk is high. Basically, Time and Money.
  11. I guess Friday the 13th: The Game will be..... DEAD BY DAYLIGHT I'll show myself out.
  12. Be Grateful......

    Man, I get snubbed, even in fan games.