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  1. Thank you for asking my friend. I was so excited when they mentioned it on stream!
  2. Hey guys. Stream ended awhile ago and Single Player Challenges look really good! And I have some really good news for the people who want Beta Animations to return. At the end of the stream, @ShiftySamurai and @wes told us why Beta Animations were taken out and that they have them on a wishlist to add them back after dedicated servers. They want them back just like we do, but it will take awhile to get them. It'll be worth it though. I really appreciate them for mentioning Beta Animations. And the fact that it's on their wishlist, There's a better chance we'll get them... but don't get your hopes up.
  3. They were removed because of a couple issues. Lag being the main one. It's not exactly about why they were removed. - Could they be fixed? - If enough people wanted them back would the Devs take the time to fix them and add them back? Those are the questions that we really want answersed. BTW: Thank you for responding Shifty. I really appreciate it.
  4. Don't get your hopes up. This thread isn't that big yet. I don't think they've even seen this thread yet. Edit: Well... I was wrong.
  5. I agree with everything here. Especially these two. Solid work my friend ??.
  6. Awesome idea. Get rid of the Pamela dialogue on Roy. It makes no sense and is easy to fix. Honestly, I wish there was an option to disable the Pamela dialogue on all Jasons. I was thinking, you know how there's two locations where Jason's shack spawns. Why not have Roy spawn in the location that doesn't have the shack and usually has a camp fire with tents or a graveyard. Just an idea ?.
  7. Great idea. I've been wanting a blinking animation on Jason for ages. But this, even better idea! #BringBetaAnimationsBack @ShiftySamurai ?
  8. We all do. The Alpha was gorgeous. However that build was just meant to show off the game to get people interested. Not meant for gameplay. That's why it looked so good. But still, looks fantastic.
  9. Wow thank you for bringing this Topic back up. I completely forgot I made it ?.
  10. Amazing idea. I love jump scaring people with stalk. I actually feel like Jason from the movies when I do that. Oh, almost forgot, 10th!
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