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  1. The Ultimate Character Poll

    We already see Tommy get killed in the game. But I'm sure everyone is happy when Tommy gets killed in this game . Personally I would like an even balance between original characters and movie characters.
  2. The Ultimate Character Poll

    Just curious Barbara, what are you're Top 5 characters you'd love to see in the game from this list?
  3. The Ultimate Character Poll

    Also in this poll, KM is a (Hero Character) so technically the leading "counselor" would be Sergeant Brodski (Although I think he should be a Hero Character too) with Melissa right behind him. But I still think the most popular character here is Melissa and you're probably right about people not voting for her because of the leak. cough... cough... Trish is right behind Melissa F13 Devs... cough. #VoteForTrish . Nah just joking guys, don't listen to me, just vote for your Fav Characters.
  4. This is absolutely amazing! One of the biggest problems in the game is that players don't play as Jason stealthy like he is in the movies. You can't jump scare people because counselors will always hear your music when your around. You can jump scare people with stalk but that lasts like 15 seconds. I hope we get a gamemode like this. Great job man.
  5. The Ultimate Character Poll

    Atleast Trish is still in the Top 5 but jeez, KM is even whooping Melissa's ass.
  6. HD Kill Cutscenes If you've seen the new Single Player Challenges trailer. (WHICH IS SUPER AWESOME!) You probably would have noticed the HD Kill Cutscenes. ...Wow You gotta give major props to the Devs. These cutscenes look better than most Triple A game cutscenes. Absolutely stunning. (I love the way Jason just stares at Adam struggling.) Good job guys. Now that we've seen this I'm almost positive that we'll get the HD Intro and Outro cutscenes back aswell as some new ones for the Small Maps and New Maps. Also the dialogue and lip syncing in this trailer was amazing too. hopefully we'll get character interactions in multiplayer too. But that's not what I'm here to talk about... I'm here to talk about potentially every kill getting an HD make over like the ones in the Single Player Challenges trailer. This may not be likely considering they said they were cinematic kills just for Single Player Challenges but if they were to do this to the Multiplayer Kills it would be SO badass! The kill above looks so good and I would love for every kill in the game to look just as good and I'm sure you guys would too. The HD Kills are just for Single Player Challenges as of right now. I have a feeling that the Single Player Challenges will release along side or near the April Update. And personally I think the April Update will affect the game MASSIVELY! Not just mechanically but graphically aswell. What do you guys think. Could you see this happening? Would you like every kill in the game to get an HD revamp? - Deku Scrub
  7. "Classic" Outfits

    I actually don't want Jenny in just Chris's blue sweater. I wan't Jenny to have her green jacket too. For some reason I really want Jenny in a jacket or sweater.
  8. UPDATE: Added a New Intro Video for comparison.
  9. The Ultimate Character Poll

    Personally I think we should get 1 to 2 characters per movie. Hell, we have two from Part 3. Four if you count the great value versions. Fox and Shelly. Then Jenny basically being Chris and Mitch basically being Chuck.
  10. The Ultimate Character Poll

    "Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment." The cemetary caretaker from Part 6 was pretty cool.
  11. The Ultimate Character Poll

    The main reason why the Jason X characters are getting really high votes is because there's not very many characters in the Jason X poll and people only really vote for 2 of them in that poll. Also, they're pretty unique characters. I'm just mainly looking at the Part 1 through 9 poll.
  12. Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea! Totally ruins the immersion when you see everyone is wearing Halloween costumes running around a Summer Camp.
  13. The Ultimate Character Poll

    Damn! Trish lost the lead . But I'm pretty sure everyone knows that Melissa is most likely gonna destroy the Part 1 through 9 poll.