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  1. Crispen_Glover

    Where are the patches!?

    wow its actually happening
  2. Crispen_Glover

    This can't be a coincidence..

    like I said, F13 maybe more unpolished and gltchy but the core gameplay is leagues better then DBD also I hate the atmosphere and aesthetic of it. Uninspired grungy edgelord horror, wheres F13 perfectly captures that fun 80s slasher vibe.
  3. Crispen_Glover

    This can't be a coincidence..

    After playing DBD for a few hours I can't see how people think this is better then F13. F13 maybe be a glitchfest but its at least fun to play. Having to continuously hook people up instead of performing brutal kills gets boring super fast. Also this game UGLY as fuck to look at.
  4. lmao now the game just strait up crashed, its comical how immensely broken this game is. thanks IllFonic
  5. No exaggeration I've played like 4 hours today and very single Jason match I've played has ended in a fucking connection time out and furious rn. Why is this game such a fucking nightmare?
  6. Crispen_Glover

    Why is Miller the good one again?

    Vic says it in the crystal lake memories doc
  7. Crispen_Glover

    Why is Miller the good one again?

    Vic wrote the first movie. He has that claim, he had absolutely nothing to do with the concept or an adult jason with hockey mask and everything. Even when the second film came out he said he hated the idea of jason being alive and killing.
  8. have they told you and insider stuff about whats going on in the offices or similar?
  9. After all the bullshit I feel even stronger about this sentiment then before...
  10. Crispen_Glover

    How would you have designed the game?

    design it not to be a bug riddled mess
  11. never gonna happen and they are to afraid to admit it
  12. they will never happen and they are to afraid to admit it because of the shit storm
  13. then why the hell didn't you guys just edit them out of the video before you released it. It comes across as a fucking slap to the face to the fans.
  14. its honestly comical how fucked up this game is