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  1. I know the chances of this happening are slim to none but I recently got a switch and was just thinking about how cool it would be to play F13 on a handheld. From my understand while nothing else can be added due to that cancerous lawsuit, GUN/ILL/Blacktower can still sell the game as is. So why not make some extra $$$ to help keep those servers running and put out a switch port?
  2. this. While these old dinosaurs spend millions on a legal battle, jason blum going to be wiping his ass with ben franklins
  3. this could have been condensed to "we cant add shit" such a shame whats happening. These 2 bitter old fucks destroyed an entire franchise.
  4. other then some choppy frames in 2 matches. its running pretty smooth. also nice to have a bunch of new players
  5. Theres a glitch where you are locked from using shift as jason. needs to be fixed ASAP. Kinda astounding how you guys consistently fuck shit up with each update.
  6. just played a match as jason where my shift wouldn't turn on. great fucking job IllFonic
  7. Praying something good actually happens from this
  8. deleteting all the content they worked on pre-trail is literally the most retarded thing they could do. I fucking pray to god thats not thats case
  9. Hopefully Sean realizes that settling its the right decision. All that money being wasted on a lawsuit when you could be making more money by making a new movie and having more game content put out
  10. like I said, F13 maybe more unpolished and gltchy but the core gameplay is leagues better then DBD also I hate the atmosphere and aesthetic of it. Uninspired grungy edgelord horror, wheres F13 perfectly captures that fun 80s slasher vibe.
  11. After playing DBD for a few hours I can't see how people think this is better then F13. F13 maybe be a glitchfest but its at least fun to play. Having to continuously hook people up instead of performing brutal kills gets boring super fast. Also this game UGLY as fuck to look at.
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