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    Love the Friday the 13th franchise!!! I enjoy making fan art for the game as well!

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  1. Sweet! Hope this comes soon. Also another glitch that seems to happen to me twice is having my counciler move on their own, erraticly and eventurally falling under the map and then getting kicked for inactivity. Very annoying! Cant wait to see these changes!!
  2. So now that we know were not getting anymore dlc for the game, i was thinking about the fact that i spent a year playing this, made hundreds of pieces of artwork, spent $80+ dollars on this game so why not give the fans backer stuff now that were not getting anything. I'm not being facetious, i genuinely dont understand why players who had no idea about the campaign or just couldnt help but bought the game digital and physical, bought all the dlc and played every night for a year, though all the bugs, glitches, and assh*les in the game cant get those clothing items. Im not even talking about Savini Jason, as much as i would love to have him i know how much people would complain about it if he was givin away. Dozens of new players have joined, so why not just add them in like a patch or something, free for all those who have stuck around, or hell how about making them be new unlockable clothing. This game is going to die with out new content, even just releasing old exclusive content might help with it.
  3. I hate the look too and would have prefered her sweater/jean look but its really acurate to the movie. http://i.imgur.com/qxLjeHX.jpg
  4. I agree with you. Like the other night this Jason was only after me for the first 5 minuts of the game. Chased me from the house below the Jarvis residence all the way through blackfoot camp. His friends were all escaping I commited suicide the first chance i got.
  5. That is dissapointing. Oh well. I didnt think this thread would get so much attention.
  6. I honestly just want to see if they have dicks on the guys. Lmao im not intrested in seeing the female counilers body's. Also just to see Adams ass would be okay.
  7. So how could someone take the nude models and make them viewable out of cinematics?
  8. So I made some ideas for how their outfits might look. If you guys have any suggestions on the guys outfits I'd appreciate it, they are the hardest to dress. https://anthonybarnhart.imgur.com/all/
  9. I think this would be awesome!!! I don't know what people don't like about the small maps, its rather challenging to be Jason on those maps. I have been waiting for small versions of the newer maps that are smaller.
  10. i've made a few sketches about how the outfits could look if i had my phone i cold take pics. I lll posy em when i have the time. It would look so neat I think!!
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