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  1. I experienced the same thing on PS4 two days ago - tried to turn on the radio in big house on Jarvis house map, got the +5 XP DJ distracted pop up but no music came on, and the radio could no longer be interacted with. Nothing seemed to work other than flashlight, so I dropped my pocket knife, health spray and car keys for someone else who was nearby and waited patiently for the level 2 trash talking 13 year old Jason to kill me. It happened again yesterday and I tried to enter a hiding spot thinking that would unglitch it, on the way there I opened a drawer by accident which fixed the glitch since the camera changes when opening drawers.
  2. I don’t see it on packanack much lately, but have had people do it on crystal lake small (restroom) and a random cabin on same map, the last cabin on the lower east side of the map towards the main road. It was easy enough to get up onto the restroom roof and kill that moron but I didn’t get up on the other one. They ragequit regardless when they saw that I was attempting to. I tried to work out how to get on that one roof again later in a private match and couldn’t manage to - not sure if it’s possible. I threw knives at a filthy Tiffany on the pinehurst roof until it died the other day. Felt good man.
  3. Stalk and sense now cancel automatically whenever you enter combat stance - whaaaa? Having stalk run out the second I go into combat stance to break down doors etc. is really fucking annoying. I noticed in private matches, my stamina would completely drain when doing a repair... I was putting a battery in as Vanessa - by the time I finished I had absolutely no stamina left. Normally, it regenerates while doing the repair, right? I don’t know if this is a new issue or not as I don’t play private matches that often. Servers seem kind of sketchy lately - playing in Australia on PS4, there are plenty of people playing in the region still but it can be stupidly hard to find matches at times lately and it puts AU players on the AP server and vice versa pretty frequently with ~200ms. At this point if they fixed the environmental kills glitch, throwing knives/cars bullshit, and unbreak the core gameplay by reverting or adjusting the rage mode idiocy I’d be content for them to never patch the game again, lest it get even more brokener. Sad that it was in a better state prior to the engine upgrade a year ago, both balance wise and technically - the car rubberbanding was more or less the only huge ongoing issue the game had at that time, now it’s plagued by them. Dedicated servers and new grab animation aside, it’s been downgraded in so many ways it’s mind boggling. At least bring back the flare gun shot in the eye “not the face” animation that was lost with the engine upgrade a year ago. Why is that not in the game anymore? People who played the game for the first 12 months it was out will know what I’m referring to.
  4. This may have been mentioned somewhere: Stalk now cancels itself when you enter combat stance. I always use combat stance to break down doors, often while in stalk (even if no counselor is around and I’m making my job easier for later) and I’m 99.9999% sure this never used to happen? Surely it’s an unintended thing, it’s really really shit either way.
  5. Of the options in the poll, glitchers annoy me the most. I see it as a statement of their poor character as people, not just players in the game, and unless they're children I generally think of them as lowlife trash (and I'm not generally the type to look down on other people in that way). Sometimes there'll be someone who's just doing it for a laugh and leaves the spot, but those who routinely glitch and will do it till the time runs out and waste everyone else's time are up there (or more accurately, down there) with the lowest of the low as far as the player base of this game goes. Another thing that irks me which I occasionally see, counselors playing selfishly - even if I'm Jason it bothers me, because I'm someone who finds it rewarding to help out even complete strangers who might not always "deserve" it, because it feels good to be good to others. A few days ago I was Jason and some moron came back as Tommy. Some kid playing as AJ tanked the door trap at the car and couldn't heal themselves, I morphed to them and they were politely asking Tommy if he had a spray and he ignored them. I threw knives at him till he was crippled and unsurprisingly he used his med spray, then I tunneled him till he was dead and let the kid and the other counselor who was still alive escape, shifting around in circles and not bothering to stop the car. Back to the main topic though - cancerous cheating scum. I've had some great moments messing with glitchers lately - a while ago this moron who used to play under a different name but got a bad rep for being a complete piece of shit was trying to do the Packanack roof glitch. I ran into the trap he'd just set and immediately healed myself, then drew Jason (not a friend of mine, some low level noob Jason) to us, ultimately the cretin ragequit while Jason was giving him that savage one handed choke, effectively ending his peckerwood dreams of rooftop chicanery once and for all. Here's the video of what I described in the above paragraph - I always save stuff like this. 😂😂😂
  6. I had some little fuckwit do this earlier today. He must have had 3 health sprays, thick skin and medic, but I got him in the end after everyone else was dead. Only hit him once with combat stance, due to the position he was standing in causing me to lock on from the wrong angle. I had 7 throwing knives when I first noticed him glitching, needless to say it was pretty fucking annoying using them all only for him to repeatedly heal, then needing to collect more in between killing the other counselors (while making sure not to use any precious knives on them...) and preventing them from repairing the phone. Next round, I got the Chadmobile ready with one objective in mind. Took forever to find the gas, finally did so just as the cops were arriving. Drove to the police exit, conveniently turned him into roadkill then immediately escaped. He didn't say too much after that round surprisingly enough, then next game I was Jason, interrupted his attempt to climb through window with a knife then grabbed him and killed him (before anyone else - one handed choke needless to say) as he exploded in a barrage of super mature and enlightened insults about how I am "JUST GHEY!" 😂 Eventually he came back as Tommy and started accusing me of being a cheater (ironic given that he, not I, was glitching two rounds earlier), claiming I was teaming even though I wasn't friends with anyone in the lobby, then got super emotional and started to call me a "sore loser", which was a strange thing to call me considering I've never "lost" to him in any way. Projection 101, like it normally is when some dumbass insults you. Fascinating how they tend to gravitate towards terms that are infinitely more applicable to themselves.
  7. Yeah, usually when the lobby is full of mediocre fuckwit counselors who think they're super elite because they can beat on some hapless motherfucker who just got the game at the police exit till time - something they clearly have in abundance - runs out. Harder to do now I guess. Once this girl let her mum (presumably a middle aged woman in her 50s or 60s with zero clue how video games work) play a round and I let her kill me cause the rest of the lobby were a party of dumb bogans (Australian equivalent of redneck basically) saying weird vaguely sexual shit. I just stood there (as Tommy with all the stuff I spawned with) and let her slash me to death rather than be implicitly on the same side as such fundamentally shitty human beings.
  8. Yes, weapons with high stun chance are likely to work. If the person hitting him after the sweater is used has a good sucker punch perk, it's more likely to work. In the days when the sweater girl could also hit Jason right after using the sweater, I kneeled him with a wrench quite a few times, as wrenches stun him about 90% of the time with a 25% sucker punch perk equipped. Axe almost always works when I'm Tommy cause I use sucker punch on every counselor, but I've seen it fail quite a few times when others do it.
  9. Few things irritate me more in this game than when the level 11 PS+ player tries to give me driving instructions (anyone who plays with me knows I'm good at driving and even most high level Jasons are almost completely incapable of stopping me in the car), then they get all pissy when I completely ignore their simplistic directions which basically amount to "Drive on the road, see that part of the map that's a road? Drive on it". . . Oh thanks bro but I think I know the layout of packanack small by now, having played about 15000 matches on it. They actually proclaim me a terrible driver because I'm doing all this crazy unpredictable shit, yet they don't seem to notice that Jason is completely incapable of stopping the car and we end up escaping unscathed after I've kept him busy for several minutes to better aid those not in the car. Healing new players (who have mics) or repeatedly saving them when they get grabbed and them not acknowledging it 9 times out of 10 is starting to shit me as well, the second my weapon breaks and I need to go find another they end up dead. I'm glad the player base is more active currently but getting a bit sick of some of these frankly useless cunts at the same time. I really do try and help the new players and it's always nice when you see some that have a decent attitude or at least attempt to play the game properly, I go out of my way to help anyone in the game in general, but goddammit there are too many painfully unfunny adolescents (and younger even) who never stfu playing this game right now.
  10. A trend I’ve noticed: Heal one of these clueless noobs when you see an injured Shelly approaching in the distance and take pity on him, then wait for him to... um, try and attack me two minutes later? Or give the noob Chad a pocket knife because you found one at a campsite late game and already had one, he’ll appreciate that surely - oh wait, why tf is he trying to hit me now? ???
  11. Same here, it sucks. I feel so lost as to who the cool people and the fuckwits are as I only started playing regularly on X1 in last month or so (been playing since day 1 on PS4). I connected a headset even though I don’t normally use mic - still couldn’t hear anyone. Every time I’m Jason and someone is talking as I’m killing them, in my head they’re the saltiest motherfucker on earth and they despise every facet of my being. And whenever a Jason is tunneling me and can’t kill me, I feel like they’re saying all sorts of horrible things ? lol. Also, the glitch after shooting flare gun/shotgun where you don’t drop it after shooting and then you can’t do anything but emote, flashlight, cycle through inventory (and use items) and run. Can’t open windows, doors, can’t pick up items, enter vehicles etc. I think the glitch may occur for more than one reason but the most recent time it happened and COMPLETELY fucked me over for the ~15th time in the last 2-3 weeks, it appeared to happen because my character stumbled in the middle of the horrible forced “drop flare gun” animation. The flare gun is such a joke at this point it may as well be renamed the Flair Gun and shoot out floating speech bubbles that say “Wooooo!”, with accompanying sound effect. Oh wait, that would be new content, never mind ? It sucks when the salty asshole Jason player who would virtually never be able to get me (or at least not without a long struggle) under normal circumstances gets to kill me because the game fucked me over even worse than the car rubber banding bullshit that was left in for six months. I love having dedicated servers on console finally and have been enjoying the game as much as ever lately, just wish the above issues would be fixed along with the horrible interaction lock that happens mostly to people who use combat stance frequently. There are matches on Xbox where I get interaction locked almost every single time I come out of combat stance, I have developed a habit of spamming RT as I’m getting near a window or door with Jason on my tail since it’s very likely I’m glitched after the simple act of entering combat stance and hitting him. I know it’s not necessary to use combat stance, but hit detection is pretty iffy without it (especially if you’re saving someone else who got grabbed like the human pocket knife you are ?) and at this point it’s too ingrained in me to not use it.
  12. What’s the status with the servers now? I set my Xbox up two nights ago after the PS4 issues started, I have a relative staying till this weekend and they’re in the room my Pro is set up in. I had my original PS4 connected through my PC monitor, but when the server issues started I connected my X1 instead. I’m guessing it’s mostly back to normal now? I don’t wanna miss out on all the fun with all the new players etc so will probably get my PS4 hooked up again soon unless there are still issues with finding a match, can’t connect both consoles at once in this room though so only wanna switch back to PS4 if it’s worth it. If need be I can wait till the weekend when I can have both consoles hooked up to my tv again.
  13. I was in a party with friends earlier trying to get into a lobby - it would search for much longer than usual then put us in lobbies on overseas servers (we're in Australia). It put us in US lobbies a few times, then it even put us on the EU server... Sucks cause it was pretty reliable at putting me on either the AU or AP server (where I get roughly the same ping of around 100ms) until today. We eventually gave up 30+ minutes and numerous failed attempts later. Did private matches for a bit until it dwindled down to just four of us, then we all said fuck it and stopped playing for the night.
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