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  1. I have the game on all platforms but mostly play on PS4/Xbox, I have encountered someone called SATAN on PC before - may not be the same person but it's an Australian player (I'm in AU as well) and he has the repugnant personality to match his shitty attitude towards the game. I remember once there was some noob Jason who would have been hopeless against any half decent player to begin with, and this "SATAN" guy was using an infinite pocket knife hack. Every time the Jason would grab him he'd say "suck my dick" etc. I remember thinking, how trashy of a human being do you need to be as a level 150 player to intentionally cheat and potentially make a new player, who it would have been extremely easy to beat without cheating, hate the game. He also had Uber Jason/Savini etc. The following round I found both sets of car keys, ran him and his teamer friend (some random level 30 player and presumably the only person he could find willing to be friends with him) over and even screenshotted "Betrayed" next to him so I could have a laugh to myself about it later.
  2. Glad to know someone can empathise! I’m cautiously optimistic as tonight I’m playing and it’s put me in AU two lobbies in a row after about 30 seconds. This has never happened since the AU servers returned in January, unless I’m in a party with someone else hosting. Fingers crossed they fixed the issue, in which case I’ll be extremely thankful! The occasional AP lobby is tolerable and can be fun, but being put into them immediately as the first option rather than finding AU had become quite tiresome. Edit: Nope, aside from those two times it’s been the same as usual. 😭😭😭
  3. I was glad the Australian servers returned on PS4 with this update after 5 months without them... however they also seemed to bring back different Asia Pacific servers that I get equivalent ping on (~80ms). I’m in Western Australia, so guessing those AP servers might be in Singapore or thereabouts. The problematic thing about this is it puts me in AP servers after 15 seconds most of the time, so if I’m playing solo it’s nearly impossible to get into a lobby in the correct region. It won’t put me in an AU server till about 1:15 has elapsed in the search, which is something that barely happens as usually it finds an AP lobby in 15-20 seconds. It is doubly annoying because unlike the other laggier AP servers that have a lot of very skilled players from Japan, these ones have a lot of toxic players, cheaters/glitchers/trolls and ragequitters. It seems like a lot of people from Kuwait (Q8 in their gamer tag) who play this game have a terrible attitude when it comes to online gaming. It’s odd as I have no doubt Kuwait is full of awesome people - just players with “Q8” in their name tend to be toxic douchebags. It’s awkward at times when you get players from Arabic countries acting like obnoxious repugnant dickheads in the game, it feels a bit petty to get that annoyed with them when I have no idea what their life entails compared to mine. Then there’s the 10 year olds screaming into their mic in a different language. I hope the region detect issue is fixed at some point and I don’t have to dwell in AP purgatory for the remainder of this game’s lifespan - most of the non-Japanese AP lobbies consist of either clueless noobs or toxic level 150 morons to be frank. Needing to have friends playing in order to get into the right region is quite bothersome and I really hope it’s rectified soon enough.
  4. I would love if they brought back the AU servers on PS4 that disappeared the day the game released on Switch (ironically barely anyone plays on Switch in my region and you’re lucky to find a single semi-populated lobby at any hour of the day) They said it was unintentional and being looked into four months ago. Still “investigating” no doubt. At least fix it so that a P2P lobby is created or found after 90 seconds of searching, rather than 4-5 minutes.
  5. It's good to hear the OP is now able to find a game again... Are you sure it was a dedicated server in your region, and not a P2P lobby? For PS4 players in Australia for the last 2-3 weeks (since the Switch release), there are no AU servers. At first it would put you on an AP or US server with horrible lag, or else it'd make you host of your own P2P lobby after 4-5 minutes searching, and if you were lucky you'd have friends online who wanted to play. In the last few days, it seems like even the AP servers are no longer being found. It will just search for nearly 5 minutes and then put you in your own lobby, or some other P2P lobby. I bought the game on Switch - every day that I search for a game it places me on the "AP South East 2" server with 80ms, slightly better ping than I'd get on a PS4 AU server, but it's all for nothing sadly as there are never any other players in the lobby. I wait for a while and leave. $60 AUD down the drain... I'd bought the game on every platform before, and gifted it to people on more than one occasion, I'd never flat out regretted a purchase of this game up until the Switch version. I've been playing mostly on Xbox lately, and the AU servers are fine on that platform. It takes me like 20 seconds to be put in a populated AU lobby at most hours of the day. It's unfortunate about the cancerous insta-mute morons whose egos easily eclipse their so called skill, but that's the case on every platform. On the bright side, it gives me ample opportunity to administer a little vehicular chemotherapy. 🚘 I ran over the same repugnant fuckhead an inconceivable THREE TIMES in the same day a few days ago, over the course of maybe 5-6 rounds. You'd think he'd have managed to avoid it the THIRD time, if not the second. 😂 There are some decent players on there too, and one of my friends who I play with all the time on PS4 has started playing on Xbox while the PS4 servers are broken, so that's been fun. I'll be pretty stoked if the PS4 servers are back up in my region soon, it's fun destroying all the Xbox cornballs but most of the worthwhile people I've encountered in this game are on PS4, and I miss fucking up the psychotic/meth-addled teamers on PS4 on the regular as well.
  6. I'm now of the belief that the server issue is indeed temporary, and unintentional. It seems like AU/EU etc. servers are currently nonexistent on PS4, however today I launched the game on my Xbox (which I barely ever think to play) and searched for a game. 20 seconds later, and I'm in a populated lobby on the AU server. Looks like I'll be playing on Xbox a lot more for the foreseeable future and enjoying trolling the special breed of actual literal moron that is particularly abundant on that platform. (I played on Xbox about a year ago till I got to 150 and encountered the dumbest people I've ever seen in this game on the daily). This is going to be fun
  7. I empathise with the EU players who suddenly have no servers, without any word from Gun on what the fuck is up. There are no Australian servers on PS4 all of a sudden either. Total coincidence that the servers in several regions disappeared just as the game released on a new platform, I'm sure. They had already clearly reduced the server capacity months ago, I guess their next step was to get rid of them completely and hope that the people who bought their game are too stupid to notice or care, or would be happy with a borderline unplayable connection on overseas servers? It can often take 20-30 minutes to eventually find a game even in the wrong region, after repeatedly canceling and restarting the search every so often to no avail. It will often say 'Checking session for room' after about 20 seconds, and then it doesn't put you in a lobby, it just hangs indefinitely. When working correctly, it places the player in a lobby within a few seconds of that message appearing, rather than just wasting their valuable time and leaving them confused and unsure about if the servers are even up anymore. It really seems as though the servers in several regions have simply vanished. If that is the case, if nothing else, the backlash is going to be amusing to witness as it unfolds. All there is in the way of dedicated servers for players in my region right now are AP and US servers where players from Aus/NZ have 200-300ms and playing as Jason is an infuriating joke. I'm someone who normally enjoys playing as Jason, but have set my preference to counselor for the time being because at least it's at least borderline playable (albeit unacceptable, pitiful trash) to play as counselor with 200ms. Grabbing a counselor standing right in front of you, let alone shift grabbing, with 200-300ms is quite the task. The lack of acknowledgment is pretty suspect on their part and if they have silently done away with several region's servers so that they can milk more money from the game on the new platform, that would be the single most disgusting, unforgivable action on their parts yet, and I'm far from someone who hates the devs in general, I appreciate that they created a game that I love and have improved it in many ways, my post history shows that I'm not a Gun 'hater' by any stretch of the imagination. To reiterate: it's not a case of the servers having reduced capacity or whatever - they are simply gone. This game had a fairly active player base on PS4 in Australia/New Zealand, arguably a better population than it deserves at this point in its lifespan given the plethora of pathetic technical issues its riddled with to this day (admittedly the recent patch made it better, pity it's all for nothing if you can't actually play the game...). It was never hard to get a populated lobby, other than very late at night. I can assure Gun that 90% of the players are nowhere near as diehard a fan of this game as I am, and the majority of them will have moved onto other games and lost interest by the time they bring the servers back, if that ever happens. I'd give it another week or two before a significant percentage of the player base does an impression of the so called dedicated servers and vanishes without a word. I don't really buy into the conspiracies about them intentionally sabotaging the game, but this seems like an excellent way to kill off the player base in several regions so that they can wring every last cent out of the game on Switch before they wash their hands of it altogether. I bought the game on Switch over the weekend and have only played a handful of rounds. There are no AU servers on Switch either, but the 'AP southeast 2' (iirc) server gives me ping that is on par with the Australian servers that vanished from PS4. I recall when dedicated servers were first added, I would get ping like this on the AP servers on PS4, then that changed when they silently got rid of those (Singapore?) servers, and all you could find in that region was lag induced depression. It's interesting that the new platform has an AP server that gives me good ping, like they used to on PS4, at the very least they need to reimplement those AP servers on PS4, but really not bringing back the AU, EU etc. servers in a timely manner would be something that not even the most ardent supporter of the game in the past would be willing to forgive or overlook. And maybe acknowledging the issue openly, being transparent about it and not leaving the people who paid for their game on the platforms that have already been bled dry to sit around wasting their precious time trying to find a non existent playable lobby in their region would be a bright idea. tl;dr: fuck you a lot
  8. This morning after trying with 3 friends to find a lobby to no avail, I searched by myself till it put me in my own P2P server. They joined, along with a couple of random overseas players surprisingly and right now this is a much better way to play the game, because you can keep the lobby open as long as you like, people can join mid-game, and the host won't be kicked for being idle afaik.
  9. I'm in Australia and it's been borderline impossible to get a game at all (PS4), and when it does find a lobby it's in the wrong region and playing as Jason in particular with 200+ ms is awful. It's a pity that a patch dropped that didn't break the game more for a change, yet the servers went to complete shit as soon as it dropped, right as the game released on Switch. Speaking of which, I gave the game a go on my switch in handheld mode last night for the first time, it seems like a solid port but it put me in an empty Asia Pacific lobby (where weirdly I had great ping, under 100, like I used to get on AP servers on PS4 before they got rid of those particular servers) that noone joined, then a US lobby with about 3 other people, one of whom left at the start of the game. Yet to play a round as counselor but it's cool to have the handheld option, just wish the servers weren't a complete joke at the moment. Have they acknowledged the fact people can't play the game without wasting ample amounts of time searching for a lobby, only to eventually find one in the wrong region? It's really fucking annoying. I play this game all the time and love it but it's not worth anyone's time until the servers are fixed.
  10. I experienced the same thing on PS4 two days ago - tried to turn on the radio in big house on Jarvis house map, got the +5 XP DJ distracted pop up but no music came on, and the radio could no longer be interacted with. Nothing seemed to work other than flashlight, so I dropped my pocket knife, health spray and car keys for someone else who was nearby and waited patiently for the level 2 trash talking 13 year old Jason to kill me. It happened again yesterday and I tried to enter a hiding spot thinking that would unglitch it, on the way there I opened a drawer by accident which fixed the glitch since the camera changes when opening drawers.
  11. I don’t see it on packanack much lately, but have had people do it on crystal lake small (restroom) and a random cabin on same map, the last cabin on the lower east side of the map towards the main road. It was easy enough to get up onto the restroom roof and kill that moron but I didn’t get up on the other one. They ragequit regardless when they saw that I was attempting to. I tried to work out how to get on that one roof again later in a private match and couldn’t manage to - not sure if it’s possible. I threw knives at a filthy Tiffany on the pinehurst roof until it died the other day. Felt good man.
  12. Stalk and sense now cancel automatically whenever you enter combat stance - whaaaa? Having stalk run out the second I go into combat stance to break down doors etc. is really fucking annoying. I noticed in private matches, my stamina would completely drain when doing a repair... I was putting a battery in as Vanessa - by the time I finished I had absolutely no stamina left. Normally, it regenerates while doing the repair, right? I don’t know if this is a new issue or not as I don’t play private matches that often. Servers seem kind of sketchy lately - playing in Australia on PS4, there are plenty of people playing in the region still but it can be stupidly hard to find matches at times lately and it puts AU players on the AP server and vice versa pretty frequently with ~200ms. At this point if they fixed the environmental kills glitch, throwing knives/cars bullshit, and unbreak the core gameplay by reverting or adjusting the rage mode idiocy I’d be content for them to never patch the game again, lest it get even more brokener. Sad that it was in a better state prior to the engine upgrade a year ago, both balance wise and technically - the car rubberbanding was more or less the only huge ongoing issue the game had at that time, now it’s plagued by them. Dedicated servers and new grab animation aside, it’s been downgraded in so many ways it’s mind boggling. At least bring back the flare gun shot in the eye “not the face” animation that was lost with the engine upgrade a year ago. Why is that not in the game anymore? People who played the game for the first 12 months it was out will know what I’m referring to.
  13. This may have been mentioned somewhere: Stalk now cancels itself when you enter combat stance. I always use combat stance to break down doors, often while in stalk (even if no counselor is around and I’m making my job easier for later) and I’m 99.9999% sure this never used to happen? Surely it’s an unintended thing, it’s really really shit either way.
  14. Of the options in the poll, glitchers annoy me the most. I see it as a statement of their poor character as people, not just players in the game, and unless they're children I generally think of them as lowlife trash (and I'm not generally the type to look down on other people in that way). Sometimes there'll be someone who's just doing it for a laugh and leaves the spot, but those who routinely glitch and will do it till the time runs out and waste everyone else's time are up there (or more accurately, down there) with the lowest of the low as far as the player base of this game goes. Another thing that irks me which I occasionally see, counselors playing selfishly - even if I'm Jason it bothers me, because I'm someone who finds it rewarding to help out even complete strangers who might not always "deserve" it, because it feels good to be good to others. A few days ago I was Jason and some moron came back as Tommy. Some kid playing as AJ tanked the door trap at the car and couldn't heal themselves, I morphed to them and they were politely asking Tommy if he had a spray and he ignored them. I threw knives at him till he was crippled and unsurprisingly he used his med spray, then I tunneled him till he was dead and let the kid and the other counselor who was still alive escape, shifting around in circles and not bothering to stop the car. Back to the main topic though - cancerous cheating scum. I've had some great moments messing with glitchers lately - a while ago this moron who used to play under a different name but got a bad rep for being a complete piece of shit was trying to do the Packanack roof glitch. I ran into the trap he'd just set and immediately healed myself, then drew Jason (not a friend of mine, some low level noob Jason) to us, ultimately the cretin ragequit while Jason was giving him that savage one handed choke, effectively ending his peckerwood dreams of rooftop chicanery once and for all. Here's the video of what I described in the above paragraph - I always save stuff like this. 😂😂😂
  15. I had some little fuckwit do this earlier today. He must have had 3 health sprays, thick skin and medic, but I got him in the end after everyone else was dead. Only hit him once with combat stance, due to the position he was standing in causing me to lock on from the wrong angle. I had 7 throwing knives when I first noticed him glitching, needless to say it was pretty fucking annoying using them all only for him to repeatedly heal, then needing to collect more in between killing the other counselors (while making sure not to use any precious knives on them...) and preventing them from repairing the phone. Next round, I got the Chadmobile ready with one objective in mind. Took forever to find the gas, finally did so just as the cops were arriving. Drove to the police exit, conveniently turned him into roadkill then immediately escaped. He didn't say too much after that round surprisingly enough, then next game I was Jason, interrupted his attempt to climb through window with a knife then grabbed him and killed him (before anyone else - one handed choke needless to say) as he exploded in a barrage of super mature and enlightened insults about how I am "JUST GHEY!" 😂 Eventually he came back as Tommy and started accusing me of being a cheater (ironic given that he, not I, was glitching two rounds earlier), claiming I was teaming even though I wasn't friends with anyone in the lobby, then got super emotional and started to call me a "sore loser", which was a strange thing to call me considering I've never "lost" to him in any way. Projection 101, like it normally is when some dumbass insults you. Fascinating how they tend to gravitate towards terms that are infinitely more applicable to themselves.
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