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  1. Does this happen to you? Now I can log into the database but can NOT find any lobby, the research goes on forever
  2. Nah, there is freedom of speech. "Don't worry. Be Happy"
  3. I wasn't complaining anyway, I still have fun playing. When I manage log in, ofc
  4. 200 people online yesterday.Bugs not being fixed. And just joining the database has become a difficult task...
  5. Edit: it worked only once, by pure chance, it seems
  6. Instantly breaking the grip over and over again. Maybe it wasn't that common in the US server, but in EU we had huge issues with cheaters for months.
  7. They don't ban anyone period. I've seen East European players rock a wonderful infinite composure cheat for like 6 months and they are all still playing.
  8. That's something I don't know how to do as a counselor, how can you tell what Jason is doing?
  9. Great topic @HaHaTrumpWon I think best strategy is to disable the radio tower right away, and trap the generator. Yes, you don't know where it spawns, but I refuse to believe that a seasoned Jason player can't take a guess judging by the map layout. I always do this, and am right 7 times out of ten. If done correctly, you'll witness waves and waves of Jason killers just kamikaze themselves trying to fix the generator, and I usually kill 2-3 of them in the meantime. Besides, I might decide NOT to guard the electric box after all, and hunt down low level players in order to have them spawn as Jarvis instead.
  10. Haha @Somethin Cool You indeed are one of the most hardcore but you are also very mature, polite and easy going, at least as far as I can tell, so let's say I didn't open this topic having you in mind... It w
  11. Trump you are a great guy and I agree with many things you write, but you seriously need to chill dude 🤗
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