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  1. Instantly breaking the grip over and over again. Maybe it wasn't that common in the US server, but in EU we had huge issues with cheaters for months.
  2. They don't ban anyone period. I've seen East European players rock a wonderful infinite composure cheat for like 6 months and they are all still playing.
  3. That's something I don't know how to do as a counselor, how can you tell what Jason is doing?
  4. Great topic @HaHaTrumpWon I think best strategy is to disable the radio tower right away, and trap the generator. Yes, you don't know where it spawns, but I refuse to believe that a seasoned Jason player can't take a guess judging by the map layout. I always do this, and am right 7 times out of ten. If done correctly, you'll witness waves and waves of Jason killers just kamikaze themselves trying to fix the generator, and I usually kill 2-3 of them in the meantime. Besides, I might decide NOT to guard the electric box after all, and hunt down low level players in order to have them spawn as Jarvis instead.
  5. Haha @Somethin Cool You indeed are one of the most hardcore but you are also very mature, polite and easy going, at least as far as I can tell, so let's say I didn't open this topic having you in mind... It w
  6. Trump you are a great guy and I agree with many things you write, but you seriously need to chill dude 🤗
  7. None. There’s absolutely nothing a counselor can do to me in order to piss me off.
  8. This is a question that has been bothering me for months, and I finally I mustered the courage to talk about it Why are F13 players obsessed with "obnoxious players" who "teabag" etc? Why do we let this trolls get so easily into our head? I mean, it happened COUNTLESS times to me to encounter, as Jason, teams and teams of players who would tease me in every possible way, but I never thought much of it. Giving in is giving them exactly what they want, and usually leads to bad consequences for Jason. We are all seasoned Internet dwellers, and I guess we should see the obvious trolls for exactly what they are... obvious trolls!
  9. I believe they've already stated COUNTLESS times that no new content is coming EVER, even if Miller and Sean fell in love with each other and married.
  10. If you don't change your mindsets as Jasons you are going to get killed even if they buff Jason up as Ultra Instinct Chuck Norris Super Voorhees 3.
  11. Oh but @Slasher_Clone, I was never against improving Jason, I would love him to be less stunnable for one (maybe a 50% ratio when Bugsy or Jarvis are the attackers, and a 25% when it’s Vanessa?). I am just against the whole “Jason is powerless against a hunting team” thing, because I think there are indeed ways to counter their tactics, even if of course they may fail depending on luck, overall skill spread between the killer and the counselors, random chance and so on. Would I want the mask to stay on more? Yes (even if most Jasons have to blame themselves if they lose it, since they just mindless charge everything that’s moving like a raging bull). Do I think surviving against a team is impossible? No.
  12. I just faced a 4 man hunting team, over level 100. I did all I could. I trapped the radio tower (which by the way it does spawn randomly, but after 2 years you should have a pretty good Idea about where it spawns depending on the general configuration of the map. I'd say I guess correctly 60-70% of times), the shack, but they were really an organized team, and managed to unmask me. Yes, once you are unmasked the hunting team have all the good cards. But I didn't die. I managed to exhaust their stamina by continuosly teleporting around and managed to kill sweater girl via knives, traps and melee. I have huge respect for what all of you are saying, especially @Slasher_Clone and @Ahab because you all know a lot about the game, and love it as I do, but simply my everyday experience is different. You can fight back, if you put your mind to it. And I'm an absolutely average Jason. Granted, that does not work every time. Granted, I could have met better teams of ultra-pros who would have plowed me because they are simply better than me. But that's life, isn't it?
  13. They could just release Jason X, as he was done. I mean, in case they settle
  14. You guys should reeeeeeeeeeeeeally get over the whole tea-bagging-dancing thing. Seriously, I hope you are not this easy to troll irl. If a five year old calls me "Poopie-head" I just laugh and shrug it off, I don't beat the crap out of him. Also, trolling is blatantly a tactic, and by losing your cool/focusing on them you are giving them exactly what they want.
  15. I can dig that, but one thing is not helping, another thing is deliberately find and USE the sweater not for your sake, but just to fuck up the hunting team, whose members may or may not be as naive as Jason
  16. Not impossible, let's just say that many Jason players could strategize better in dealing with teams, and that would reduce dramatically the killing ratio
  17. Anything goes. Of course you may be forced to get the sweater kinda like an extra PK, I'm just against people whoe deliberately get it to prevent Jason killings just because. That's borderline teaming with Jason for me.
  18. One more thing, I've re-read many of your comments and I'm really clueless. Like, I'm really starting to believe there are huge differences between EU and US servers, let alone between Steam and PS4. For Example, I never EVER felt the blocking to be unresponsive or unsatisfactory (unless I was a Jason with negative defense). Maybe US servers are slower for some reason (traffic?) maybe there's a higher ratio of expert players there... Could be! Probably you never had to deal with infinity composure cheaters that much, maybe we don't have that many pro players to deal with...
  19. Thanks for reply, I tagged you just to give some context to my other topic. Teaming with Jason for me is borderline cheating, as you give the killer an unfair advantage. And as I don't prevent people who DON'T wanna take part to the killing from doing their thing (I could hold on to the fuse or the car keys, I.e.), I expect the same from other players. Problem is, this type of behavior as been spreading a lot and it seems to be socially acceptable among the fans, that really pisses me off. About the balance of gaming etc I already said something about it in my thread so maybe we could continue there and don't go off topic here
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