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  1. I didn't get a single word of what you're saying. Could you explain yourself again, possibly in short sentences?
  2. Sorry for bringing this up, but on that video I saw that @HaHaTrumpWon found and easier way to escape the map, care to explain?
  3. Does this happen to you? Now I can log into the database but can NOT find any lobby, the research goes on forever
  4. I wasn't complaining anyway, I still have fun playing. When I manage log in, ofc
  5. 200 people online yesterday.Bugs not being fixed. And just joining the database has become a difficult task...
  6. Instantly breaking the grip over and over again. Maybe it wasn't that common in the US server, but in EU we had huge issues with cheaters for months.
  7. They don't ban anyone period. I've seen East European players rock a wonderful infinite composure cheat for like 6 months and they are all still playing.
  8. That's something I don't know how to do as a counselor, how can you tell what Jason is doing?
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