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  1. Not really mate, there are times when you can hit Jason with the bat 4-5 times and Jason still will not go on his knees. Or even 2-3 charged axe strikes. Anyway, I've tried this one. You should not fret because this shotgun method fails more times than it works. at least on steam. I've tried it 6 times in private matches yesterday and I've only completed the kill 2 times, the other 4 times Jason would simply sit up after the axe blow. Try it yourselves if you don't believe me. It's not a reliable way to kill Jason and I wouldn't try it in real matches unless I'm absolutely cornered (IE: I'm Jarvis, Sweater girl is alive, everybody else is dead, Jason is raging and focusing on us, nothing is fixed and we can't find a baseball bat)
  2. IMHO counselors shouldn't have the means to defend themselves against a Demon killer. THis game should be kind of an endurance one, how much time can you resist before the inevitable death?
  3. I'd get off the killing completely. Jason never actually died in the movies. Maybe only part 4 should be killable. I also feel the counselors should get injured after only one slash by Jason. Irl, if a 7 feet tall giant slashes me with a machete , he one shots me. That's just common sense.
  4. It's been ages since I first saw this glitch: if two people stun Jason while he's under the sweater spell then the killing will be impossible, and the big "e" pop up will stay on screen forever... Why was it never patched?
  5. Thank you for your appreciation, good sir, may your trolling prosper
  6. I beg to differ. Are you saying that you just enjoy the killing without any challenge? If so would you like an update in which counselors spawn tied up to tables with BDSM red ball gag strapped on and you just have to to slice them? The update made the game too easy for Jason, period. Yes, it depends on how the counselors play but all is good in the end if I can just shift/slash everyone of them without worrying about anything else. That's why I suggested that stun invincibility should BUILD UP since rage starts, and be complete only when there's 3-4 mins left. A Jason with the slightest idea of what he is doing would butcher anybody as soon as rage begins. Anyway I'm just stating my opinion as a seasoned Jason player, and you have to respect that like I respect your opinion
  7. Haha why all the acrimony? I'm just stating my experience. And hell yes, I DO think "I hope counselors put up a fight" because I play for challenges, If I wanted to just slaughter a bunch of ragdolls I'd stick to Offline Bots. And I still kill many Jasons after the update, so It's not that different for me as a counselor either
  8. I killed a bunch of level 150 with Vanessas last time, before I took the preference off. For me, it is too easy, that's my experience.
  9. It is for me, I took my Jason prefernce off for the first time in like a year because there is no challenge anymore. And I'm an average Jason.
  10. Nono, it was like this before the patch too. I'm gonna report it
  11. Oh by the way, something has been happening lately, even before the patch. there are times when you can't put unmasked Jason on his knees, no matter what you do. At times I even strike him like 4-5 times with the axe while being Jarvis and he still does not go down... Is it a glitch?
  12. As a Jason player, yes. It is too easy know.
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