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  1. You don't know who I am either, and I never denied the game had issues. Note to reader: I am the one inflating his ego. Oh, I have the same average too, if not better. But I beg to differ about the rest: while killing Jason IS pretty easy task (something I admitted way before in another topic I linked you, but it seems you have issues about reading so...yeah), there are many ways to prevent this from happening WHICH NOT INCLUDES GLITCHES AND PUSSY STRATEGIES like the one you use. I've wrote about this before and apparently "YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT". That's the only beef I have with you actually, I found many of your tips quite on point, I just can't stand pussy Jasons I Wow, is this ok? I never insulted you. Yeah, I never said I'm a top player, but you did so like a few lines ago so... yeah... A FULL WELL COORDINATED team can LIKELY have the chance to kill any Jason, yes. But there are many ways to counter that without being a wall hugging or water hiding coward. I don't think I'm a TOP PLAYER, but I have Jason preference, play a lot of matches everyday and died only two or three times since the update. And when I did lose, I took it like a man. So there's something wrong here: either I'm an incredible player and I didn't know it (and I DON'T think that is the case), or maybe Jasons have to adapt their strategy and evolve. Infact I liked that suggestion, I don't get what you're on about. I even posted similar suggestions in a topic I linked you ( (http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16173-fury-mode-new-grab-two-god-mode-spots/?tab=comments#comment-301195 ) before that you obviously didn't take the time to read because you are so full of yourself. The only beef I have with you is about the pussy strategies, I told ya. We don't use exploits. The "Pocket knife stun" is easily avoidable if you just 180° away right after the animation. It's been ages since I saw a Jason noob enough to fall for that. It is possible to hit Jason through doors if the door is already broken. Sweater cancel isn't a huge advantage, as Jarvis I always stun Jason myself and I find it to be much quicker than the sweater cancel. Yeah that's fun, but you have to be a total moron to fall for it, honestly. I kinda see where you are coming from here, Among the suggestions I made MONTHS ago there was a "Fury mode", like a short invincibility span after being hit 2 or 3 times in rapid succession. Anyway what you're asking for is complete invincibility, counselor can and should defend themselves. That's only really true for part 6 or Jasons with "minus defence". Yesterday i Was part 3, I stood still blocking and a group of 4 counselor took like 3 minutes of continuosly hitting me in order to take the mask off, and they broke countless weapons in the meantime. If you plan on taking that many hits, switch Jason. Yes that would be improved. As you can see, I'm not against your suggestions, I'm against the fact your admitted hugging walls and stuff. I dunno why you got all triggered. But at the same times, many of things you point out are not an issue for me, I know ways of countering those problems or at least know about people who know how to do it. Add "Pietro1234", invite him to a match, have him be Jason and let me know if you manage to "pocket knife stun" him. I've seen lvl 150 trying that for months and not succeeding. And again, I'm NOT a top player, that's you... If you face a wall, Jarvis can't get in front of you and kill you.
  2. Yeah, run That's what you've basically being doin while hugging walls and hiding in the water
  3. He's the one hugging the walls like a scared kindergartner, yet I'm toxic. Ahah, no. I've actually wrote in the past about the ways the guys could make Jason fearsome again (http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16173-fury-mode-new-grab-two-god-mode-spots/?tab=comments#comment-301195), without making the game unplayable, so you're referring to the wrong person. "This guy" simply believes you're one of those salty kids who consideres being killed as Jason worse than death and will throw a tantrum to avoid it (and/or use pussy strategies like hiding in the water or hugging the walls). People spawn in the Radio tower house? Well then go for the power generators just as the game starts, I think you know very well were the Jarvis tower might spawn each match! Or, you could just target the lower level players so they get to be Jarvis! You could kill the female characters firts! Etc Etc. I often spawn as Jason, and I only get killed if I meet a very well organized, high tier team. That's quite rare. And no, I don't hug walls, I play like a man. They tank the traps? Maybe you should think a little creatively and stop doing that SAME OLD ROUTINE of trapping the objectives, and save your traps for later. I don't trap the cars anymore, IE. As for Discord, what are you suggesting? Let's take down their servers, shall we? Of course that's a drag, but what are you suggesting here? We should prevent people from cheating? O RLY? IF you're likely to take all those hits then use a Jason with High Defense, or even best, DON'T just stay there like a pinata taking all those hits, change strategy! I've seen plenty of Jasons surviving a 7vs1 assault, they just play it smart.
  4. I still think my suggestions are good
  5. I'm part of a Jason hunting group, and if you're one of those pussy Jasons who hugs walls or hides in the water then it's your problem. Jason has already so many ways to save his neck, you can disable power generators as soon as the game starts, you can focus on female counselors, you can kill weak counselors first to get them to be Jarvis, you can combat stance/block large groups untile they break their weapons, you can use traps creatively, NOT TO MENTION you're a semi immortal supernatural serial killer who can teleport and run faster than a car. So, no excuses. That said, I would more than welcome new ways to kill Jason. I really think the last survivor should get a shot if he manages to deal enough damage AND there are less than 2 minutes left
  6. Can Gunmedia PLEASE acknoweledge this? It took HALF AN HOUR for a 3 player lobby to joing a room. Can we have feedback
  7. Happened three times in a row, only in Crystal Lake big
  8. Everytime you get in Crystal Lake, conselors do not spawn (they are listed as "Spectators") and game ends immediately
  9. @ShiftySamurai how about the issues with a lobby trying to join a game room? Other people a part from the host are thrown out all the time , and you have to invite them again. it usually gives a “bypass failed” error
  10. badass are you from America? Because I'm starting to believe it's only related to EU servers
  11. Confirmed, we can't get in lobbys if we're 2 or more. IT takes forever