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  1. @ShiftySamurai how about the issues with a lobby trying to join a game room? Other people a part from the host are thrown out all the time , and you have to invite them again. it usually gives a “bypass failed” error
  2. badass are you from America? Because I'm starting to believe it's only related to EU servers
  3. Confirmed, we can't get in lobbys if we're 2 or more. IT takes forever
  4. Nono it happens everytime with me and my friends, maybe it has to do with the EU servers, yesterday we played on US and all seemed to be fine
  5. I'm really sorry if this was brought up before but I didn't find any specific topic about it. It's impossibile for a party to join a gameroom. The party will just "Split up" as soon as the leader joins, and hten you'll have to invite all the other players again...
  6. Like it's impossibile to join lobbys for a party...
  7. PC Player, Win 7. I shall only say that the "shaking victim" syndrome is still there XD
  8. Never experienced any of the bugs. Only thing, I still get the "tembling victim" thing that the patch was officially going to fix.
  9. Because I used the topic to highlight two god mode spots, then they suggested me to delete the thing from the topic itself and just report it to gunmedia. Anyway, everybody is focusing on the teabagging, and I'm surprised since that was not the main focus of my contribution. I don't care if people do it to me, I don't even notice anymore, I just find it strange that Jason couldn't do grab somebody from the floor a-la Undertaker/Kane.
  10. Sorry to bring this up again, but I feel my suggestions are even more on spot after the update
  11. I love the "I've never been killed" ones. Apparently organized teams of 5-6 individuals, who get sure one of them spawns as Jarvis and then fetch the sweater in groups of three or more, are no problem for them. It's funny, because I've got the game since october and I've NEVER seen such geniuses. On the contrary, I've seen plenty of Jasons hiding in the water like pussies as soon as they lose the mask. If that's what you mean by "surviving", well hell yeah, even my grandma could do that. THe truth is, Jason is HOPELESS against a well organized team, unless they fuck up.
  12. Fact is, there are lots of glitches about hte Jason killings. Many times the killing prompt would pop up and NOT WORK (floating in place for the reminder of the game too), many other times Jason would not go down on his knees even if you hit him 3 or 4 times with TOmmy and an Axe, and I've evern seen Jason just shifting away AFTER the sweater was used, only to be killed like 10 minutes later (?!)
  13. Sorry to bring this up, but it happened again yesterday. Three axe hits WITH TOMMY and Jason was not stunned. Is it just a matter of luck?