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  1. I believe showing all counselors the repair items on the map once they have been picked up/dropped is a huge disadvantage to Jason, but I also see/like the value.  That being said, maybe only enable the feature for counselors once they have the walkie.  In theory, counselors would communicate location of items if they had walkies so showing those on the map makes sense under that circumstance.  If you do not have a walkie then you should not see them on the map.  This would also mean you need to limit the frequency of finding a walkie.

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  2. I think it would be cool to incorporate a mechanism that would flash Jason's silhouette/image (in a house, forest, window, etc) when there is lightning/thunder (and perhaps when it is dark/lights out?).  This would only be enabled after a counselor actually saw Jason and their fear is up.  I believe we have seen this in movies where victims think they have seen Jason, but really it is just their imagination.  I feel that the shock factor (other than seeing other dead counselors) is down in the game, so this could help improve that.  Skilled Jason's could also start leveraging it and pretending to be the silhouette and then attacking.  Anyway, just a thought. 

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