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  1. I think she could make it into the Paranoia game mode sometime in the future.
  2. Male counselors that should be added 1. Cort (part 6) 2. Jimmy (part 4) 3. Julius (part 8) 4. Ned (Part 1) 5. Mark (part 2)
  3. Do you guys have Lar Park Lincoln contact info ? I heard fro Slash N Cast she wants to be in the game in the future
  4. Is @Redcat345 one of the devs for Gun Media and Illfonic ?
  5. Adrienne King who plays Alice wants to be in the game so we'll see how that goes if they will remove her dead body out the shack
  6. I would say Alice but her dead body is in Jason's shack, but I had always wanted to see Trish in the game as well Tina (Part 7), Megan, Julius and Violet
  7. More counselors will come into the game sooner or later Melissa aka Victoria isn't the last
  8. I like the idea of these two making their way into the game and I think it can happen same way we all got Melissa into the game aka Victoria Sterling.
  9. The update could be release on May 1st
  10. Parts 2 thru 5 Jason have the theme music from their films but not Parts 6 thru 9 they are generic and should be redone sounding like its from their films
  11. Best announcement so far!

    Somethings telling me thats probably was the last content thats coming into the update
  12. Why Do You Play?

    Those that had stop playing the game for Dead By Daylight and Fornite will be back sooner or later. Bye !! Dead by Daylight and Fornite
  13. They start up the four seated car and boat leave everyone behind when its just one person driving.
  14. No I own both physical and digital versions on the XBOX One and after installing the physical over the digital you don't need to start all over all you save data will be the same where you left off the only thing will be new installing in the bloody skins and new clothes for the counselors that comes with the physical version.
  15. I like your list and the way Jason killed Vera in part 3 and Cort in part 6 are in the Single Player Challenges