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  1. Since it ended late yesterday Larry should have some news today on the results.
  2. There was an Phone Mediation that happen on May 23rd at 3pm est and took 3 hours until done. This process helps both parties Sean and Victor to come to an agreement to work things out and hopefully settle.
  3. i was wondering if there was a way in the future that we can choose the counselors we want in the Offline Bot mode same way as selecting the maps.
  4. Those phone mediations usually last about 2-3 hours and mean the two parties meet for an agreement. So I had always heard this plenty of times no news means good news.
  5. Everytime I play the Offline Bots mode, I notice the bots would never do the boat and car repair not even go after the sweater from Jason's shack. Could this be adding content ? or this can be a patch fix ?
  6. I agree with you we need The Voorhees House as a new map but I don't think Creighton Duke would be the new hero like Tommy he would be probably just a regular playable character like the rest in the game.
  7. I think besides Uber Jason and Grendal it looks like the kill packs for the other Jason's part 3, 5, 6 , 8 and 9 plus clothing packs and maybe the other missing maps that are not in the game.
  8. These probably can be the items you could unlock if we ever get a Level Cap increase and get some content added back into the game 1. Part 6 Map 2. Part 7 Map 3. Part 8 Map 4. Part 9 Map 5. Chad's pajamas 6. Vanessa's pajamas 7. Tiffany's pajamas 8. Jenny's pajamas 9. Adam's pajamas 10. La Chappa's pajamas 11. Debra's pajamas 12. Bugzy's pajamas 13. A.J pajamas 14. Kenny's pajamas 15. Uber Jason at the last level
  9. We usually get news doing the afternoon on Thursdays but this came out of nowhere like Jason 5 and Pinehurst. I'm ready for Thursday
  10. - PJ Outfits (Animation Confirm) - Single Player Challenges (Video Confirm) - Uber Jason (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Grendel Map (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Mean Girl (Part 7) (Le´╗┐aks of her clothes) - Paranoia Gamemode (Video Confirm) - Mark (Animation Confirm) - Dedicated Servers (Gun Confirm) - Interchangeable Weapons (Video Confirm) - Manhattan Map - Part 7 Map - Part 6 Map - Voorhees House Map - Play as Pamela - Jason X - More Levels This list right here I can see coming into the sooner or later this year
  11. Wow ! I see there maybe the Michael Jackson and Carlton dance as one lol
  12. What platform do you play on ? I'm on XBOX One by the way
  13. We need an electric box kill for one there's a few in the series. Where Jason throws the counselors into the generator and it shocks them too death
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