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  1. I disagree. I don't think the balance is fair and I most certainly don't think it needs to be geared anymore towards Jason that it already has been, unless it's fixing glitches or adding a way for him to take on a group of counselors easier. Jason should not be expected to get all but 2 kills. If that's the case, just make Jason AI. There's no reason to have it that easy for Jason. A good game requires fair balance, it shouldn't greatly favor either side. Jason should be over powered, but not a relentless killing machine, simply because it's a video game.
  2. They need to adjust the spawns to Jason's buffs. And we both agree, it should revert back to the way it was after July but before the item glitch and October BS. Agreed.
  3. It was discussed privately... but alright. I assure you, the attacks weren't all direct insults like "bitch". Just degrading remarks littered throughout, that fed the flames, in which is occurring here now; thus why I reported then tagged. Calling someone's reply bullshit because you're upset isn't civil. Neither is saying they're babbling which is means of calling someone foolish and incomprehensible.
  4. You're right, I shouldn't feed the flames. I don't want Kodiak locking this one too. I'll just ignore irrelevant replies that don't pertain to the thread. Back on topic.
  5. Of course, you disregarded the link I gave you which discusses all of your pathetic tries at being offensive. Unfortunately for you, I don't care for your opinion. I'm not publicly revealing my gamer-tag just to prove to one person I'm not a bad counselor. Assume what you will.
  6. I was replying to you by quoting myself! You said you were agreeing with HuDawg, which means you're agreeing with him stating that you're almost always going to see good teamwork in QP. You have issues, dude.
  7. I'm not changing the subject at all. It sounds like I want to make it fair for everyone actually, as I emphasize greatly here I don't have videos of me "not sucking." Just ask @Cokeyskunk or @Alien_Number_Six if I suck or not. Add me on PS and you can experience it first hand. Git gud. @AldermachXI "as that's what HuDawg was saying." Can you read?
  8. I never proclaimed you said anything, I literally just stated that I was referring to HuDawg... Yes, it's really not that difficult to chain-stun Jason (which is more than likely a glitch in itself) with a team of counselors who know how to stun lock. Teamwork. Communication. Not valid in quick play unless a team is already present.
  9. Making it fair you mean? Do you want me to not take into consideration the thousands of players who aren't as skilled and experienced as me? Yeah, because that's the way to do it.
  10. Proclaiming it's the usual to have teamwork in QP is a flat out lie, like I mentioned earlier as that's what HuDawg was saying. @NthnButAGoodTime If he can call someone's response bullshit and get away with it, then you need to inform @Kodiak about this sudden rule change as there was a thread everyone was tagged in for tossing around phrases like that, not all even directly insulting one another, yet it was against the rules in his eyes and the thread was locked. Mods should figure out how to implement the forum rules in suit, instead of having differing opinions on what's offensive/insulting and what's not. @WashingtonJones You've yet to see me as a counselor. I put on a grand finale show with @Cokeyskunk and @Alien_Number_Six watching. Don't assume you know something in which you don't, such as how effective I am as a counselor. @HuDawg ... To get all 3 objectives going at once to make Jason choose which to go after first, requires communication and teamwork. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp. It requires Jason not playing effectively as well.
  11. My "bullshit reply"? @NthnButAGoodTime This is not a direct reply to the 1st post. It was a reply to me and it was obviously leading to an off-topic debate, like so. It failed to generate any ideas or contribution to the thread. YES - You do have to be organized. EVERYONE has to be involved on repairing the objectives AT the same time to make Jason choose where to go. Jason ALSO has to have failed to kill other counselors or when repairing the objectives you are most likely to fail because you won't have adequate defense. You claiming this always happens in QP is a flat out lie.
  12. You have to have an organized group of counselors to get all 3 objectives going at one time. And how does Jason not being able to be at more than one place at one time contribute to this thread? THAT'S MY POINT! Again, what point are you trying to make by stating this? Just because he is not omnipresent doesn't mean he can't kill counselors with ease. I never said Jason should have killed 3 players, I said a few. If you haven't killed a few players before 3 objectives are getting worked on at the same time, then you're not playing Jason effectively. You seem to be throwing strategy out the window as well, it'd be smart to look out for repairers and kill them first to again, avoid something like this occurring. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow That's assuming: 1. You have an organized group of counselors 2. Jason hasn't killed repair people, people carrying repair items, or other counselors that can defend repairers.
  13. I'm not "babbling" about Alice in Wonderland at all... You're saying I'm babbling which is: to talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way. That's insulting. Consider reading my edit above as well.
  14. Babbling? Insulting now? I can't help you're getting angry over me saying I don't want to argue with you and not understanding the simplicity of what I've been saying, as you proclaim. You're saying Jason can't be everywhere at once therefore no matter how good of a player you are, counselors still can get at least 2 objectives done since Jason would have a choice to make. Of course, there are factors that determine if this would even happen in the first place. (Hence why I said it's worthless to explain how to play Jason, but I guess I will elaborate.) If a good group of organized counselors simultaneously got all objectives started at once, Jason for one is not doing his job and also, that is a team of organized counselors. He should have killed a few players before then to avoid 3 objectives being worked on at one time. It takes time to find the fuse, battery, keys, gas, propeller, and have an OK supply of defense. The only time I would say this isn't true is on small maps, mainly Crystal Lake small. Within the low point for counselors, Jason should have trapped what he needed to and began his hunt. In the event 3 objectives are being worked on at once, he should focus on the phone primarily, then the 4 seater, then the 2 seater or boat, depending. It's all up to strategy after that. All of what I just stated, which is a reply to your assertion of how the game should be played, has no relevance to this thread whatsoever. If you can't see that, then I don't know what to tell you man. This is one reason why I didn't want to argue with you in the first place.
  15. If the static was removed, this game would be 10x more terrifying. If they also got rid of how Jason randomly appears on your map when shifting, so you know exactly what direction he's going in, it'd make it more scary.
  16. Both ways. The fact Jason can get stun-locked and the fact you didn't kill those daring turds. You were using part 3 Jason, you should've slashed if possible.
  17. "'Go down the rabbit hole.' To enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds. (An allusion to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.)" In this case, problematic, as well as not adding any sort of contribution to the thread discussion itself. It's pertaining to nothing the OP stated as it's debating "how the game is meant to be" and not how to improve the game balance. It's also not worth explaining how to play Jason. WTF are you talking about... lol
  18. You're spiraling down a rabbit hole by starting a new debate over how the game is "meant" to be played, by assuming counselors are supposed to get 3 objectives done at once, which almost never happens. I'm sorry, I just don't want to argue with you. I hope you can respect that.
  19. We all had communication and were very high levels. Cokey wouldn't have escaped if I didn't hit you with a bat and you decided to back off for whatever reason. That was also on Pinehurst, as you said. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm also just an excellent counselor. I don't want the previous item spawn back, I want the one before it, the one no one complained about.
  20. I agree with @Alkavian, this is a good idea. While level doesn't correlate to skill, it correlates to experience. By the time you've reached a high level, you should know how to play this game effectively and well.
  21. If I remember correctly, you get 2,000 CP each time you roll over.
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