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  1. I'm already in the group is why I didn't respond...
  2. It's not bullshit. You can't kite for that long with slow counselors if up against a Jason who is competent. Sure, you can with bird-brained Jasons, but that's not really an achievement is it? Jason can break windows, you'll run out of med-sprays soon. Counselors run out of stamina going around long tables, slower ones much faster, they also trip more because Jason is in their proximity and they lose their composure. You also lose HUD and Jason can shift grab you easily if you're not careful. Most fences can be broken by Jason unless it's a guardrail. Counselors would be out in the open by the road attempting this, which means they don't have any other means of juking if they lose their weapon, run out of firecrackers, or pocket knives. (Slower counselors can't sprint to a cabin because they'll run out of stamina.) Chairs... since this new update, I've seen Jason grab people across chairs multiple times, just not across couches. Again, if Jason is allowing himself to be kited around a couch (or at all) for a long period of time, he isn't really that competent. It's an obvious distraction unless most others are dead. Weapons to attack with, yes if Jason doesn't have good combat and knows how to turn away from a hit or block. It's just the truth man and the stats of the counselors as well as what we realistically see happening, proves it.
  3. You can't kite Jason with Deborah or LaChappa without having 2 pocket knives and Jason allowing you to stun him repeatedly (walking into stuns.) A good counselor is good when they take the measures to be that way. It's unwise to kite with a slow counselor and I'll explain why. Slower counselors of course, run out of stamina faster and don't have a lot of speed. It's easier to immobile slower counselors with throwing knives as well, since they lack in speed and are more prone to run out of stamina fast, making them easy targets. If it's a running Jason, you're definitely going to get grabbed trying to kite with a slow counselor, yes you can buy some time by juking through windows, but if Jason smashes the windows, you only have a limited supply of heal sprays. Slower counselors have good stealth and composure for a reason, because it means they are less prone to be hunted by Jason first. They aren't meant for running Jason around the map, they're meant for repairing and staying out of sight. Either way, playing Jason is too easy now.
  4. A good counselor can lead Jason on a chase if they are playing a fast counselor and Jason is stupid enough to be kited for a long period of time - aka not a competent Jason.
  5. The whole point of this game is to have something like the movies, I agree. But it doesn't mean it has to be exact as that conflicts with what is expected from a movie versus a video game. Skill is null when up against competent Jasons, as was implied in my post, as the OP seems to be a decent Jason....
  6. I honestly don't see any of this being fixed for a long while, but I do agree with you, everything you listed does needs to be adjusted. I also think Jason needs an easier way to battle a group of counselors, but that could be added in after the re-balancing. (Not too easy.) I also think this was a step in the right direction when compared to the few months prior, but it was an overstep.
  7. Playing against expert counselors doesn't really mean anything if you understand basic combat/how to block, as most result to trying to hit Jason when at all possible. The only time I would say this isn't true is if they stun-lock you which is a flaw in the game itself and shouldn't happen to Jason in the first place. As long as you play a little more strategically than you do in QP, you should be able to easily obtain the same kill scores you usually do. Of course this all depends on what counselors are being used, if you have a Private Match full of Vanessas that have Medic, Thick Skinned, and Swift attacker, you should expect to do a lot of running around and having traps tanked left and right; you should probably change to a running Jason. It basically varies on who you're playing with and how smart/strategic you are. A whole team of experts will give you a run for your money if you don't play on their level - smartly. Keep in mind that some people want this game to be just like the movies; where most die and it's independent of skill, simply because no matter how skilled you are - if don't have sufficing defense you're not going to make it out alive.
  8. @Alkavian Great break down of Rydog's stats on stun. After reading what you posted, I am sure the stun chance generates primarily from weapons but it doesn't make sense how Tommy Jarvis always seemingly stuns Jason with almost everything. I was hoping that within that article, despite what GunMedia has disclosed, that it would hint at what is causing certain counselors to be able to stun Jason effectively with nearly every hit from certain weapons. Yes, I understand Gun said nothing contributes to it besides Sucker Punch and the weapon being used, but prior to this patch, power attacking Jason almost always dealt a stun, especially with Jarvis. (I know the power attack part is a bit off-topic.) You can't really debate speculation as you only want to use what's the given - that GunMedia said so. I just still think there's more to it than that and wouldn't mind doing a few test about it myself.
  9. I guess there's always room for improvement. I'll check out some videos later and see if they can teach me anything I don't already know.
  10. All that menu tells you is the gist of what "x" does. I learned to play this game by watching YouTube as well, back in July before the item spawn became the way it is now or even before December. Of course they are all irrelevant now as it's a brand new ball park.
  11. I don't need help. Almost the whole player base found in QP needs help.
  12. Though no one else can say the same...? However many reported always seeing a bat deal a stun, regardless of it's actual stun chance. It doesn't have to be exactly 100% to for the most part, always see a stun. It was probably a 1 in 10 chance it wouldn't occur. That's not necessarily true as it does vary from counselor as tested and shown here Just because that in particular wasn't recorded and tested yet doesn't negate the obvious possibility of it being so. It is significant when you already don't have enough defense as is. I mentioned melees once... I also again, just stated that I wasn't concerned about flare-guns being reduced, but increasing the spawn to make up for deduction of other items. Well again, it still adds to the reason counselors need more defense regardless of the update held responsible for it. An opinion can't be wrong. Stating Aldermach's opinion is wrong, is wrong. No, you said "many are not shitty" and that was the end of it. You didn't give an indication that you were just trying to snag me for saying ALL Tommy's are horrible, when I should have said most. I guess I just assumed people understood at this point what I meant by that, since I've talked about it so many times. @Splatterhouse I didn't insult him at all, but okay. I asked him a few questions because he gave me reason to do so, which I listed above. I never outright said something degrading to him whatsoever. @bewareofbears But I wasn't?
  13. I'm still responding to your other comment on another open page. Link to Aldermach's comment here. I apologize if me being blunt offended you and you felt it was aggressive. It was never intended to be taken that way, as no insults were even made... If you want to back out of the debate, by all means. Good night. @Thatguyinktown How was I trying to smear his name? It's what he said! You can't back up memory with numbers that don't even contribute! He simply said the dev's said no weapon has a 100% stun chance, that does not negate the fact people always saw it happen. I never resulted to insulting.
  14. If you can't see how what you alone said sounds condescending, then you don't have a place to tell others how to operate on the forums... @Alkavian indirectly stated that his memory is superior to mine by stating mine was incorrect. Then he went on to say Aldermach's opinion on how the game should be played is wrong. He also became a grammar Nazi and was trying to correct me on the word "pro" when it was evident on how it was being used. If that leading me to feel he is biased and question him upfront about it means I'm condescending, then I guess there's no room here for any sort of debate.
  15. Says the person who said this I'm not even trying to be offensive. I'm directly questioning his wording TO him.
  16. Some of his responses are leaning towards the opposing opinion. Perhaps you shouldn't be biased? ... It was balanced before December. It was overbalanced during and after December. It's under balanced now. Teamwork/communication has always been a benefit for counselors... that and their items. But the items are built in-game and don't require speaking to.
  17. The Devs confirmed no weapon doing 100% stun chance. It doesn't negate the possibility of their being a weapon that has a high 90% stun rate, practically always stunning to the point most never see it not happen. Now you see it every now and then. LOL. Very illogical to proclaim your memory being more reliable than another's when it's just that - memory. I am beginning to heavily doubt your claim of being precise. Real question, do you even play this game? It's evident that when in combat stance you are more prone to stun Jason. I never said they changed. I'm saying to make up for the loss of other items, 4 flare guns should spawn each time or they should add back a few more melees they took away. Are you aware of what you're replying to? I listed ", and counselor hits don't always register. That has been a problem since launch." " "Jason can shift through firecrackers. Always could." "Jason can block to avoid being stunned and he can walk away after grabbing a counselor to avoid being hit to drop them. Always could." as for reasons counselors still need more defense... why are you raving over bats? Irrational to expect players to get better by using effective teamwork and communication for a multitude of different reasons I'm not typing for the 100th time. Do you think your opinion is gold? I mean I agree with you, but it seems that from these past few replies you might have that mindset. You said "many are not shitty." When in contrast, many are. That is the truth.
  18. They can if there not up against a competent Jason. It is lacking - in item spawn. Everything was in place for Jason to kill counselors during his nerf season - it just made it harder. Now the tables are turned and you're saying the same thing but denying it has a great effect simply because counselors are in the hot seat versus Jason. As both of our conclusions are speculation, it can't be proved and is pointless to argue on. There's no records to show how many times of hitting Jason with "x" item deals "x" amount of stuns and then done so with each weapon and counselor. I have a vivid recollection of bats always stunning Jason, hence why most assumed it was 100% stun chance. If it's not 100% it has to be damn near close as even now with it's chance seemingly being lowered, it still does it often. Power hits with anything but a fire poker, machete, or pot/pan, usually always stunned Jason. Now that's not the case, you're more likely to deal HP damage than stun. I've power hit Roy who is less stun resistant on 2 occasions with an ax and it did nothing to him. Like I said, you can't debate memory. But that's what myself and my group remember... Luck contributes to boosting other minor stats so that's why I threw that stat out there. Something definitely makes it to where Jarvis is more prone to stun Jason. When you're up against a competent Jason and you need all that you can get - yes, it is an issue. I'm really only referring to flare guns anyways. ......??? It still doesn't void the fact that it contributes to why counselors need more defense. So yeah, irrational still. Aldermach literally just stated so... Many are.. now you're just flat out lying. Because they need leverage because they're so bad. That and the apparent reason that he gets spawn-killed, which is a flaw in the game itself. Not much use for precision when you're not using common sense at the same time. He CAN but the reality is he often DOESN'T. They should just remove it from Jarvis entirely! They altered team killing as well as a few game mechanics BECAUSE of people misusing them!
  19. Okay dude. Way off topic but - Gonna be honest, I'd have a lot respect for you if you didn't convey your messages the way you sometimes do. I like good Jason players and most people here seem to like you. I kinda imagine you as a red horned Satan with good intentions on these forums (mainly because of your icon.) I just think we got off on the wrong foot, kinda like how it did with @Rexfellis and I. After all, our first conversation was me pointing out a contradictory statement I thought you had made. That obviously gives you a reason to not like me on top of a continuous misunderstanding we seem to be having about what it is I'm expecting from this game, even though I made a strenuous thread about it. Whatever, I apologize for pissing you off.
  20. It's sure definitely seems slower. It's either stamina regen in itself or counselor composure replenishes at a slower rate. I will run test in a few minutes to make sure. It doesn't matter if it happened this patch or before, it's still like that. The slingshot-glitch has been here since the last patch... It's evident that when playing you used to could power hit Jason and stun him with an ax or baseball bat all the time. Now it's a hit or miss! Tommy Jarvis used to could stun Jason with almost anything, now it's also a hit or miss. (That's funny because something on Jarvis contributes to this factor despite the belief that it's just the weapons themselves. His luck?) Again, still reduced. Doesn't matter, it's still there and only contributes more to why counselors need more defense. Yes because you're going to irrationally expect that from people in QP. Not according to some people. In reality - Tommy's have always been shitty players. Thus - why does Jarvis spawn with items in the first place? Why make him carry something counselors who don't die first could utilize? Because there's none left? Awe, probably not anymore with this new spawn! Pro/skilled/effective/good - All words for trying to say a player who knows what they're doing. Did you really need me to tell you that man.... I'm sure you were just trying to be smart. It doesn't seem to be having an affect whatsoever. And picking on me? How? Just about everything you just listed was redundant. @AldermachXI LOL. I didn't even have an account around Christmas Eve! And I'm the silly one? Hmmm.... My argument never changed.. I addressed all points you had made. If I missed one you'd like me to discuss, just quote it. Funny how you would never return that favor. (:
  21. Okay. @AldermachXI Do you know what happens when in this game you tailor it to the higher end of the skill spectrum of counselors? You get an imbalanced game because you're forcing people to become as great as the Pros when they first start out! They're going to get tired of dying because they can't improve. Why don't they tailor it to the higher end of the skill spectrum of Jasons? Because all Jasons would have less traps, knives available, and would be extremely nerfed to the point only the Pro players would want to readily play him anymore. Has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it? Kinda like what happened to counselors this patch. This analogy alone shows why tailoring it to the best players is not the way it should be done. If in GTA or COD they tailored everything to the PRO players, it'd throw everything out of the window and kill the game because it would favor too greatly those who aren't as great as those with solid KD's. Most games find a reasonable balance. It's no different here. AGAIN - IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT THE POCKET KNIVES. You have again, failed to read my reply (or fully).... "It's also not just about pocket knives! Jason has a speed buff, counselors stamina regens slower. The car itself is slower and laggy, it also has a glitch attached to it. Jason is now less stun resistant, the weapon count was reduced (not talking about shotguns), and counselor hits don't always register. Jason can shift through firecrackers. Jason can block to avoid being stunned and he can walk away after grabbing a counselor to avoid being hit to drop them. ALL reasons counselors need a better defense period. This isn't even including the reasons for why it's needed for Quick Play and people not as experienced as us!"
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