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  1. I don't think cool killers is the only thing DbD has going for them, it's also their overall way of making sure their game stays healthy and players happy, which is a key element to having a game that won't just plument to the ground within one year of releasing. I think once they stop releasing content, yes, a lot of players will move onto other games, but that definitely doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon; unlike what we're seeing here. I'm sure a fair amount of players will still stay even after most leave as long as the devs keep maintaining the game.
  2. Lucky for you, but not everyone can be content with a broken game. I'd say its evident that most can't. On the bright side, I felt I got my money's worth, but it didn't come without tiptoeing around glitches and dealing with unfairness.
  3. The fact they constantly don't hit their dates and then let us know they will have something for us "Soon" is where the problem stems, if it had happened only a couple of times it'd be excusable. But unfortunately that's not the reality of it, and it's sad when looking at it in a businesslike perspective. You're right, people get tired of games, games that don't offer anything to keep them interested - such as a game that is buggy, unbalanced, and lacking in variety. It's a shame we're even discussing the possibility of the devs pulling the plug anytime soon, as this game hasn't even been out a year. That's another major failure, the fact they couldn't even hold up half of its player base for one year of the game's relase. The abusive relationship comparison at the bottom was supposed to be more or less a joke... I even said "and abused but that's besides the point."
  4. It failed multiple times at appeasing its fans and consumers - the devs would release DLC content no one asked for as well as protitizing fixes and additions no one wanted. As we can see with this "April update" or lack thereof, the devs are horrible about their timing and keeping a consistent record, something always gets delayed or pushed back. They allowed Friday the 13th to remain broken in one way or another throughout the entire duration of the game to date. Major glitches and bugs have been fixed, but in turn more just show up. Now their players are tired of being patient and are looking at other games, the numbers visibly show that. This game, like has been stated previously, was a financial success. But if you don't cater to the fanbase, then you cater to no one and your end-game is to lose money. They had many chances to bring back their playerbase and they ultimately failed to do so. This upcoming update is probably their only shot at redemption like @Gummybish said, that is if anyone will even care to try out the update and come back. Eventually they're going to be putting more money into the game than they are recieving. To me it's kinda like being in an abusive relationship. You really like the person but you're afraid to go back because you're going to just be diappointed... and abused but that's besides the point.
  5. It doesn't matter what this game is like compared to others like it, it matters that it's failing and it's evident.
  6. I've never raged quit, but I've come close to it. Usually only occurs when I die from the game being glitchy.
  7. They aren't wrong, it's no wonder people continue to stop playing this game. It's always been horse shit with its glitches, lacks variety, and has always had horrible balancing issues.
  8. Your strategy is irrelevant to what we were discussing. I'm sorry if that offends you and makes you defensive. You get more xp for killing all counselors than you would not doing so because a few got away since they had pocket knifes and you couldn't catch them. If you can catch them, then cool. If you decide to not slash because it's not how you want to play Jason, then cool. I don't care. It doesn't have anything to do with whether or not killing a counselor with a grab or melee is more effective.
  9. .... I think you're just in defense mode for no reason at all. I haven't attacked anything you have said, I'm just making the obvious point that killing an immobile counselor with a melee is less riskier than grabbing them. Besides that, I've just been pointing out that you're adding irrelevant topics to the discussion, like your strategy on chasing down counselors and using throwing knives. Both have 0 to do with whether or not its better to kill a counselor with a grab and risk a pocket knife or to use a melee.
  10. I don't care about your strategy and I'm not being nitpicky all of a sudden. I've been saying the same thing every reply to you. I prefer to win. I just go with what seems to be the most effective choice in the situation. I use grab kills only if I'm certain they don't have a pocket knife or I'm shift grabbing, because I've witnessed plenty of Jasons losing out on easy kills due to chancing. I've also seen the opposite, but I personally would chose to be on the safe side.
  11. As in it makes you have to go chase them again, which consumes time and we all know why time is important. No it's not. Try it out yourself, its incredibly fast. If Jason doesn't know how to dodge attacks by simply turning around and going into combat stance, then that is a Jason that doesn't really know what he's doing or how to block properly. Your strategy still has nothing to do with what happens after a counselor is already immobile and you're deciding if to melee kill them or grab kill them
  12. Hmm. I have yet to ever see that happen with a Jason who knows how to block. Its takes .5 seconds to trigger the block if they miss a swing and they're invulnerable. You can't knock them down whatsoever. About 7-9 (depending on the map) med sprays spawn each map. That's enough for each person to have at least one. To say you've seen a lot of people not have med sprays doesn't make since. Sure there might be the occasional asshole who carries 3 at once and doesn't offer any help to a wounded player, but that's not the usual. And I understand you were explaining your strategy, but it's still irrelevant. You spoke of immobilizing them before using a grab kill, the way it happens is irrelevant. Doesn't matter if you slashed, caused them to run into too many broken windows, made them run out of a second story window, they stepped in a bear trap, or used throwing knives. It's still not as effective as just killing them and not chancing a pocket knife stun.
  13. I don't know why you introduced throwing knives into the conversation as it's irrelevant, it has zero to do with the fact you could lose a kill if a counselor stuns you with a knife and heal sprays. Counselors are bound to have at least one spray depending on the map, it doesn't have anything to do with levels.
  14. Counselors healing after escaping a grab isn't dependent on if you used throwing knives to immobile them or not, within the time it takes for Jason to become unstunned, the counselor will be in good shape again. You increase the chance of losing a potential kill because you wanted to execute a grab kill instead of just slashing them.
  15. If you grab them and they have a pocket knife, they can heal spray and get away. It's more effective to just kill them by slashing, especially if you already have them in the limp state. It only takes 2 hits to immobile with a slasher Jason, might as well hit them again and get it over with. Slashing also kills much faster and grants more time to hunting.