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  1. I like him and I like the map. I ran through everyone apart from one rage quitter last night. I like the amount of cabins and their spacings. It was nice to only get caught with 3 knives last night. I tried slashing but wasn't having much luck with him. His intro is stupid though....he isn't Jason and Pamela speaks to him yet pure silence at the end. Other than that, a genuine thank you to the developers, my only genuine gripe was the million pocket knives and the odd glitch. Love this game and reminded me of a great horror franchise I loved as a teen.
  2. Yeah when the squeakers are swearing at me, I tend to specifically go for them. I get friendly trash talk but being told to "f*** off" doesn't sit well with me
  3. I played a game a couple days ago. I came across a squeaker and he says "Jason no...i'll bring you to everyone else!!" His weapon raised. I say "hmmm...ok lead me to them and you live"....he goes "ok! There over -" and i grab him and do an epic weapon kill.
  4. 4 minutes to go...I don't even mind being a counselor for once, just wanna explore Pinehurst....i'm actually excited to play against Jason for once
  5. I've just started slashing now. Fed up of being pocket knived and then being told by trolls "get better being jason then!" So ok I just slash now and then they get angry. I got called Autistic earlier cause I slashed all of them
  6. I love this game. I've been playing it since it came out. Maybe not as much as some cause i'm a level 67 but very fun. I only enjoy playing as Jason though, not fun as a councilor.
  7. The emotes don't bother me, it just makes all the more satisfying once I slash them to death
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