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  1. On 03/04/2018 at 9:32 AM, Tommy86 said:

    Never do this. Total waste of a trap.

    Yes throwing knives are very powerful. 30% damage per knife so just 2 will cripple a counselor. Also -

    If you ever see a counselor jump through an open window, smash it (in combat stance) while they are on the ground, then throw the knife once they stand out of animation. This will deal 20% + 30% damage which = crippled. Very important they are standing out of animation otherwise the damage isn't calculated correctly. Otherwise if they jump through a broken window or closed window, that is already 20% so you can just throw the knife when they're still on the ground for the 30% which cripples them.

    General rule in combat with knives is - if you have to aim, don't throw it. Mid-range it is all too easy for a counselor to dodge and usually results in wasted knife. Long range, while cool, doesn't give you the opportunity to capitalize on it, and they can safely spray at a distance (though you could argue for resource wasting). Ideally, stick to a range close enough for guaranteed hit with no aim, keep the pressure on and don't give them time to spray.

    Knife can also be immediately interrupted with block (and slash) which makes it safe for group combat. Another good tactic is to interrupt a counselor's swing with knife and immediately grab (much like block grab). Knife interrupted with slash is also a good combo, particularly for +Weapon Str Jasons this is a fast, devastating 60% damage. Doing this twice kills a counselor with any Jason. Knives are a limited resource so close range guaranteed hits are the way to go, don't gamble with them. Triggering in/out of combat stance to centre your target beforehand also helps.

    Huh weird, worked plenty times at Packanack....

  2. When a counsilor keeps following me and Jason strangely keeps finding us. Then Jason kills me. Then said counsilor does the same to another player. I usually exit those games as they tend to go the full 20 minute mark.

    Also, players who follow you into a cabin trying to raid it. I used to teamkill those guys when i could. I prefer to work alone so now i tend to leave traps at doors/windows so if anyone comes in then that their issue. 

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