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  1. Sometimes i'll leave traps by unlocked doors just for the shits n giggles. If i have a petrol can/battery/fuse/key, i'll drop them to attract counselors to come in and then get caught in the trap. Then i crouch/flashlight repeatedly at them while they do so. It's hilarious
  2. Smash all windows and lay traps in doorways if need be. I found my biggest issue was counselors running round packanack lodge so might as well try trap them. Also get used to using the shift so you can start doing istagrab when you shift to someone. I still remember doing that and the guy yells "you fuckers don't know how to play this game!" Still no idea why it made him so mad
  3. Sometimes I like to go Tommy and i'll run over to someone being grabbed, creating the illusion i'm going to help them...
  4. Part v. The guy who Jason holds against a tree and wraps the belt round his head. I can't really explain the manoveur but it was grusome
  5. I remember someone got the sweater almost immediately and I spent the next 5 mins chasing him as it was pretty clear they were going to try and kill me. The guy eventually switched on his mic and started giving me shit for it
  6. Nah i don't wanna talk on my mic tbh. You always get that one person who rarely speaks but you can all kind of shit going on in the background or he's listening to shit music and i'm forced to mute him. Plus i don't want to be dragged into a coversation with little kids who are being annoying af.
  7. Hopefully make the new maps a little smaller. I like Pinehurst but it's awful big plus Jarvis house is a bit disappointing to look at and not very fun like Pakanack, Crystal Lake and the other one(can't remember the name)
  8. When the game first started, I must admit I did sometimes team kill. I remember killing a guy and stealing his space on the boat...I felt pretty bad bout that one. I'm glad team killing was taken away. It creates a very toxic gaming session. Plus it sucks as Jason when you check the status and half the room have been betrayed. Definitely rage quit material
  9. When a counsilor keeps following me and Jason strangely keeps finding us. Then Jason kills me. Then said counsilor does the same to another player. I usually exit those games as they tend to go the full 20 minute mark. Also, players who follow you into a cabin trying to raid it. I used to teamkill those guys when i could. I prefer to work alone so now i tend to leave traps at doors/windows so if anyone comes in then that their issue.
  10. I love playing as Jason and killing everyone. I usually go part 4 Jason and slash everyone. It's especially satisfying when i'm being gang attacked and I manage to turn the tide.
  11. I usually go out my way to steal the car. If i'm lucky enough to have both sets of keys i'll usually just wait for the player to run off and then i'll steal the car.
  12. It seems fair if i get hit while breaking down their barricade as i am trying to kill them. Plus it just makes me more irritated and once I catch them it's pretty satisfying
  13. I remember being turned into a pinata when someone started the car. Everytime i looked at my map to find them, i'd be hit several times. I had to flee using shift lol so I could then morph at the exit
  14. I'm hesitant to slash the host. I accidentally went into combat mode yesterday and slashed him and it only took one more slash to finish it. So i think the fact he got slashed and it only took 2 hits just pissed him off so like 30 seconds later he quit. I've had games where i've died quickly as host but i'll never quit as it's such a shitty move
  15. No one really but if I come across Tommy I tend to go after him to show the player i'm the boss
  16. The past 2 days have been brutal for hosts quitting. It's driving me banannas
  17. Cops getting called...but I fully accept it's a game feature/objective. I just like a little less stress while I leave a trail of slashed cadavers. I actually had the host rage quit earlier cause I broke the phone box she had just fixed. I imagine she was just about to call as I smashed it. That really frigging triggered me.
  18. I voted no as it could he used to get rid of other players for no reason.
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