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  1. Nope. No kill unfortunately. I hate it when the cops get called so I tend to really go after those around the phone box
  2. Yup. He had a lot of med spray it seems. The was determined to call the police. Eventually he quit the game
  3. It's annoying. I played a game yesterday and trapped the phonebox 4 times...the same player got caught in my trap all 4 times...fricking annoying that i can't place it on the same spot
  4. Pinhurst map is too dark.

    Haha that's funny, I thought I was the only one who noticed this
  5. Unmasked tactics

    I shifted once and avoided an execution...however someone did hit me when Tommy was about to chop me so who knows how I escaped it. What I do know is it pissed off a lot of counsellors who were already pissed I kept slashing them
  6. Proudest achievement you have done.

    Fair enough. A funny little "thanks for warming up my car" as you steal it from under their noses
  7. Proudest achievement you have done.

    You should've ran him over
  8. Proudest achievement you have done.

    I died and nipped out to the shop while the game played. Came back 10 mins later and saw I was Tommy. Thought 'might as well' and went to find the last player and it turns out she's wearing the sweater...saw a machete on the ground and thought 'lets do this shit'. Jason walked in and froze and then I unleashed fury and killed him
  9. Piñata Jason

    I just keep slashing and then I leave behind a bloody ring of bodies....
  10. Piñata Jason

    Just slash until they learn to stop
  11. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    If you're finding it too easy then you must be playing squeakers. I usually kill everyone but sometimes it's a real challenge, I once killed the last 3 remaining counselors in the remaining 2 minutes and I felt i'd been driven demented by them
  12. Will you still be here?

    The game's perfect imo. I usually kill everybody as Jason and i'm happy with that. People need to stop feeling so entitled and enjoy it for what it is.
  13. Why the hatred for slashers?

    I've had a change of heart, now that I've seen how angry the counselors get, I'll just slash whether I suspect they have knives or not. Especially some of the posters here, it doesn't matter if you have pocket knives anymore, you're getting slashed up
  14. I'm Jason > Host quits

    I never wanna be a counselor, but i'll never quit the game. I'll probably just mess about til i run into Jason and if I die i just chill out. I hate it when i'm Jason and someone leaves the game immediately (I get they might have been dc'd but it's still annoying have one less person to take out)
  15. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I like it if i'm Jason but not as a counselor