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  1. While we are on this subject, one creepy thing I'd like to see in the game is Slenderman. I mean, since this dude wants to turn it into a tiki torch lit Dia de Los Muertos festival with statues, skulls and Egyptian gods & goddesses (that's right, goddess has 2 D's) why not add Slenderman, some chicken bones, that homeless guy with the big scab on his face that always asks for money at the freeway ramp and throw fucking Pennywise in there too!!!
  2. Currently trying to play another round. On Pinehurst map and I could get in the boat but not the drivers position.........only passengers place. It won't let me out of the damn boat now. I'm the only councilor left but Jason can't kill me cause he can't reach me. He can't tip the boat over either. Had to wait for him to collect enough knives to throw at me until I died. Thanks for fucking up your game even more than it was. You keep adding more and more stuff to a game that has NEVER 100% worked and by doing so you are only creating more issues. I don't know if it's Gun Media or Illfonic but someone in these companies should spend a day actually playing this game and see exactly what PAYING CUSTOMERS are shelling out their money for. This is a 50% game/50% headache that I paid 100% cost for and it's starting to feel like neither company actually cares (but why should they? They already got what they wanted.......... Money)
  3. I'm on Xbox One and currently downloading the update!! #DamnEnchiladas
  4. I would like to see a feature added into the game to help prevent spectators from telling Jason where councilors are hiding. I think that a good solution to this is "eyes closed when hiding". This makes it to where spectators only see a black screen when viewing councilors who are hiding. No more "under the bed view" or "peep hole view" for already dead/escaped/newly added players, thus preventing an "ally" giving Jason clues like "Okay, you are in the right cabin. I can see you. They are hiding under the bed." This isn't a far fetched idea, as we see many Crystal Lake Councilors shut their eyes while hiding (and hoping to survive) in the films.
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