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  1. Again....... Find out the date it was designed and manufactured. Products take months, sometimes years, to go from concept to sales floor.
  2. You aren't invited. Stay here and keep being Gun's cheering section.
  3. This is more than likely because that product was designed and manufactured before the cut off. That's the same reason the game can still be sold now. Ask them if they are designing and releasing new original pieces that use the IP currently.
  4. He saying he's been looking for something to push him to play that awful game........and this may have been the shove he needed.
  5. No, it doesn't. Did you miss where they said it doesn't matter when it ends, they are done? Cause it's only been stated multiple times now.
  6. Damn, homie. I've already had to lose Freddie once and this isn't much better. We have a hate free home on another platform and you are welcome to be there. Just let me know, @Freddie Mercury
  7. @Kodiak Could you please ask @Stabrats not to break the rules by posting back to back? He should have to follow the rules too. Sorry to call on you but rules are rules.
  8. Think of every true thing said in this forum. Now think on every time they've denied, censored and shamed the person saying those truths. Now tell me they care what looks bad on them.
  9. Looks amazing, right? Those visuals really pull me into the game and I'm just anticipating it's successful debut. ?
  10. As Tommy, I've wiffed right thru Jason 4-5 times in a row! I guess all those people saying Jason needed to be less vulnerable are happy as hell now!!
  11. I gotta keep up with way too much shit these days. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  12. Sounds like maybe someone just alluded to something like them spying on our PM conversations?
  13. Is a sequel nothing more than a new version? You don't get the same Jason every time they make a sequel.........Nope, you get a new version. Quit trying to be so nit-picky all the time.
  14. In this case, the plaintiff is Cunningham (the guy who gave Gun the IP). Victor Miller filled a motion but the lawsuit in question is because Cunningham sued Miller to stop him. (Or this is my understanding from everything I've read) I see no reason why the guy in bed with Gun Media would stop them from releasing Uber.
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