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  1. Just trying to be a productive member.......and answer your question to the best of my ability. I even linked you to the source material.
  2. I believe Wes' statement was made on June 11, 2018 (after a forum member had linked to a article from Bloody Disgusting) I'm guessing they knew sometime before 12:01am on June 11. Here's the post.... http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20022-legal-claim-and-the-road-ahead/
  3. Hey @damnenchiladas....Im watching your movie now since 99% of what I post is deleted. This is gonna get deleted too. Watch!! I hope it doesn't but then again I hope nothing I post gets deleted. But seeing as how this doesn't make GMH or the mods look bad (or does it?) it may have a chance of staying up. Don't know if you seen what I posted earlier although I did tag you in it...... I've got it all screenshot if you wanna read it. You know..... Since you called me a SOB. You know, cause I'm "toxic". Speaking of!! Calling people names or being vulgar is against the rules. Anyone talk to him about that or is he one of the people that gets special treatment around here?
  4. My post was relevant to this topic as he spoke on the "toxic element" and their effect here. Deleting my post only backs up what was said in my clear, thorough, decently worded, well mannered, opinion of why things have became what they are. I screenshot my post, with timestamp, and can prove what I said and when. Thank you, Gun Media and moderators, for proving me right. @makred78 He was talking about my post. The post he deleted.
  5. We helped create this. Every one of us in this forum. Some may not give you the credit you deserve but look at me. ? Before this game came out, we all had great expectations and couldn't wait for the release. Each update from the developers had us wanting more. Nothing was ever enough AND we all hoped it was gonna be as good as it looked.? Don't ever be upset you contributed cause you really did help make this game. Above all else, remember you helped bring this to life. Nobody can take that away from you.? Can you believe this is a farewell post? A final post to say everything on my mind. Nobody thought it would be this nice, huh?? So many posts seem so negative. Usually mine, right? Can't deny that. Keep in mind that what was said were facts based on actions witnessed here and a lot of honest opinion but it was all from the heart.❤️ Many have already left. Y'all know who they are. Don't feel like they left because anything the community done. I think they just got fed up with feeling like they were lied to repeatedly. Can't say that many people here haven't said or thought that though. Keep them in your thoughts cause if they are anything like me, you are in theirs.? (that's my goodbye. hope it follows the rules and isn't taken down. ☮️) -BrokenFattHardy-
  6. Until we meet again, homie
  7. You are fucking awesome, I'll give you that.........but you'll leave eventually too. If you don't, you're just a glutton for punishment.
  8. Fair statement. Shifty if you read this, I'm sorry you inherited this disaster and I wish you could've turned it around, but you could've been a part of the community instead of vague and snarky (at times) Edit: @Maddogg_8121 Yes. @Tommy86 should be credited for his contributions as well.
  9. Thank you for this. I can't say I agree with you about Shifty. He's as much a part of the problem as anyone else. He's in charge of the forum (according to Wes) so anything fucked up on the boards is on him.
  10. You are correct when you say we come here to speak but when you've been thread locked, post deleted, warned, profile stalked and banned (like I have), you learn that every post you make should come with a disclaimer. I like the people here and goddamned if I don't wanna like Wes, Ben and Dan too. (I've never even mentioned Randy cause, honestly, he was gone before I even got here.) I had a hours long conversation with Wes and he really convinced me that he cared about the F13 franchise and that he wanted this thing to be successful. I believe that too. But I don't believe he (or anyone at Gun) want to be a part of this community and that is shameful. This was community that fucking adored them in the beginning of all this. Members like @AldermachXI @Alkavian @Truth & @TheHansonGoons who created topics that were important enough to be pinned or teach others the ways of the game or the forum. Members who genuinely care about all of us, including Gun Media and look where their effort got them? Aldermach = Permabanned for honesty. Alkavian = Voluntary leaves because he knows when he's not wanted. TheHansonGoon = Lurks because he's tired of wastting his time Truth = Still defended them thru everything. Still supported them thru everything. And now he's seeing the light too. They've turned their moderators into fucking prison guards and censors to protect their image instead of encouraging them to make this place fun and interesting. You're right though. I shouldn't have to put a disclaimer on anything....... They should have one on the Main Page.
  11. Not trying to sound like an asshole (but I'm sure this will be seen as exactly what I'm doing) but........ Yes. They can. They have managed to please themselves, Kodiak. They ended up with money that works anywhere they want to spend it. Say, like on fancy watches. We, on the other hand, ended up with a game that is constantly broke, in one way or another, and it has gotten worse every time they update it. Now compound that with an overwhelming sense of shadiness because they miscommunicate or fail to communicate to the public at large (this official forum). Now add that they make claims, like Dedicated Servers, but backpedal once time comes to deliver and you have the situation we are in now. Paying customers who no longer trust a company because of the way they've been treated. Gun Media isn't the first to suffer a cancellations or backlash from buyers, but they are one of the few to take it out on their customer base. There is so much stuff they could have handled better. I even warned Wes that unless things changed and Gun Media became a part of the community they asked for support (as apposed to "The Watchmen" they've been) that things were only gonna get worse. What's going on now is Gun Media's fault and the members of this forum are the ones being punished for it. (I don't want a ban. I don't want to be censored. I just wanna be able to speak. I've not insulted anyone or been disrespectful. I've been honest. I've followed the rules here, Kodiak. You told me you were all fair mods and I trust you to be that. Please do not remove this.)
  12. Great!! We would have 2 similar games, that are buggy as shit, to complain about. Really looking forward to that!!!
  13. It's honestly not about getting Uber. Fuck Space Jason. It's about them being 100% honest about everything and we won't ever get that. Ever. They got our money. We got a game that plays like a second rate Android app. Bottom line is..... They may care about F13 and meeting Cunningham, Savini and Kane, but they don't care about this fanbase. If even one of them did, they've not shown it.
  14. If it were his voice I'd have to include that thing about the soldering iron.
  15. At the rate they delete stuff, new people won't ever see any of the backlash to the poor development or the lies.
  16. Yup.......but you're gonna talk shit about those who share in that experience of censorship. You choose to insult people who have done nothing to you while the ones who deserve your filth watch and laugh. You deserve Gun Media. Enjoy them.
  17. Leaving the forum for more than that and that thread just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back. No need coming in calling names. It's against the rules and remember, they inforce the rules on everyone equally.
  18. I've said it many times. They don't wanna do it cause we complain about broke patches and terrible policy on their part. It's revenge........or that's what it feels like anyway.
  19. Correct. It shows prior knowledge that was never passed on to Backers of the project or potential customers in the future.
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