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  1. BrokenFattHardy

    Do we have any Jason cosplayers here?

    Me about 10 years ago. Made everything except the hockey mask blank (ordered it and painted it myself) and the undermask (hood/cowl). My son wore it last year for Halloween. He looks better in it than I did.
  2. BrokenFattHardy

    Newest content.

    ^^^This is the first word the forum got on any of this news. This is a member post and was made before Wes posted his thread. ^^^ This is Gun's first acknowledgment of the statement and that it was legit. I believe the Uk got it a few days before US but it was out like the 8th or 9th. The announcement went public on the 11th, so they making a little more cash.
  3. BrokenFattHardy

    Newest content.

    Are you talking about the Part 2 Kill Pack? Pretty sure that came out before the "No More Content" announcement.
  4. (insert Michael Jackson "Popcorn" Meme here)
  5. I'm thinking maybe end of the year?
  6. Yup......just like hot shit. It's Wonderful. I'm creating my own little Broken Universe! Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa (and not as frustrating as some other games 😉 ya know what I mean😉🤣)
  7. I can only say we all have things we like and often those things may be similar, but once you decide you don't like it.......You just don't. It's simple and nobody is gonna try to argue it. It is what it is. I like POPS (but only certain IP's). I'm into Garbage Pail Kids. Have some other horror collectibles, replicas and masks. I like playing half broke video games and just learned to appreciate Minecraft while I was.......uh..... Detained? 🤷‍ 🤣 But yeah.......$37.99. $34.99 if you're a Power-Ups Reward Member! Ooooo😱
  8. Every time I'm in GameStop (buying POPs, never games) I always look to see how many copies of F13 I can find in the Used Games section. Usually it's 2, maybe 3 copies. That doesn't shock me. They want $37.99 on Used copies! That shocks me.
  9. BrokenFattHardy

    The End

    @bewareofbears I'm just now getting to read this (and got no notification of being tagged) because I just got back from my own suspension. Funny, huh? 🤣 It sucks you're leaving but I can't say I blame you. You know I'm on Xbox and you know my GT. Be sure to add me there before you leave here for good.
  10. BrokenFattHardy

    Games getting a high level of new people

    Did you miss Gun Media's announcement that Steam had Friday the 13th (and most dlc) on a 1/2 price sale? That could explain it. #makethatmoney
  11. Working towards servers are to "save face" and make them look like they are doing whatever they can given the current situation. Nothing more. @lHeartBreakerl hit the nail on the head in his post earlier. At the risk of being banned again, I'm gonna say that Gun Media & Illfonic have done the best job they could (and their best has not been very good). The only thing they successfully accomplished was the Kickstarter campaign and exciting the Friday the 13th fanbase in the months leading up to the game's release. They failed at launch, they've repeatedly let down the playerbase, they've fostered a community of gaming trolls by not banning Teamers, they've consistently released untested patches/fixes that have only further broken the game, they've made promises and not followed thru and ultimately they turned fans of this game (and this franchise) against one another. This forum is proof of that. Dedicated Servers mean nothing in a game with a few thousand players. With no more money coming in from new sales or DLC and current players leaving in the wake of last week's news, I think the only hope left for this game is Client Side Saving (for our account info, XP Level, Unlockables). This would ensure, at the least, some level of replayability. Maybe not the game we've come to love, but something. In the end, all I can really say is I believe what I believe, and what I believe is this....... They "do" care about the franchise. The attention to details on the Jason models, the maps and the "F13 look" of the game prove that to me. They "did" care about the game because it really did have a great following and real potential when we are talking about horror genre games. Not to mention the insane amount of money it could make. They "don't" care about the playerbase. If they did they wouldn't go quiet all the time. Before last week they would always use the "We are busy creating" excuse but now there is no more creating, so where are they? Not being able to create new content should free up a little time but from what I've seen it's still silence from them, really. They could say "Now all of that time will be spent fixing the glitches" and that may be true but as long as they run simulations to test these builds, we're just gonna get more of the same stuff we've been getting.........more glitches. This post should meet all specified guidelines dictated in the rules. All the above is simply my opinion and should not be taken as fact. If this post is deemed as unfit or not allowed, please remove it and contact me via PM to address what I've done wrong this time. Thank you for reading.
  12. BrokenFattHardy

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    "Thank you" to the people who kept this post bumped. It needs to be answered.
  13. Just going on experience, I guess. I voted "No", btw.
  14. Be careful here. You are making valid points and you have used "all caps" to convey emphasis on certain words. They do not like these things.