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  1. Yeah. I'm sitting in the car with my daughter, waiting for my son, so we can go get dinner and thought I'd check the forum real quick. I'll be back in the forum a little later.
  2. That's our Friday the 13th moment. 🤣 We did play a few more matches though. Hopefully, @GhostWolfViking can vouch that I'm not a rage quitter and that I'm someone who plays for objectives and teamwork.
  3. @RKSDooM @TheHansonGoons @lHeartBreakerl @DamonD7 @bewareofbears @Alkavian @Brigadius @BionicCapo @ColdArmy13 @Corkenstein @GhostWolfViking @JTDestroyer5900 @Risinggrave @Slapnuts840 @AldermachXI @Thatguyinktown @a kamikaze man @Rabid Anteater @BrokenFattHardy @Super Ty Anyone else playing right now??
  4. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    This is a pretty honest post. I have to agree with this one too, but can't say anything more than "I agree". I'm not looking to be tagged again.
  5. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    I agree with @HuDawg but can't elaborate on it. Seems like every time I voice an honest opinion around here @Kodiak tags me and says I'm being too harsh.
  6. Roy's Coveralls

    Since you're making a few cosmetic changes, @ShiftySamurai, why not go ahead and rename him as "Roy" as apposed to Jason or at least list him as "Imposter Jason"
  7. Annoyances - trolls

    Why is being straight forward and honest considered "attacking" someone? I'm not trying to "attack" him. I'm not trying to "attack" anyone.
  8. Annoyances - trolls

    Hahahahahaaaaaa YOU sound like the millennial, homie. You dislike the sarcasm cause although it was sarcastic..........it was true. I'm old enough that I seen F13: Part 2 in the theater and have been a huge fan of the franchise since my childhood. Get over yourself, Beiber. You gotta play to learn. You gotta realize what you're doing wrong and try new stuff to get better and you gotta get better to not be a rage quitter. Every time you quit a match (because of the exact reason you've stated) you encourage trolls (and future trolls) to keep treating you the way they do. Keep running the car around you. Keep teabagging you. Keep ganging up on you. And they will do just to watch you quit. YOU the one letting them win when you quit. YOU the one that encourages them when you quit. Ain't nobody here trolling you now. I'm just being honest with you.
  9. Why the double post?
  10. I said this in another thread, but I think a Director's Mode could keep people playing. Giving creative people the opportunity to direct their own mini movie(s) could bring together a more positive player base and would put free advertising all over social/video Media platforms. I, however, do not think this should be put in the game unless/until the developers get the game working properly. Like I've also stated before....."Fix the game before adding new content".
  11. Do you do anything besides complain?
  12. Annoyances - trolls

    Y'all aren't really hearing the guy. LISTEN to what he's saying!! I'll help y'all understand by translating.............. Having to chase someone is a waste of time. If he can't easily kill players, THEY are the problem...........not him. Playing against mindless, unthinking, easily predictable AI Bots improves his skills...........not playing actual people who will challenge him and better help his reactions, timing and decision making. Although there is a clear difference between what is land and what is water, it is not his fault he Shifts into the water. It's the game!! The game is making him lose time because it auto-dumps him in the water, guys!!! This never happens in Offline Mode, btw. His games and the movies are (and should be) exactly the same. In the movies Jason is a straight KILLER until the end where he suddenly is defeated by the last councilor...............which is how his games are!! It is pure, unadulterated, MURDER MAGIC until that last councilor. Then Jason starts losing his ability to scare a councilor and the councilor gets the upper hand. Only real difference is that in the movies Jason doesn't just quit and walk away defeated to find a new camp to stalk. Video game Jason needs a security blanket and a set of dentures. I hope this helps to better convey what is going on.
  13. Maybe @ShiftySamurai might read this stuff and weigh in on it
  14. I hope Gun & Illphonic both keep the focus on fixing/updating F13:TG. I mean, it's just not a polished game. Hopefully this new project is very early in development (ie: concepts/visual style/storyboarding) and won't hinder completion of the (backer financed) project that gave these companies their big break. (Or a lesser man could comment by saying "Maybe the team behind 'Layers of Fear' asked themselves if their next big project should be 40% as good as it could be and include horrible glitches" 😈)
  15. Escaping doesn't worth it

    I've been thinking about that "17 minutes" too. I think (after the Dev Team gets the game 90%-100% working) they should test a Director's Mode. Something that would let us record and edit mini "movies" (sorta like GTA5). It would keep people playing, give the creative people material to work with, generate revenue as free advertising for the game and what real fan hasn't wanted to make their own Friday the 13th movies?? Right?? 🤘🙂