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  1. The rich girl! tiffany needs a blonde friend! A wing-woman. hopefully the creators see this and add the character to the game! oh and also put her in a skirt/short dress. At the very least some short shorts/ or classy designer shorts lol. I'd also like to see characters/females like annie/brenda from part 1. Ginny or sandra from part 2. Debbie/fox/chili from part 3. Trish from part 4. Pam/robin/tina from 5. Megan/nikki/paula from 6. Robin/sandra from 7. Eva/tamara/suzi/JJ from 8.
  2. I would love them to tackle a Halloween or Scream videogame next. One can dream.
  3. Digital. Something i'm unclear of though. If we backed the game we'll be getting a digital copy? free? Like a download code right? So then i also saw digital copy is 40$.. does that mean we have to pay for the digital copy even though we pledged for it in the backer kit?
  4. Sweeeet! Hopefully as councellors we can use environment items to barricade the doors and windows.. Like putting an arm chair infront of the door or a fridge to give us some time to escape jason
  5. I had mothers day and road trip. Those were young adult novels back in the 90s!
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