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  1. I think that adding Pamela to the game would provide some much-needed diversity and fun. Taking all of these thread’s ideas, as well as my own, I personally believe she should be treated like this. Pamela starts in the shack with Jason’s mask on her shrine, and a machete lodged in the center. She wears her original outfit and carries a hunting knife in a pouch on one leg and a cluster of five arrows in a pouch on the other leg. A bow is wrapped around her back. Her abilities include Sense (counselors and cabins light up in blue), Disguise (which allows her to take the form of one of the remaining counselors), Stalk (duration lasts as long as the player wants), and Hunt (turns off stalk, causing her music to scare counselors within her proximity). Stalk is available at the start, followed by Sense, Hunt, and finally Disguise. Crystal Lake is the only map available for this game mode, and four counselors spawn in random locations. Their goal is to stay alive by either escaping, killing Pamela, or waiting out the time limit. They may search the drawers for firecrackers, health sprays, and the genorator fise yo aid them in their attempt to survive. Pamela’s goal is to kill them all within the time limit, without allowing them to escape via the car and boat. Pamela may kill the counselors in a variety of ways, each more brutal than the last. She can open, lock, and unlock doors, open and climb through windows, and is able to hide in all hiding spots in the game. She is also allowed to enter and exit the escape vehicles, as well as detach the large items with the same mini-game as the counselors (though they are alerted if she messes up). Her ways of killing the counselors are as follows. The first is a basic murder, using her knife to slash them. Four slashes cases them to limp, while seven hits will kill them. The second way to kill them is with her bow and arrows, using them like the gun to shoot and kill the counselors in one hit. The third is to use Jason’s grab button to grab the counselors from behind and use one of her customizable knife kills. The fourth way to kill them is by hiding in one of the hiding spots and waiting for them to get in front of it. She can then jump out and inititate a stab kill. The fifth and final way to kill the counselors is by killing them in a hiding spot or grabbing them from behind and using an environmental kill. Escape routes include the four-seater car and one-seater canoe. The car requires a battery, gas, and keys, while the canoe requires a pair of oars and a set of keys to unlock the gate for the canoe. The large items (battery, gas, and oars) are hidden in the cabins, while the small items (car keys and boat keys) are hidden in the drawers. In order to attach one of the large items, the counselors must play the item mini-game, alerting Pamela if they mess up. Once both large items are attached, any counselor with the keys can start the vehicle and try to escape. The second way to survive as a counselor is to attempt to kill Pamela herself. In order to do this, the counselors must first find the generator fuse (hidden in one of the drawers), fix the generator (located on one of the houses like the phone box), and then call Alice Hardy using the CB Radio. Once called, a dead or escaped player will come back as Alice, armed with a stun item and a health spray. Meanwhile, a male character must sneak into the shack and steal Jason’s mask, though Pamela will be alerted. Once they have stolen the mask, Alice must steal the machete, meeting up with the mask-wearer. They may then use the mask to stun Pamela (like her sweater) causing her to fall to her knees. Alice can then use the machete to cut off Pamlea’s head, killing her and winning the game for the remaining counselors. The final way to win is to evade Pamela’s clutches for the entire twenty minutes. All remaining counselors at this time will win. Please comment below and tell me what you think! I would really like for the devs to take a look at this and share their opinion. I think that there are so many different oppurtunites for this game to deliver on and this is definitely one of them. Thank you all.
  2. @Redcat345 I definitely agree with putting Pamela in the game. Maybe she could be added to this mode as an available “counselor,” or maybe added to the Paranoia mode.
  3. Counselor Combat is the title of an all-new, original game mode that may possibly be added to the Friday The 13th Game. In this risky, fast-paced game mode, the basic gameplay elements are all exactly as they were in the old mode with a single exception: there will be no Jason. Instead, the seven counselors will fight amongst each other in a battle royale similar to the Hunger Games. Spawning as a randomly selected counselor at a randomly selected location, the seven counselors must battle it out until only one counselor is left standing. Either using the melee weapons (axe, bat, machete, pipe, wood, or wrench), the firearms (shotgun or flare gun), a physical item (pocket knives), or even an escape route (car, boat, or police) to kill the other counselors, the seven must fight against each other until only one remains. Some other notes include that the CB Radio and Tommy Jarvis will still be in the game, with a player once again coming back if called. The cars will still be there to run over counselors (though they couldn’t escape with them), the boat would be there to kill counselors in the water, and the police would still show up, only to drop off guns at the exit they spawn to. The weapons will still be able to break, the medical sprays will still be littered around the map, and the pocket knives can now be used to stab someone and cut their health in half. A final note to list is that the hiding spots would still be available to hide in, however, the other counselors could kill you by walking up to them with a weapon and pressing the same button as Jason. So as you can see, Counselor Combat would be an inexpensive, fantastic, and truly amazing addition to the wonderful game we already have before us. So, if the devs could take a look at this, as well as the F13 Game community, I would be extremely thankful for any comments, ideas, or criticisms. And if the creators could actually make this game mode a reality, I think it would add diversity, sales, and pure fun to this incredible game that has given me hours of entertainment. Thank you for your time and please give me a response, Illfonic!
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