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  1. When I first started playing, it was all police....I didn't get my 1st boat escape until a month into the game...I now have 42 boat escapes and 88 police.
  2. I actually experienced the suicide bug on my way to getting 112 car escapes lol. I was excited when I got....or at least what I thought I was going to get #113 when I escaped by car this last time. It had me listed as survivor. I guess I'll just focus on boat and police escapes.
  3. I entered a match with 112 car escapes...needing just one more car escape to compete the car badge. I just completed a match by escaping in the two seater. I was expecting it to pop up on screen but never did. I exited the lobby and checked my progress. Sure enough it was still at 112. Has this happened to anyone else? On a side note, after completing two matches as jason, the weapon kill badge is still stuck on 106.
  4. Thanks Gertz. I just tried that and it worked, I was able to join a session on my account. Thanks for the quick response and really appreciate all the work you guys do!
  5. I guess I will have wait and see if the patch on Tuesday corrects it but I'm skeptical too. Have you tried reporting this to Gun/illfonic?
  6. Oh no....If I have to log into another account then I have to start from level 0...I am currently level 101.
  7. Last time I played online was last Saturday and haven't been on since attempting this morning. I now get a message after waiting several minutes in quick play..."Error! Failed to host game session! Verify you have an internet connection" Again my internet is fine and no problems with other games. Should I delete and reinstall the game? Also if I go that route, do I lose all of my progression?
  8. 1st time posting here and hopefully can receive some assistance. Since this morning, I've attempted to log into a session via the Friday the 13th community room and get this "Error! Unknown error while joining game session!". So I next try to just click on quick play and the checking for sessions timer starts but nothing happens. I've restarted my PS4 and router and everything seems fine since I can play other games online. Any suggestions
  9. Just create connection an account. Game is great having some connection issues.
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