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  1. Are you guys aware the exactly same issue happened in an older update (November 2018's Patch)? It may help to identify the problem. At that time I remember SA (and EU) servers gone missing at the release of the patch and were only back early February.
  2. SA servers down again. The last time this happened following a patch, the servers remained offline for 3 months (November/February). Hopefully it gets fixed quicker this time.
  3. I think the cooldown issue with the shift isn't affecting all Jasons. I played an online match with part 3 and the cooldown was like 7 seconds, then I played offline bots with part 3 with the same cooldown. I decided to play another offline match, but with part 4 and the cooldown wasn't that fast, looked ok. Shift unlocking at the same time as sense with both Jasons though.
  4. Just played a match with my Jason part 3. The cooldown for the shift is like 7 seconds, pretty much like blinking with the Nurse in DbD. Impossible for the counselors. Easiest 8/8 ever. lol
  5. Since this patch was released I had issues with environmental kills in every match I played as Jason but one. Mostly on window and hook kills. As a result, I had 10/8 and 8/6 kills in a few matches. Those glitched kills used to happen before of course, but not this frequently. Like I said, under this new patch, in all of my Jason matches but one I had to deal with glitched kills.
  6. Yes, my trophies are still there. But I'm missing only one (and the platinum obviously), I'm afraid this database failure may affect my overall matches as Jason, I'm pretty sure I'm very close to 1000 matches.
  7. Ok, but can you confirm me the overall stats are normal and still counting? My biggest concern is with the "Final Chapter trophy", I think I'm close and will be very unfortunate if this was reset too.
  8. Thanks for the attention. About stats I've no idea. I know I've 215 multiplayer matches as Jason since March because I've been counting and I won the 500x trophy on July 11th, so I guess I must be very close to the 1000x multiplayer match. I would love to know my current Jason stats, but I can't check it on PS4. Is there a way?
  9. I'm a 150 for a long time and my level was reset to 0 last night, then I stopped playing. Checked again a few minutes ago, level is 101. Tapes, badges, perks, clothes and blood skins are all on, but I can't change the weapon and skill obviously. It's already selected, so I guess it keeped from my previous selection. My biggest concern is the trophies. I'm trying to get the last trophy and I believe I'm close (final chapter - Jason 1000x matches) and I hope this database failure didn't mess with it. I won't play until all that it's fixed.
  10. I honestly think this trophy is broken, like many things in this game. I got 500 times as Jason trophy last July. I didn't play much in the later months of 2018 because the SA servers were crap at that time, but I still think I finished the year with around 800 matches. But I'm playing a lot this game in 2019 and I'm pretty sure I've already over 200 matches this year. I'm counting match by match since March and I've 121 matches as Jason since I started counting. I refuse to play 1 vs. 1 in private matches, because I want to do the hard way in normal online open matches, hopefully it's not broken. Has anyone actually made this trophy and knows for sure it was gained in the exactly 1000th time as Jason?
  11. This patch was fantastic. It really bring me the joy to play the game again. Jason is supposed to be strong and not a joke bullied by 3-4 Vanessa's teaming up. This patch made counselors play by doing the objectives instead of just running and teaming up to kill Jason or hit him endlessly until the time is up. 10/10 patch.
  12. This is happening since the implementation of the dedicated servers and the developers don't seem to care at all. Really annoying.
  13. I'm from Brazil and it's almost impossible to find SA servers, only found them twice since this last update. I sometimes got into EU and CA servers, but after a lot of time searching for matches. And the game was great at finding game sessions before the update pf November 21st. Hopefully it's an issue with the last update and they are gonna fix soon. Otherwise, either they're shutting down most of the servers or suddenly a lot of people stopped playing. Only viable option for brazilian players these days is to play private matches.
  14. I agree it's a bit too easy these days, you get a pocket knife with Vanessa or Tiffany and get the sweater, while your friends group to hit Jason several times and take his mask off. I always thought we should've a specific blonde female counselor (without great speed or stamina) in order to take the sweater and trick Jason.
  15. Regarded to the first issue it's really solved. The second issue I think I never had. Thanks a lot. Next step is to add more servers in South America, it's always very hard to find servers in Brazil these days.
  16. Only can be done in online matches (public or private, it doesn't matter) I believe. Almost impossible to do without help, some kills are very hard to achieve (for example: Higgins Haven's cemetery fence kill), unless a friend helps you. 54 or 56 kills. Pretty sure there are a lot of Youtube videos explaining every kill.
  17. God tips, but this video was made against either dumb players or people helping to make the video. It's very tough to enter combat stance like that against skilled players. They will just run away from you when in combat stance.
  18. Thank you, very nice to hear you guys are working on fixing these annoying late bugs. The first two you stated are specially annoying.
  19. I agree with your idea and I like most of your suggestions. Just not those ones: -Multi floored hospital/clinic -Multi floored apartment Those maps would be cheaters' paradise, with a lot of people throwing themselves out of the 5th floor and using sprays to quickly fix themselves and also infinitely turning around tables.
  20. Sometimes is very difficult to put a 2nd trap after the 1st one was triggered anyway. I don't think it's much of a difference. It depends on the game, the location and the version of Jason I'm playing, but sometimes I opt to put 1 trap and sometimes 2 traps in the fuse box. When I put two traps, I put the 2nd one exactly behind the first one. That makes almost impossible for a counselor to fix the fuse box without triggering (or disarming) both traps. But a bear trap placed in from on the phone box doesn't prevent you from smashing the box for sure. It's just gonna slow down you a bit. Also, fuse box is always the first place I go as Jason. Always. If one counselor beat you and put a trap there before, it means you were very late.
  21. 1. I have every trophy, except for The Sequel, The Final Chapter and Killer Franchise. 2. Missing 3 counselor's badges: fixing the phone (98/113), stun jason with firecrackers (108/113), boat escapes (66/113); 2 Jason's badges: killing in the water (19/31), torpedo (14/31). 3. I do haver all 20 Pamela tapes since forever. 4. I currently have 4 of 13 Tommy's tapes and I didn't find any in the last couple of months at least. Also, I have unlocked every emote from the single player challengers. Made all 10 challenges, with 3 skulls and every objective.
  22. After a couple of days and at least 20 tries, I finally made the 3 skulls with Jason 8 (last objective I needed to finish this). That's how I did it: 1) Went straight to the bathroom. Killed AJ in the mirror. 2) Waited for Chad in the bathroom. He always enter by the window. Caught him right after and threw high out of the window. 3) Went for beer house. No way you can kill Kenny in the house by doing this strategy. Not enough time. I used the shift-grab and killed him outside. 4) Went to Deborah's cabin. Followed her and kill her in the archery. 5) Went to cards house, where Brandon and Vanessa are. At the exactly time I morphed there, I saw her going to the bathroom in the back. Really luck here, I used the shift to travel faster to the back end of the house and caught here in time at the bathroom. 6) Still at the cards house, you can't make a direct approach in any way for this last kill, because Brandon is sitting in a chair where he can see everything coming from any door you may use to enter the room. So I used stalk+ shift (from the front door) to get behind him without being noticed. Then just grab him from behind. Easy kill. You need some kind of luck with Vanessa going to the bathroom in the back, because she can go a lot to the near bathoom too. But in that case, guess with some luck + using fast kills you can use the stalk+shift to kill both in the main room.
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