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  1. According to Slash n Cast when the servers go offline we will still be able to play offline with everything unlocked, how is this possible? They confirmed this, are they wrong or is this true? @ShiftySamurai @wes
  2. The problem with that is the profiles tie in to the servers, meaning when the servers go down everyone will be at level 0 with no way to level up. All of the unlockables will not unlock( Jason’s, kills, skins, weapon swapping etc).They can’t even answer if this will be rectified or not, which is worrisome.
  3. They are not going to answer any of those questions. The big questions are how long will the servers be up and will we be able to keep our game progress after they go down. They are still promising dedicated servers for consoles and it still sounds like it’s still a ways away, it would’nt make sense to implement dedicated servers only shut them down shortly afterwards. If they intend to keep thier promises, the servers should still be up after the case is decided which confuses me why they would completely cancel Uber Jason, kill packs, emotes etc. This whole situation makes no sense, it sounds like a total contradiction.
  4. Lol, with the new bugs that come with every bug fix patch, I think they would still be working on the game when the court decision comes, just working on game stability . This sounds to me like they are just about finished with the game as a whole and maybe one or two patch fixes and that’s it. After those fixes, the question is will the game still be broken? Sounds like motivation is about gone now. I guess the servers will be shut down sooner than later because they will still have to work to maintain them. This is an unprofessional attitude for a video game company. You could have shown a little more optimism in the statement, but what you said sounds like you don’t care if this lawsuit gets resolved or not and you are finished with the game. As a backer of this game I am appalled with this. We deserve better than this. @wes
  5. Me being a console player, I think bug fixes should be priority over dedicated servers right now. It’s unearthly tough to play online with these bugs. I’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer recently and come across issues in every match. What exactly causes counselors to flicker during kills? It completely ruins the Jason playing experience. Not to mention that he is so vulnerable to getting beat down by groups. Doesn’t seem like an unreasonable question to me. @ShiftySamurai @wes
  6. @ShiftySamurai You don’t see the flickering kills as game breaking? It makes playing as Jason horrible, the cinematic kills are what makes Jason fun. And how about the progress of fixing the Pinehurst rainbow blood and the rainbow blood in SP Challenge #9.
  7. Here’s my prediction no more anything, no content, no bug fixes, no dedicated servers, nothing. We will be lucky to even hear from Gun again. It’s over, this will be the game we get until they shut the servers down. They won’t reply to any of our questions, not about bug fixes or anything. Communication will be non existent. Just play the game while you still can. This website will probably go next.
  8. I’m starting to think Illfonic is as much at fault of us losing content then the lawsuit is. If we could have gotten the roadmap content when it was supposed to be released we would have been sitting pretty right now with Uber Jason and Grendel among other content. The insane amount of bugs and glitches delayed everything. You can always expect small bugs in present generation games because they’re so detailed, but with the amount of bugs in this game it almost seemed like there was no testing done at all or that they just didn’t care.
  9. I would be cool with them adding boats to offline bots, and allowing us to use our customized counselors as well(perks and attire) Not to mention the fact that the bots currently run around with a propeller they picked up, but no boat to put it on. I don’t see how this would be adding any outside content to the game, just having more customization options for offline bots. is this feasible? @ShiftySamurai
  10. I never heard anything about the bots being equipped with the perks that are on the counselors we use. All I took from bots having perks is just them being equipped with random perks, and pocket knives. We don’t even have the options of using clothing packs on them, which would spice up replay ability as well.
  11. This is why they should have added offline bots mode for Jason and counselors, now when the servers officially die perks, counselor clothing packs and counselors become useless. Maybe if they made it so we could put dlc clothing and perks on the bot counselors that may make perks and clothing remain useful.
  12. Trolls tend to use Chad with the whole “Battle Chad” obsession going on. The players who head hunt Jason, 99.9% of the time use Vanessa or Bugsy.
  13. Retro Jason is a skin for part 3, how would they tweak him individually without making another playable Jason? And that’s totally out of the question. They could do a few things, Uber Jason for example with the time they have left, but according to them anything added or locked in the game is cancelled for good.
  14. I’m pretty sure they have till next month to cease and desist, but the have decided to wash thier hands of it now, which sucks because of course we have zero control of that.
  15. He tried to rescue Miller from harrasment you mean. I do not condone any type of threatening harassment but he is still a big part of this whole mess. Just a last second cash grab to get money and recognition from this franchise, the franchise is in total limbo now because of this and it’s affecting a lot other people lives other than his own.
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