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  1. what a fvcking douchebag this Mr Miller. His movie wasnt that good. the best thing was the music and its not his part. Big shame this all happens and this great game cant go on and make good publicity for the old movies ! Idiots !
  2. should be increased anyway. I think the game lost of terrifying once you get used to the music. Bring a better gameplay experience in a passive way, you know? And in the movies it is like this, Jason stalk them and suprise them. in this game you cant from the beginning. thats dumb
  3. I would swap the "stalk mute" with the jason music. would be more terrifying if Jason is stalking continiously and can activate terror music by himself when chasing the victim. Now you can hear Jason long time before he can interact with you, so you can prepare yourself easy. The stalk mode is too short to actually stalk a victim. this overall should change in my opinion, without loosing th ecomplete nice music. But I would swap this both music queue.
  4. Agree, it is another proof that the devs do not play their own game public. its just stuipid to add this sound. but, what I am talking about. They do not know what to do with their game.
  5. Great to see a patch. A skip of the singleplayer challenges intro scenes missing.
  6. they will not react to this kind of reports. i reported many player with videos, no action, no response. but yeah, A try was worth it.
  7. word. And why they dont play their own game public ? How it is possible to release such a bad build ? Maybe a public Beta test would be bette rfor the future. I play and actually enjoy this game since the release. I'm lvl 150 since months of increase and played over 600 hours. But this update and bug situation after 12 months of this game is a big disappointment!
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