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  1. Just add stairs for the roof, fix the problem forever!
  2. they done F It Up for the final time. they sell the game right now for 3 EURO on steam sale. 4K people online, who wants to play the game. And it is not possible. Because the DEV Team dont provide enough or any server for public ! Well Done, good job ! You Done F IT UP !
  3. 3K people online on Steam, no server provided ! 10 minutes, 20 minutes searching, no lobbies ! F OFF YOU DEVS !
  4. Better remove this stuipid casual game rage mode buff ! Even in the movies Jason get stuned or hit down ! damn I am so pissed of this game. I spent over 600 hours playing and than you changed it for kids and unskilled Jason player !
  5. yes, thats it. And before it was alot better. why it is neccessary to make Jason imba ? cause of Jason noobs ? really !? fuck off ! Fuck this game !
  6. the game used to be fun and cool, even with tons of bugs. But now its just stuipid. what you supposed to do, if you are the last survivor, jason got rage and no objectives has been done. what can you !? what da fuck these stuipid devs are thinking about ? Even if you play as Jason, where is the challenge ?? where ? to be invinceable is no challenge. Before Jason was powerful and stronger, YES. But it was fair. no it is just like a bot game ! fuck off !
  7. This fuckin game is so broken. It makes no sense anymore. remove this stuipid rage shit ! there is no skill related gameplay anymore with it. fuck off
  8. On steam, go to game preferences and check for files. there will be found 1 corrupt file which will download again. fine and will work again.
  9. On PC, cracker and flare doesn't stun Jason in Rage. tested many times.
  10. I dont give a damn to the developers. they doomed their own masterpiece ! They never played their own game in public. This game is casual as hell and dead like hell. cause of bs decisions by the dev team. There is no skill related gameplay anymore. If somebody is proud of surviving, damn, than you played vs a noob jason. there is no skill anymore to survive 20 minutes against Jason like it was. Its bs like DBD where u cant fight back. Its friday the 13th, the victims always fight back!
  11. Hell no ! it is completly senseless, like most of all adjustments they did in the past two years. Jason dance partys are caused of noob jasons. It looks like you dont know anything about the "original design" at all. Its never been like Jason is invincible. He wasnt in the movies, so why he should be in a multiplayer game. this is no sense. And you cant argue with dance partys. Its a lack of balance, which the defs cant fix since the first release. This adjustment kills the whole game entirely. Like they did with the team kills. If you want a survival game, than you have to fight back, if not, why anybody should stay after Jason got rage ? You force the rage quiters !
  12. This game is terrible right now. I played it over 600 hours the last 2 years and i loved it. But this stuipid stun resistance now with rage is totally senseless. It took all remaining skill and fun out of the game. there is no chance right now to fight Jason after he is in rage, you can let you kill instantly by him, cause there is no sense of continuing playing. Even cracker or flare cant stun him anymore. really ? are you serious ? Skilled Jason player know how to deal with mobs. Please go back to the old playstyle with some tweaks. Add a stun immunity after going through doors or walls for 2-3 seconds. or reduce the possibility to stun and fall to the ground. just staying stunned for 2 seconds and go on. So an overall reducing of the stuntime but no invincibility. increase Tommy spawn after at least 3 cons are dead and minimum 5 minutes must have elapsed.
  13. what a fvcking douchebag this Mr Miller. His movie wasnt that good. the best thing was the music and its not his part. Big shame this all happens and this great game cant go on and make good publicity for the old movies ! Idiots !
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