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  1. why did y'all not fix the glitch where when we are playing the game and the cry baby quits it ruins the game for everybody please fix this issue
  2. Can y'all please fix the issue that everyone is having when the host gets mad and decides to quit because she or he is killed turn the game off for everybody it says error then you have to it's your center button close out the application restart it all over again all because the crybaby host quit because he or she got killed
  3. How about would you please fix the issue that everyone's having when a Lobby is started and we are in the middle of the game and the host gets killed they get mad and quit the game which ruins the game for everybody else can you please make it where someone else becomes the host after the other host quits please please please I beg you
  4. Dear Rockstar and creators of Friday the 13th it's not fair that we are playing a very long game and really into it and the host gets mad because he or she or it gets killed and decides to quit and ruin the game for everybody I think personally that if the host quits it should automatically pick up another host it's not fair that it ruins the game for everybody I'm not demanding I'm asking would you please please fix this for us
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