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  1. I think the choke kill is the worst one so far. It just feels real anti-climatic and almost out of Jason's character.
  2. With Jason going through windows, I wish that the P7 Jason could jump through windows if he had his rage active. I think part 7 was the only time we saw Jason lunge through a window. Actually now that I think about it he did kind of do the same thing in part 2 at the end.
  3. Have they said anything about that since the Kickstarter?
  4. I feel like the friends/family beta will last a week and then the closed beta will be out for a week after it's over.
  5. The flirty girl saying "Holy shit, it started!" is probably the voice line for starting the car.
  6. Mine was in the hall leading to the Jason room labeled Daniel Smith. Surprised mine made it up there since I felt it was a little too generic.
  7. I could use one. Not sure if I'll be able to afford the pre order right now.
  8. It's essentially the museum for the game and it contains resources that are going to be in the game such as Jason models, counselor models, items, environmental sets and some hidden secrets around the cabin itself. I have it myself and I would say it's worth a buy if you want to see what's being put into the game as well as support the devs.
  9. Probably the most intense Walking Dead episode I've seen so far
  10. I think the devs have said that multiple people can be the same character
  11. Kind of reminds me of the newspaper articles at the end of Hitman: Bloodmoney missions that would show many people died and what weapon was used.
  12. I imagine it probably just flops off when hit hard enough or a counselor might be able to pull it off over Jason's head.
  13. OS: Windows 7 Processor: i7 4790 Ram: 8GB Video Card: GTX 970
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