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  1. You know this feeling about

    That feeling when you’re playing as a stealthy character, trying to sneak around the map to make repairs, only for Buggs or some other noisy character to decides to follow you.... until Jason shows up.
  2. I will probably be alone on this, but none of the above. I personally would love to see a Jeepers Creepers game tailored after Friday the 13th. Settings could be the school bus from part 2, or any creepy rural area. Heck you could have one stage revolving around the police station in the original movie. The Creeper has his own weapons (ninja stars instead of knives), flying could be an ability he earns late in the game as time is running out, and he's just as crafty and sneaky as Jason was in the first few movies so strategy would be a big deal. I have LOTS of ideas but won't bore everyone with the rest.... except to say that at the end of every match, The Creeper could be in his lair sewing up a fresh victim with "Jeepers Creepers" playing on an old phonograph. It'll never happen, but that game could be terrifying.
  3. I'm in New Jersey. A little distance but could be a northeastern thing, maybe? If the offline mode let you play as a counselor this wouldn't be so bad. I can only have so much fun slaughtering the bots. Lol
  4. I've been having the same problem with my PS4 version for the last week. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but unfortunately it didn't work. I'm at a loss for what to try next.