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  1. The glitch where Jason can not slash or press "E" only grab is the same bug where Tommy Jarvis gets locked up and can not aim with a rifle.
  2. Some of those suggestions sound more like buffs to Jason than they do any actual fixes to legitimate glitches or exploits.
  3. What is the premise of her not having them? She can use a pocketknife on a trap in front of something to repair while she drops the appropriate part. That is usefulness to the team right there.
  4. I never suggested this "see where everything is on a map and your suggesting she have that ability and give it to others." I suggested that she could see where Jason's traps are and disable them without having a pocket knife, also the fuse and the items to repair vehicles. Feel free to suggest ideas. Nothing has been written into the game yet, so I see no harm in suggesting what her character can do in the game world.
  5. Any of those suggestions are appropriate taking her cannon. She has supernatural skills and can defeat, survive Jason supernaturally and is on par with him on many ways. It makes sense to have her be OP in that sense.
  6. Except that a difficulty setting should not be about spoonfeeding a victory, it should about giving the players a more challenging way to play their side versus their own history of playing; so, I do not really know where you are getting that a difficulty setting is spoonfeeding anyone. At least this is the way I see it.
  7. Yes, go ahead and post any of your ideas. I think these are some good suggestions.
  8. No one said that there was not an audience, I only said that too much focus on what Jason does is undesirable for the broader picture and not good for the promotion of a multiplayer video game. It might be good for a very specific audience, but not on the broader scale. I have stated before and I will state again that Jason is in the superior position and the councilors are in the inferior position in which case jason is about winning and the councilors are about losing; however, the actual balance is not how many councilors Jason is suppose to kill, it is whether or not the councilors can survive and whether or not Jason can kill. Also, statistics are prone to error. If you state some made up statistic that Jason succeeds 51% of the the time in killing all councilors and all the councilors survive 49% of the time, you could technically be correct in the aspect that Jason only has to have a slight advantage to be in the superior position most likely to win and the councilors in the inferior position most likely to lose; but, if the councilors can prevent Jason from winning that is as good as them winning. So, the bare minimum statistic is Jason winning 51% of the time and the councilors losing 49% of the time is the best you can get balance-wise. Anything higher for Jason could be unbalanced gameplay and anything lower for the councilors could be unbalanced gameplay. I do not know what the real statistics are, but I would say it is more like Jason being 65% of the time and 35% of the time for councilors. I am just guessing.
  9. Except that I am not suggesting that the way Jason dies by Tommy Jarvis be changed and I am not suggesting that the councilors be buffed. I am suggesting a support character be added to the game whose presence helps Tommy Jarvis do his thing (to kill Jason the way he already has) and at the same time helps the councilors defend themselves against Jason (which could be a temporary buff to their stats for that game session only and only when she is in the game world). Again, I am only suggesting the addition of a character. What that character does in that game is temporary which is what a support character does, shows up and then things get a bit better for a team. I do find these quoted suggestions funny, though ...
  10. My ideas have not been discussed multiple times and are unique to me. Next time read something in its entirety before jumping to conclusions about the content.
  11. You should underline "too much" there in my quote and also add "and at the expense of attracting people who would stay long-term" after "neglected" and instead of the "." ... I mean, attracting and keeping a bunch of filthy casuals in the thousands is better for the bottom line than only to appeal to a few people to do some linear thing with no substance (to put it more bluntly), other than nostalgia. Friday the 13th itself is mostly nostalgia and other than the more recently produced films, casuals typically won't be privy enough for that to be a force on its own or even care that it is Jason killing camp councilors. They want some place to waste time with their friends and do goofy stuff.
  12. I outlined in another thread how it would be possible and it would not change that much, only add a new support character.
  13. This is not a councilor buff suggestion, it is a support character suggestion which comes in under a reasonable condition. If Jason players can not handle a suggestion which up their difficulty to play according to a harder skill level, then that is their hypocrisy showing in which case I would prefer not to hear a word out anyone saying councilors should get more skilled due to their difficulty increase and not Jasons.
  14. What I am suggesting is reasonable leverage. I am suggesting that Tommy Jarvis is not an established enough threat for Jason alone, meaning mosts Jason do not focus on the generators except in a lesser used strategy to increase fear faster; so, the game is balanced more towards Jasons trapping the fuse box to death. If something about the generators became such a threat that all Jasons take that as a priority over the fuse box, then that would bring a better balance to the game. The penalty for Jason not trapping and deactivating the generators should be harsher than not focusing on the fuse box. The penalty is that if he does not keep the councilors from calling the CB Radio, Tommy Jarvis can come to the game with Tina Shepherd as a support character that can not only stun Jason, but buff the other councilors so they can more often stun Jason. This is a reasonable thing to suggest, considering that to get Jasons to trap the generators over the fuse box must be to compensate against a hard penalty for Jason.
  15. Well, you now have the opposite problem where the game becomes a simulation of Jason killing camp councilors and there is no legitimate multiplayer, game world substance to keep people interested. People are not interested in logging into a multiplayer game that is just a simulation or reenactment of some killer killing camp councilors, they are interested in goofy, silly elements in the game. They will have no time to do their thing without there being a way for Jason to go back to being a punching bag in some context.
  16. Except that it is cannon that Tina Shepherd can throw tons of stuff at Jason, beat on him with random items to dis-enable and defeat him. It would make sense that there could be a condition where he became a punching bag in the game under that context. Those casual players who like costumes and dance moves would also be able to do their thing every once in a while, but not in a way that Jason could not prevent. The prevention on Jason's part would be to focus on the generators which would mean less traps for the vehicle and fuse box. The councilors could also have a condition set where Jason could lose momentum at the end of the game and they are more likely to survive, but only if Jason failed to prevent it. That would promote game balance in a way that is not currently in the game.
  17. Exactly, that is why the devs should focus on bringing back and element of the previous patch where Jason could become a punching bag. I had suggested in another thread that Tina Shepherd could disable traps with her mind, be able to stun Jason with an ability and that her presence could buff the other councilors ability to hit and stun Jason. She could spawn in like Jarvis which would force Jason to disable, trap the generators more often and not so much the vehicles and the fuse box.
  18. IMHO is that too much focus has been given on Jason this update and next patch they should introduce a condition in the game where Jason can lose momentum, makes the councilors more likely to survive towards the end of the game; but, this condition could be prevented by Jason at the start or else he goes right back to being a punching bag where bully tactics rule the day. I suggest it having something to do with Tina Shepherd coming in as a support character like Tommy Jarvis.
  19. Actually, the way I have learned to play limiting items does not effect me much, I still find pocket knives, sprays due to them not really disappearing from where I know to find them. I still win, survive the game as I always have. Although, I do see the developers, programmers of this game shooting themselves in the foot if they do nothing to attract back the people who like cheesy costumes, dancing in the game. Those people have been turned off to some degree and that is not a good thing.
  20. I see, well ... I do not really see this as a skilled person versus skill-less person issue and while I do appreciate the friendly gesture, I think the assumption is unwarranted. I see my suggestion as an overall way to help people of all different play-styles enjoy this game and yet it is still cannon enough to justify that while Jason is the superior force, the councilors are in the inferior position, there is still a condition available to meet in the game where Jason can increasingly lose momentum as the game progresses and the councilors may be more likely to survive towards the end of the game. Introducing Tina Shepherd as a councilor support character who spawns in with Tommy Jarvis is the cannon way to do that, IMHO. It would help to bring back people to the game who like the dance parties , cheesy costumes (not necessarily Jason) and yet be more faithful to Jason's movie history at the same time. I can see many of those people being turned-off by this current update and they should be encouraged to come back in a way which also satisfies the Jason people.
  21. @GunMedia_Ben@ShiftySamurai@wes@Gertz These suggestions are here to help give ideas on how to implement ideas of the last patch into the next patch. Ideas that would be otherwise good, but are now lost in focusing too much on what Jason does in this current patch against the councilors ability to survive; that it is time to finally introduce Tina Shepherd into the game as a councilor support character. I think that allowing Tina Shepherd to become a playable character like Tommy Jarvis would encourage people to stay in the game, not be so discouraged by being killed way too early which happens. Also, it can bring back some elements of when Jason was a pinata (within reasonable conditions) for those who liked Jason being a pinata to hit on all game, taking that the concept of bringing Tina Shepherd to the game can be cannon enough to justify that Jason can be turned into a punching bag by her mere presence. It is cannon that Tina Shepherd has telekinetic powers to manipulate objects, this means that she can: throw things at Jason, cause him to become impeded and unable to attack. She also accidentally resurrects Jason indirectly and does not learn of his existence until others have died to Jason. It is also cannon that she defeats Jason and survives. Therefore, I offer the following suggestion to implement Tina Shepherd into the game: 1. Tina spawns in the same way that Tommy Jarvis does, as a character that comes into play after one of the councilors has already died and among one of those players who have died. She spawns in with the radio, map and with the same items as Jarvis. 2. The means to spawn a dead player in as Tina Shepherd is the same as Tommy Jarvis; it can be after the CB Radio is found, called for help and she can spawn in at the same time with Tommy Jarvis or either before or after him. 3. Give the other councilors a noticeable boost in weapon durability, stun chance, hit accuracy only as soon as she spawns onto the map and not before it. This gives Jason more of an incentive to prevent her from ever coming into the map by using his traps on the destroyed generators, not on the vehicles or the fuse box; basically, to avoid becoming a punching bag to councilors who then can effectively defend themselves against him once she hits the map. The councilors would and should be weaker, easier to grab, slash without her, yet be able to survive the game using team bully tactics alone with her. 4. Give Tina Shepherd the ability to see on the map where undiscovered boat/car parts, fuse are inside of drawers or inside of houses. Alternatively, this can be a function given to any of the councilors who have discovered a radio, in general. Suggestions from other people: 4. Clairvoyance, allows characters with the Psychic Perk to see the closest car/boat part to them within a set range. Tina should have a larger range then a counselor with the perk. Alternately it could be a power on her own set of powers that need to be recharged between uses. Bonus if a sense power. Psychometry, if holding the Fuze can see with sense the Fuze house glowing red and/or marked on her map. The glow fades as she approaches the house/box. 5. Give Tina Shepherd the ability to see where Jason's traps are on the map and allow her to crouch, disable them without having a pocket knife and without using the one she has on hand. She just simply gets an "E" prompt (without other conditions) which can disable each and all of them. However, maybe as a game balancer do not allow her to see where the fuse box or the generators are located themselves, only that a trap may be at them. Suggestions from other people: 5. Disabling Traps, using TK to spring a trap. I like it, elegant solution. To OP if Tina can see them, in my opinion. Tina would do all the same motions as a counselor, crouch over the trap, hold out her hand so it takes the same amount of time. 6. Give her a cool-down ability like Jason where she can stun him without having a weapon equipped, escape from him and allow others time to escape or to get in range for Tommy Jarvis to kill Jason; therefore, preventing him from grabbing or slashing. The stun given to Jason through her cool-down has an increased time to allow either her, other councilors to get away from Jason or to position themselves to hit him some more, use Pamela's sweater and kill him with Jarvis. Suggestions from other people: 6. TK Stun, recharge power with a set range 10 to 15 feet, you don't need a weapon equipped but if you do have one it flies from your hand at Jason, same should happen with any car/boat part Tina is holding. I think this would be a good solution rather then her TKing objects in the camps, or cabins. 7. Give her high stealth/composure up to having a complete immunity to being discovered by Jason's senses, even while while he is in rage mode. Make Jason look all over the map for her manually without having his cool-down abilities being able to discover her. No sound bleeps, no glow on sense, nothing for Jason to find her without manually searching. As a game balancer, Jason can still be alerted to seeing his traps disabled on his own map, boats/cars starting or by hearing a failed skill check on something being repaired by her. This is in line that she survives in the movie by evading Jason and dis-enabling him by her own supernatural powers, therefore she should be able to survive the game even by doing nothing except being on the other side of the map the entire game, stunning him when he comes near and going to the other side of the map again. 8. She can also function as a substitute that spawns in for the getting of Pamela's sweater, assuming that Tommy Jarvis is still alive and no other female councilors are left in the game world. 9. I do not really have any suggestion on what level her repair should be set. That is probably something that could be tweaked according to test playing. The introduction of Tina Shepherd in the game can be cannon enough and enrich the multiplayer game world enough to satisfy the different ways people would enjoy this game, therefore promoting retention of the player base. I believe most of these ideas about the implementation I have of of her are practical, yet easy enough for a programmer to implement within the game without having to do something too complex with the current game assets at hand, upwards to just copy-pasting and editing a little.
  22. The community is already divided and is always going to divide further into two categories; however, there are also ways to make the two categories comes together and play the same game as one. Therefore, this means that there is a way to implement a difficulty setting even though there is a divide in ideology between developing the game world versus this just being some multiplayer game where people log to watch something happen. If the developers focus on developing the game world and allowing a functioning atmosphere that welcomes everyone on the basis of how they chose to come, this game becomes more like a multiplayer game which attracts a wide variety of people and possibly less true to the source material. On the other hand, if the developers want to focus more on jason and what jason does, it would make the fanboys happy with a risk of devaluing the way that this video game is trafficked, populated by gamers in a multiplayer setting and therefore you'll see a potential decrease in people wanting to play the game. So, to object to your premise that a difficulty setting is not warranted and would divide the community, the community is already divided without there being a difficulty setting in place. To attract people to a multiplayer video game in one game patch and then simultaneously piss on the majority of them in the next to please a fringe source material crowd is not exactly a good way to stay in business. This is sort of like saying that there are people out there who think multiplayer means people logging into a game to have their characters in game do virtually nothing for 20 minutes while the lone jason player simulates killing councilors. If that is what this game is becoming and if there is not something done to allow players to control their game experience more without this constant buffing or debuffing, than people are going to increasingly not play the game at a rate of 7 out of 8 people. Having too much of a focus on what jason does is a poor premise for a multiplayer game considering the potential of the open world multiplayer environment which is now being neglected.
  23. Oddly, I have found that mitch with either home body or heavy sleeper with level headed and controlled breathing to reduce fear works really well against the new part V jason due to this new ones shitty sensing ability. Basically you sit in front of the fire place or fire outside when passing by and hide every so often while you are in a house or outside and let the music pass, then go looking for the fuse or parts. Part V jason can not sense you for shit until he gets rage.
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