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  1. Are you guy's gonna fix the database login failure issue for me or not? I'm tired of getting the run around if my account won't play on your game by friday i will be requesting a refund from Microsoft! I want to be able to use my own account to play on the game! I had to make a brand new fucking account excuse the language im pissed off! I can't play the damn game! I was level 47! and now im level 1 because i had to make a new account the other account i was level 47 on can't get on the game it says database login failure!! I'm not a person who fucks around and bullshits around i stick to my word! If my game isn't working by friday I will no longer be supporting you guy's and i will turn you into the better business bureau! And I will refund all the stuff I have boughten for the game via microsoft. Now I want it fixed so I can play and trust me I know you guy's don't wanna lose a customer who has been supporting you guys buying stuff you guys release whenever it drops.
  2. The only way it' letting me on without giving me database login failure is by using a guest account or my little bro account on Xbox one
  3. Ok so I'm not the only one I can't get On either guys I have xbox one. I have use my little bro account in order to play online. If i don't it gives me database login failure.
  4. If I can't play Friday the 13th by next Friday I'm gonna get a refund I wanna play the game I paid for. I keep getting database login failure on Xbox one and my gamertag name is Odious Supreme. I contacted microsoft they told me it's on your end not microsoft. The only account that is working my younger bro account when I switch to his. His it is working for me to be able to play online mode on his account but not mine I wanna use my account to play online not his! Please Developers fix this for me! Microsoft has tried many things to try to resolve the error for me and I love this game I dont wanna have to get a refund. But if this isn't fixed by next Friday on my end you leave me no choice but to get a refund because I can't play the game. What good is game you can't play online? Again my gamertag is Odious Supreme do whatever you need to I don't care but please fix it and I'll be ok if you make me level 1 if you have to. But I just wanna play the game online!!
  5. Another person with an issue I can' get on the game I have xbox one it says database login failure!
  6. What if we change our gamertag names do you think that would fix it I'm contemplating changing my gamertag name. I have tried multiple different things.
  7. So this issue isn't only happening to me. Can you fix this for us I'm okay if you guys make me start all over and fresh take my account off the database and I'll start fresh if I have to please fix it for me I wanna play your game on Xbox one my gamertag is Odious Supreme.
  8. If we were banned it would say that were ban or have been banned. Were not banned. But the only option for me is offline mode.
  9. Same here man I cant get online only option available for me is offline mode. But then if I switch my my little bro account it let' me on no issue. But I want to use my own profile not his. And plus were not banned. If we were banned it would of said banned.
  10. I can't get on at all my gamertag name is Odious Supreme please someone fix it for me I have an xbox one.
  11. So I'm not the only one with this situation? How do I fix it? I have tried multiple things I still can' get on the game I'm thinking of just getting a refund for the game. If i can' play it might as well get a refund.
  12. I have tried multiple things and I even contacted Gertz like he said to do. I can' get on the game guys and excuse my language but the game is fucked on my end I can't get on all it' says is database login failure please someone help me fix it.
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