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  1. Is this a glitch?

    Wow. I have NEVER seen that. That's basically the exact opposite of the typical floating glitch.
  2. I wish they'd change lachappas glasses. The ones he wears are modern style frames, so they need to change them to something you'd see in the 80s. As for Jenny, I don't understand the hate for her hair, it looks fine to me. As far as it happening again goes, I have no idea.
  3. I think someone said that was the original in game design for fox, but for some reason they changed it.
  4. I think if they were to allow the running Jasons to sprint, this would get rid of the issue of counselors that can easily get away from Jason even at a casual jogging pace. Jason sprinted in the early movies after all. I'm basing this on spectating numerous games today where running Jasons couldn't even grab a casually jogging counselor right in front of him, and to make matters worse, these counselors would even occasionally stop for a second to let him catch up, just to continue casually jogging. This is absolutely pathetic and just plain sad to watch. Now I'm not saying Jason should be able to sprint faster than a counselor, but he should be able to grab a counselor jogging right in front of him. I think the way it should be done is make it like the counselors. He can walk, jog like he does now, and sprint. I feel like this would also help solve the long standing issue of ring around the Rosie in cabins around couches and tables. Either this, or give jason another slight speed increase, although I reaslise that is probably controversial, and I assure you that is NOT my intention with this post, this is just my opinion on this issue. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
  5. How about other horror games?

    Yes! I would LOVE a Michael Myers Halloween game
  6. Halloween graphic gore scene

    Wow, I'm a HUGE Halloween/Michael myers fan, and I've seen all the movies, and yet, I've never seen anything like you describe in any of the movies. The only one I can think of that it could be is one of the Rob Zombie movies, even though you say it wasn't. I'm certainly not saying you're wrong, but the gore you describe could only come from the Rob Zombie movies, none of the others are anywhere near that graphic. Can you describe how Michael Myers looked in this movie you saw?
  7. Question about a deleted scene from F13 Part 6

    Sounds interesting, I've never seen it though.
  8. yes that would be so awesome! Kind of like that scene in Halloween H20 where Lauries crawling under the tables while Michael Myers just flips them all out of the way.
  9. Exactly, I completely agree! Heck, I believe Jason can even break down the fences in the game, and obviously the windows.
  10. I think this would be the best way to implement part 8 locations into the game, I just can't see them working as multiplayer maps.
  11. Adults only lobby

    Man I completely agree. As a matter of fact, I was in a game the other night playing as jason, and the last one left was Tommy, being controlled by a kid. This kid was a troll, and so annoying. He would dodge my throwing knives, my slashes, and my grabs. To top it all off, he juked me, and stunned me repeatedly. At one point, after I stood back up from being stunned, I didn't see which way he went, so I started going the direction I thought he went, only to realise he went the other way and was just standing there waiting for me, and then he says "you went the wrong way", so I chase him again, and this time I wasn't fast walking, so he goes "you have to walk faster than that" in a very obnoxious patronizing tone. I literally came THIS close to quitting, and I never quit, but I knew there was no way I'm letting this little troll beat me like that, I was freaking Jason! So after some more shenanigans, there was 2 minutes left, and I FINALLY killed him, but only because i had to out troll him. I picked up on his timing to hit me, after I missed him with my grab, and had to turn away really quickly then back towards him to grab him. I've had some horrible games, but that one takes the cake. I wish you could get into more games with mature adults that actually play correctly, those are always the best games. Needless to say, I will proudly send you a friend request.
  12. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    This is what I'm wondering as well.
  13. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    The sooner the better!
  14. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Thank you so much for this! This has been a burning issue for a long while now, so I applaud you for doing this! I love the idea of it, a prison for trolls and rage quitters, something this game has been in desperate need of for so long. Again, well done guys, keep up the great work!
  15. OP, I agree that would be nice if they would do that. Some that come to mind are the diner in part 5, the RV park in part 5, the Karloff general store in part 6, the town and sheriff department in part 6, and the RV in part 6.
  16. Does anyone know? It's odd not having them anymore, I'd like to see them fix this issue whenever possible.
  17. 1. Some sort of punishment system to reduce trolls and rage quitters. 2. Part 6 map. 3. Part 7 map. 4. Dedicated servers. 5. Something to fix ALL the connection issues.
  18. Nitpick about Jason models

    Hey, same here man! Part 6 is my favorite version of Jason too, he's my main in the game. Favorite F13 movie too. I love the belt and gloves, just makes him look like he means business, and he's ready to clean house
  19. I agree. Though I seem to recall someone saying they dropped the NES Jason redesign due to the upcoming engine update and patch, I could be wrong though.
  20. Interesting, I never really noticed this. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future patch.
  21. Right, this is what I was thinking as well. It's been a while since I watched the early movies, so his running speed is kind of fuzzy in my memory, but I think you're right about the medium pace. Maybe a sprint would be too much, but I do think his run speed should be at least somewhat faster than it is now. I don't know about you, but when I see him running in the game, to me he looks more like he's just going for a jog, rather than being intensely determined to catch up to a fleeing counselor.
  22. Nitpick about Jason models

    Just to clarify, there were two Jason actors in part 6. The first one was in the paint ball scene, and as you said was too chubby. So they changed him out with CJ Graham, who is Jason the rest of the movie, and is not chubby at all.
  23. Yep, I agree Jason should have a very brief stun resistance after being stunned.