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    Yeah man, I would LOVE a Halloween game. To your point about including different versions of Michael, his appearance is very consistent yes, but his mask is completely different in each movie, and his coveralls change slightly from movie to movie as well. Also, his body type changes as the movies go on.
  2. I agree, I also wish it was faster, especially considering the fact that a number of things are locked to certain levels.
  3. Don't worry, I totally agree with you. Those 2 things you mentioned right there, alone, would help tremendously I think. I don't understand why the developers seem to have forgotten their original concept of the balance. Even before the game was released, they preached "Jason is supposed to be OP", which is true, I completely agree with that, that's the way it should be. But now, it's like they've completely forgotten that, and just cater to to all the people who can't seem to get that simple fact through their head, as they constantly whine about "oh Jason's too op, I can't stand a chance against him, I get killed every game" etc.
  4. I completely agree that killing Jason should always be an absolute last resort, and therefore should be MUCH harder to do. It annoys me how people get into a game with their friends and before the game even starts they're on mics going, "hey guys, wanna help me kill Jason?" Like it's just a casual thing to do every single game.
  5. Pretty sure they said they are focused on adding dedicated servers now more than ever due to the lawsuit issues.
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    I've noticed an increase in trolls as well. Give us an option to kick people (AKA: trolls) and it may help, but who's to say trolls won't use that to their advantage too, by kicking good players? Sadly, trolls seem to always find ways around these things.
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    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I've been experiencing the "ghost door" glitch as well. Since the hotfix, I've also been experiencing a glitch where Jason will bust down a door, but the door will still be there for a few seconds, then it will disappear as it should.
  8. You know, it's funny, I was just thinking of this yesterday. My idea was if they removed the "quit game" option completely.
  9. Yep, totally agree OP. We've been having some good ideas posted on the forums here lately concerning the balance between counselors and Jason. The developers should take notes, just saying.
  10. OP, i love your suggestions, they would help so much.
  11. Sounds like a great idea.
  12. YES! Totally agree 110%
  13. JasonLives86

    Double XP

    Cool, wasn't aware of this, but that's rather nice of them.
  14. JasonLives86

    Good or Bad

    Ok, that I'm ok with 😄
  15. JasonLives86

    Perks for Jason

    Sounds good to me.
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    Yeah, I believe that's one of the big issues with the latest update, and the developers said a new patch is coming this week to fix that issue, along with a number of other bugs.
  17. Yeah it's annoying, but dedicated servers will fix this issue.
  18. JasonLives86

    counselor tier list

    As a Shelly main, I beg to differ. I have escaped many times, have no issues with running away from Jason, stunning him, or doing repairs. His stats may look bad, but in practice, he is solid. I'm here to tell you from experience since he was released in December. I don't get the Shelly hate, but I guess it makes sense because everyone in the movie hated him too.
  19. JasonLives86

    Good or Bad

    To me a bad player is a troll. One who fights Jason, repeatedly stuns him, even when it's not necessary, tea bags him, and dances. Also I fully agree that Jason teamers and those who refuse to help are bad players, not to mention players who purposely use the car to run over other counselors.
  20. JasonLives86

    Jason: Court Jester?

    Weird. Had a game the other night where the Jason player was a part 4, but in the outro scene, it was a savini. First time I've ever seen that.
  21. JasonLives86

    Potential Jason Teamers

    Ha ha yeah. I don't have a mic, so that adds an extra layer of intimidation while playing as Jason. When I'm Jason and they ask to team up, I pretty much ignore the question and keep coming after them as if they said nothing at all. Needless to say, I kill them like I would everyone else. Jason doesn't go easy on ANY counselor, let alone one asking to "team up".
  22. JasonLives86

    Can you just end the damn game?

    Yeah tell me about it. However, I've actually not seen this happen in a long time.
  23. The one that annoyed me the most was the missing sounds. Everytime I close a door and barricade it, the corresponding sounds are missing. Luckily this is being addressed in the upcoming patch, along with a number of other various issues.
  24. JasonLives86

    Jason quiting more?

    I haven't experienced any, but you wouldn't think so with the salt mines now. I guess some players just can't take a hint.
  25. JasonLives86


    Pretty much this.