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  1. Phone box glitch

    Yes, I've had this happen to me as well. I recall a game about a week ago where I had the fuse, and went to the phone box to repair it. I held down the repair button, and my counselor would squat down for just a second then suddenly stand back up so I'd have to restart the repair. Eventually, I got it going, but of course, Jason hears me make a mistake, morphs to my location and kills me, dropping the fuse at the phone box. Afterwards, as I was spectating, I saw another counselor pick up the fuse and try to repair it, but the exact same issue happened to them.
  2. You know, I was thinking that too. Maybe if you die, you have the choice to come back as either Tommy or a cop.
  3. this just made me think, can you imagine if when the cops arrive, they're ai bots that run into the camp and escort counselors to the exit while shooting Jason...actually on second thought, no, don't do that, because Jason would have no chance of catching them if he gets shot every few seconds chasing them
  4. Darn, the new grab looks so much more menacing, makes Jason look like he means business!
  5. When I listen to it, the first part sounds sort of jumbled together, so it's hard to make out, but I can totally see it being, "copy on the road there Pete" and as for the last part, I hear, "10-4 is 97"
  6. Yep, I've had this happen a few times, it's really annoying. I have no idea why it happens, but I truly hope they fix it at some point. As a matter of fact, I was in an awesome game last weekend playing with a group of great players, and I was Jason. I managed to kill everyone but Tommy and a Shelly, they were the last two left. These guys were great counselor players, communicating over mics, and staying together while I chased them from cabin to cabin. Anyway, they went inside a cabin and locked both doors, so I went around smashing the windows, and wouldn't you know it, it happened. I got stuck on a window, and then I couldn't do anything but move around. Meanwhile, these guys were waiting for me inside, and to not make a fool of myself, I started throwing knives through the window at them. Eventually, I got my abilities back, and killed them both, but how embarrassing it can be when you're hot on a counselor's heels and suddenly this obnoxious glitch happens.
  7. I can totally see Pamela working for single player challenges, but to be honest, I'd say her inclusion is very unlikely.
  8. Daytime maps

    Just looked it up, and yeah that game looks pretty creepy, especially when your character starts screaming after being jump scared by the killer.
  9. Daytime maps

    Funniest thing I've seen all day
  10. Opening cinematic glitch?

    Yes, I've noticed this. In my experience, it seems to be random, so his back may be bloody in this match, but not the next, etc.
  11. Daytime maps

    That sounds like a good idea.
  12. I'm Jason > Host quits

    Tell me about it man. If you think that's bad, let me tell you my experience one night, I had been playing a few matches, and FINALLY got to be Jason, and as soon as I got the the 2 throwing knives in Jason's shack, the host quit.