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  1. I was playing a round as Jason today where I grabbed a counselor, but it wouldn't let me perform any of the kills, even though they were all lit up red, indicating a kill could be performed. So, the counselor breaks free and runs away, and here's where it gets weird. Jason was stuck in the grab animation as those I was still holding the counselor, and I could not use any of my abilities, even when the counselors stunned me. I have never experienced this before, has anyone else?
  2. I know what you mean. In my opinion, Packanack doesn't even need a "small" map variation because the normal full size map is already a counselor's paradise with so many cabins being so close together. It should come at no surprise, but I've found that Packanack small is also a favorite choice of trolls. I wonder why πŸ˜’
  3. I had a similar moment a few months back. There were 3 players down at the boat trying to repair it, and before they could even get to the actual boat, I shifted in front of them, and somehow managed to kill all 3 of them in less than a minute, it felt pretty cool ☺️
  4. I agree, it would be wonderful to have.
  5. JasonLives86

    Idea to avoid trolls

    Because none of those underlined things are necessary. I never do any of those things, and yet I have escaped many times. Also, those things make you a jerk.
  6. JasonLives86

    Dr Jarvis

    I noticed this too, when they introduced him, I was like, "Dr Jarvis?! Cool!" πŸ˜„
  7. JasonLives86

    Jason Buff Ideas

    Totally agree with you about the stun and combat changes you suggest. That's what really annoys me, that delay after Jason swings or even grabs, leaves him open to a counselors attack, and the fact that they can stun you repeatedly is even worse.
  8. πŸ˜„ I will keep that in mind πŸ˜‰
  9. I have to admit that I've always felt that way about the cops being called as well because as Jason, you already have a load of pressure on you as it is, but when the cops are called, it makes it even worse because at that point you have to REALLY get it in gear. I had to learn the hard way what can happen if you don't set a trap at the phone first. Literally one minute into that game, the cops were already called while I was setting traps at the car. It didn't go well for me, made worse by the fact that they were trolling me the whole game. So now I ALWAYS set a trap at the phone first. But you know what? You gave me hope that it is possible to still get those kills, police or not
  10. JasonLives86

    Finally Playing with Forum members!

    Hey man, I'm on ps4 too. My username on there is polarex1225
  11. JasonLives86

    Idea to avoid trolls

    Yeah, my thinking was that this would be something the game itself just automatically applies to each player purely based on how they play the game, definitely not a player vote system.
  12. JasonLives86

    Troll Disposal

    I have never heard of this technique, but it's brilliant! I will definitely have to try it, thanks for posting that!
  13. JasonLives86

    Idea to avoid trolls

    You're probably right. On second thought, it might also be a bit too judging.
  14. This is my idea to avoid trolls in games. When in the lobby, why not put a "good player" or "bad player" icon beside each player's name, based on how they generally play the game? For example, a player who generally completes objectives, avoids Jason, helps other counselors, etc would be labeled in the lobby as a "good player", whereas a player who generally does none of those things, and instead trolls Jason by tea bagging him, excessively using dance emotes while in a chase, excessively stunning Jason, fighting other counselors, purposely running over other counselors with the car, endlessly running around couches and tables to tunnel Jason, commit suicide, quitting the game (especially during kills) etc would be labeled as a "bad player". To make it even easier, "good player" would be in green font, and "bad player" would be in red font. This would allow you to instantly realize what kind of players you're dealing with before the game even starts, thus making it easier to avoid trolls πŸ˜ƒ