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  1. JasonLives86


    The only person I will slash as Jason is Tommy, and the only reason why is because of that darn pocket knife. The only other time I would ever slash anyone is if I'm surrounded by a group of trolls with baseball bats that think Jason is a pinauta.
  2. I think this is a good thing, as it's a good overall price for the game, and therefore bring in new players. However, I can't help but feel that this could also be a bad sign for the game...typically when a game lowers it's price to such low number, it's because there's some major issue with the game such as backlash, low sales, etc. I know there's the lack of future content and glitches, but just thought I'd point that out.
  3. JasonLives86

    Jason is weak

    It's no problem man 🙂
  4. JasonLives86

    Jason is weak

    Ha ha no, I meant "original poster of this thread" by "OP"
  5. JasonLives86

    Jason is weak

    OP, you are exactly right, Jason DEFINITELY needs to be buffed, BIG TIME.
  6. JasonLives86

    Winter Maps

    That would be cool.
  7. I don't believe we will because they have said before, time and time again, that even if the lawsuit was settled and ended tomorrow, there will still be no more content.
  8. Yeah, I guess you're right, would've been a nice feature though.
  9. Sounds like a feature that should be added in my opinion. It would seriously help with the chain stunning against Jason.
  10. Yes, I'm afraid that is indeed normal for these types of games. Lots of online multiplayer games have toxic communities, and sadly this one is no different. It's something you get used to after a while, even though it is very annoying. As others have said, one way to help is by muting other players so you can't hear them, but as for the toxic behavior, there's not really anything you can do about it, that's something we all have to put up with 😄
  11. Personally I prefer part 8, though I will say I'm totally open to shaking things up with part 7 every once in a while. In fact, I had a game a while back where I played as part 7 for the first time in literally MONTHS, and I don't know if it was due to the part 7 update, or what, but I somehow managed to get all 8 out of 8 kills that game, and let me add that this was a game where most of the counselors ganged up on me. Wasn't expecting that given all the bad things I had heard about part 7 Jason prior to the update.
  12. My main is part 6, so I believe I now have a "feel" for how he plays. I do occasionally play as part 5 Roy though, and I do think he plays well. So as far as part 6 goes in my experience, I've had games with him where I absolutely clean the lobby out with little trouble, and I've also had games with him where I've only managed to get a couple kills if I'm lucky. In my experience, it mainly comes down to the type of players you're dealing with. If they're trolls or just really good counselors, you'll have a hard time, but if they're newer players, or even veteran players who just don't take as many risks, it can be pretty easy to get those kills.