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  1. I had a game a week or so back where there was this one guy that kept saying between every round to everyone in the lobby "WHOEVER IS JASON NEXT, NO SPAWN KILLING!" Needless to say, it was pretty annoying. Personally, I never go after anyone at the start of a game as Jason. I go around the map setting up my traps, collecting throwing knives, knocking out the power, etc. After I'm done with all that, THEN I start looking for kills. The only exception is if while I'm doing these things, someone just so happens to approach me.
  2. This, I always thought a part 6 style Jason kill method would be a great addition to the game. Honestly I think the way you kill Jason should be completely different on each map, I'm just not sure what other ways there could be to do it besides the way it is now and the part 6 kill...maybe something where you have to call the cops to send a swat team that will come into the camp and basically blow Jason up like in part 9 😄
  3. Had a game a long time ago where I was Jason, and the last person left alive was Tommy, played by this annoying little kid on his mic. He was trolling me hardcore, chain stunning and all, and kept saying things like "you have to go faster than that", "missed me", etc. Basically just very patronizing things like that. I FINALLY managed to kill him, and he starts yelling "OMG! You actually killed me!"
  4. Exactly! I totally agree, OP. This is super annoying indeed. What else I can't understand is that some people say they get chosen to be Jason more if they set the spawn preference to counselor than if it's set to Jason. I've never tried that, but honestly, I feel like the spawn preference is just about useless anyway. It seems to make no difference.
  5. No clue what my fastest escape was, but I always love the games where Jason wipes out the whole lobby like nobody's business.
  6. To be honest, I have never used combat stance unless I'm Jason and trying to block...which isn't really necessary now that he cannot be stunned in rage mode. I just never saw the point of it, I mean you can still fight without it. The only good thing about it, in my opinion, is the ability to block or dodge, so why not just get rid of combat stance altogether, and just replace it with a block/dodge button?
  7. I have no preference. As long as I survive is all that matters...unless Jason shows up and kills me, which is ok too 😄
  8. I see his point, but something had to be done about the chain stunning. Just be glad it's only in rage mode, which makes sense anyway. The solution for the counselors? Don't beat up Jason early in the game, because the more you do that, the quicker you get him to rage mode.
  9. This is sort of a tough question. I think the game should be balanced to the point where Jason is scary, and an actual threat, not a punching bag for trolls to dance on...but at the same time, counselors should still have a chance to escape, BUT it should not be easy to escape either. I think something definitely needs to be done about killing Jason, it's just way too easy to do, and it happens WAY too often. Killing him should be a rarity, and challenging.
  10. I've noticed an increase in escapes as well, but in my opinion, that's a good thing because that's the whole point of being a counselor, to escape, not hang around and beat up Jason the whole game. I do think there are a few other things that could be done to "buff" Jason, but for the most part I'm perfectly content with how it is now.
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