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  1. For that matter I'm surprised he's not outraged that the phones, or any of the repair parts never spawn in Jason's shack.
  2. AdmiralJT

    Friday the 13th anniversary

    I think we're lucky to get the update this week. Asking for anything else right now is pushing it. The only thing I want from the developers is for them to get back to work after the holidays, and make dedicated servers happen ASAP.
  3. No, I disagree the only map I hear complaints about in game is Pinehurst, and since people have learned the layout I haven't heard it complained about in a couple of months.
  4. Yeah there are people on here that cry about it, but I see hosts pick it as often as any other map except for Packanack. You can't say the majority of players don't like it because you see people crying about it on this forum. Those people aren't the majority, they're just the ones here. The true majority of players aren't on these forums, or Reddit or twitter. The real majority is playing the game not talking about it.
  5. Where are you getting your information?
  6. The map is fine, I like it the way it is, it doesn't need to be like all the other maps. If changes are gonna be made to it I wish they would make it larger.
  7. Of all the things that could make the game better I don't see why anyone would get all wound up over this idea.
  8. Yeah, Ive been following along in the other thread, I saw this thread and thought there might some new discussion. I had to do a double take when I realised he brought back a thread from last year that has already been resolved.
  9. I was hoping you would keep trolling, I was enjoying it.
  10. I'm sure someone doing QA has already completed them all several times.
  11. In the 50 or so kills I've been a part of or witnessed, I've actually never seen someone quit in the middle of it. I have seen 1 or 2 quit before he was even hit with the sweater. It's possible though that they didn't quit but we're disconnected.
  12. AdmiralJT


    Order it direct from LAT, they will give you a discount if you buy it by the case.
  13. AdmiralJT


    @BrokenFattHardy @PlayerAgainstTheMachine FYI, that permatex stuff is junk. This is the good stuff.
  14. @Jdt827, the way it works right now when a match starts, 7 people connect to the hosts machine. The hosts machine is responsible for relaying information back and forth to the other 7 players. Thegame can have very bad performance because it is dependent on the quality of the hosts network connection. Dedicated servers means there will be 1 machine that all players will connect to. All game instances will be ran there. Performance will no longer be at the mercy of some random person's internet connection. And no one will be able to kill the match for everyone by turning off their machine.