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  1. AdmiralJT

    Abandoning ship

    I've debated over whether or not to do this by calling people out by name and slinging mud. That really isn't my way. I came to these boards to discuss a game that I truely enjoyed. In fact that game was easily my favourite game in the last 8 years. Being here I met some interesting people. Some of who I had good conversations and a lot of laughs. Some who I had great debates and arguments with. I'm not going to list names because that is a sure fire way to leave someone out. To those I shared laughs with thanks. To those I argued with, don't take it personally. The way this game and it's community has devolved over the last few months is a shame. This game had the potential to be way more than it is, and it's community is full of some amazing people. I'm sure that in a few years someone will come along and make another Friday the 13th game. The fans are too loyal and too good. I hope whoever makes the next game learns from the mistakes that were made here and is smart enough not to repeat them. There really doesn't seem to be anything left to discuss here. At least nothing that a discussion will change. So I don't see much of a point in participating.
  2. AdmiralJT

    Ghostboy Exits

  3. I wasn't there. Flashbacks of having to stop kids from pulling their buddies off of hooks, while hearing generators get started.
  4. If they had it wouldn't have taken 4 days of people posting bugs and glitches for them to put a list of known issues together. Every game I've played has that list at the bottom of the patch notes, but not this one, because they don't know what the issues are until it's released and we discover them.
  5. Who were they satisfying when the released the unfinished engine update?
  6. He told me last night he was a backer of the game and blah blah blah...I didn't have time for the guy when he started backpedaling.
  7. You don't think this guy is the real guy? https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/8wcqfp/never_hike_alone_director_confirms_gun_knew_about/e1v9kyv?utm_source=reddit-android
  8. AdmiralJT


    "You ain't so pretty yourself you know" I ain't so pretty myself,I know"
  9. AdmiralJT


    You saw that before it was removed?
  10. AdmiralJT


    They should have put the chicken coop on the map with that "one ugly man" dead inside it.
  11. AdmiralJT


    Slingshots laying around camp makes more sense because they were in the movie.
  12. AdmiralJT


    I feel you man...
  13. Same for me except it won't be Vanessa it'll be Lachapa.
  14. Rules are rules, we are not allowed to post duplicate threads, all it does is clutter the forums.
  15. Ok well it looks like I said that and it has no context so someone will assume that that is my opinion and they will undoubtedly calle an asshole again.