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  1. NONE. they are all sucky in their own ways and it takes YOU to make them better. I generally play as a male character, even though i play as a male-CIS character. (im autosexual but biologically gay) I play as i play which pisses people off, but they can go f themselves.
  2. quote: Isn't there an achievement for staying in a hiding spot the entire match? Kinda hard to get that one of ya don't hide. Hahahahahaaaaaa HA! maybe! I vaguely remember that achievement? Truth be told, I'm drunk and stoned 99% of the time when I play this game... as it should be
  3. SERIOUSLY! it's a video game! play how you want (as long as it's not outright cheating) and enjoy it for what it is, not your utopia version of what you think it should be. If it's not for you, move on to another game. So many little dictators in video games (and other aspects of life too) these days... I blame e-sports lol. When I first started playing people were would be vocal about me being a hider. :/ I like to hide, it's part of the game. People have hid from mass murderers and serial killers since the dawn of time! I now do venture out from under the beds and outhouses though, but yeah, i still like to hide and watch through the slit, it gives me a rush.
  4. Am I the only one who feels like dedicated servers are nothing more than training wheels?!!? what am i missing here?
  5. just had to download a patch on ps4... what is new? excited to play again.
  6. Don't get it. trust me though, i'm not someone named darrin. :/ (unless that's a movie reference I didn't get, sorry)
  7. buying the dance and outfit costumes tomorrow because while i never got to enjoy them during my real plays the last few months, think it will be fun now. plus GunMedia and Illfonic need our gamer welfare payments.
  8. I totally agree. this has, hands DOWN, been the BEST indie game I have EVER played and I dare say it the most fun game i've ever played in my LIFE as a gamer of 41 years. (well started at like 10 so 31 years). This game is awesome. It only gets hate and paranoia because everyone expects constant updates and new content. I prefer old school... when the game came out , it came out. What was there was there. Review it on THAT this game is amazing and I hope it lasts but people who like to complain about every little thing will ruin it. Well they won't cuz I plan to play this game for a long time with good players, and even online with people who are terrible people. Don't lobotomize a gift horse in the face is how I feel about this game. Sorry, but this game is an A+ for me right up there with Ms. Pacman and SMB3.
  9. Ha. awful. I can totally see this happening as people seem very entitled these days that if their worldview isn't what they think they should be experiencing they wig the hell out. It's beyond creepy and at some point in their lives they didn't get the slap (not a physical slap per se... but a metaphorical one) that you can't just whine, bitch, moan, and report your way to Utopia. I'm glad I only have about 20 years left on this Planet.
  10. Before the last patch I felt like I was Jason every other round and I was having a lot of fun, but I think I was pandering toward the kinds of players most people seem to hate here from the December patch. I play less as Jason since the last patch, but when when I am it doesn't seem all that much different to me, but I kinda suck at games in general and only play them for entertainment not personal achievement and ego boosting. I personally find Roy Jason rather dull. I normally pick the tater sack from part 2, even though that was my least favorite movie in the franchise.
  11. I've only had one bad experience on Friday the 13th with someone sending me a nasty picture of a crotch with a weapon through it :/ Oh and one other time where people were talking about some really shady shit so I exited out of that on the next round. Is DBD really that bad? I started playing it before Fri13, but put it down as it wasn't as fun, although it was kinda sorta fun but i wasn't into this type of game at the time. Also there's no voice chat on DBD, right?! I totally got suckered into purchasing the Michael Meyers character and map thinking it would feel like the Halloween movies, but it felt nothing like it. All the maps and characters felt dull and the same to me. Also I'm not a fan of working on generators and seeing people hung on hooks, does the game get ANY deeper than that? Am I missing out on anything?
  12. My dad was a junkie and so was my mom. Both died a long time ago. What are you getting at? quote: everyone wants the joy of having little ones running around the house. Regardless if your gay or not. I'd rather have roaches !
  13. quote: You'll have kids one day. I'm a 40 year old gay man. Trust me, not in the mood for crotch fruit.. stop pushing that vile lifestyle on all of us!
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