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  1. Because without the ability to provide new content, the game is pretty much dead. It's nor profitable for them to continue.
  2. This is probably the end. They're not going to spend their time and money on a game that they probably won't be able to update in the future. This game had so much promise but unfortunately it seemed to be "doooomed" as Crazy Ralph would say.
  3. This game feels like it's broken at its core. Essentially they are playing a shell game with glitches. One is fixed and another pops up in its place. My new faves are not being to interact with anything after being in combat stance and the kill animations being jittery. The game feels worse after the last update. I've played this game for a year (and it is the first video game I've played with any regularity since 2005 or so) and I can't help but feel like I wish I hadn't reentered this world after the latest update. I don't understand what the problem could be.
  4. They're adding a ton of stuff. Why would they add more? Gotta save some stuff for the future.
  5. It's the "hard map" for counselors, just like Part 7 is "hard mode" Jason. Instead of people getting this and dealing with it, they whine until the developers cowtow to their wishes and change the character. The spawns however both for parts and objective locations need to be completely randomized because once you know the maps its really easy to figure out where the items are going to be.
  6. I'll try single player during the day then hit multi when my group gets on.
  7. I love Friday more because of my love for the series and the care they out into the aesthetic design of the game, but dBd is 100% a better run game. They had better hit a fucking home run with the update or this game isn't returning from the grave.
  8. Medic because it allows more options. Thick Skin is useless in a match where you go unscathed but with Medic you can help others.
  9. The crotch drag onto the cleaver especially when performed on a female character is one of the most misogynistic things I've ever seen in a video game or horror movie. Granted, I still use the kill but its pretty brutal.
  10. Crazy Ralph I would like if there was a single player counselor mode, like he shows up and gives you cryptic tips.
  11. Very boring, but it works especially with a newbie Jason.
  12. In the future I think it should be possible for Jason to put down/pick up other weapons. Also I think there should be a tool shed spawned randomly like the shack that Jason can see on the map but counselors can't where both Jason and counselors can grab weapons.
  13. I do think they should add one environmental kill for Jason in each map that is specific to the movie, once all of the other stuff in the game is worked out.
  14. We've been waiting since October or so. I think the fact that we hardcores have stuck by the game begets us a bit of hostility at this point.
  15. No update? What the fuck. Those of us who have been playing since the beginning don't need XP we want content, god damn it.
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