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  1. worry about yourself. if you werent so busy chasing me around the forums and harassing me you wouldnt care. leave me alone please. You cant remember when you in particular complained that my NO CLOTHES ON SHELLY THREAD was allready an excisting thread.
  2. HMM I cant see where it says Uber Jason Anywhere. Has there Been a Recent post confirming for sure That Uber Jason And Grendel Map are Next.
  3. There must be a New creation Map available that shows Uber Jason is Next for sure. Can anyone post the new road map.
  4. Ok well we probably can assume the exact Date for the April update would be April 13th. July 13th Id like to see an update to The Virtual Cabin and a New Map,New Counselors.
  5. Is anyone else excited about possiable special suprises and Updates to the Game Scheduled for April 13 or July 13 2018. what kind of updates and suprises could be revealed in a shocking display of splendor.
  6. Custom Maps are maps that are Designed that have never been in any movies or anywhere in the franchise. its Newly Thought of Maps.
  7. I Posted a thread about this situation about 3 days ago and it got locked. I Was told that there is allready an excisting thread on this. my thread was called No Clothes on Shelly. Im going to continue to report this thread untill i get treated respectfully and fairly.
  8. I Think you guys are way off on this. your figuring is strangely clouded like a stoner hitting a bong. What is Subjects of Redneck Barbecues,Darrin,Bombs and Japan doing in a thread about NEW VERSIONS OF MAPS.
  9. Ive sent alot of you freind requests on Playstation 4. Strangely Not many have accepted. Sadly its just tumbleweeds and quiet with no response. I Dare the best Dodging counselor to go up against Me as Jason.
  10. this post isnt about vampires. nor have any of my posts been about vampires. your making stuff up. do you know how to read.
  11. im allowed to post about subjects even if they have been posted months before. im reporting harassment to Gunmedia Ben. im allowed to post to this forum.
  12. Wouldnt be sweet to see new versions of Maps with a darker twist. Maybe we could get diffrent map versions in single player challenges. maps with more of a gothic twist.
  13. Exactly this thread is about shellys charachter and clothing. These other guys think that they are special and dont have to follow the rules and stay on topic of the thread.
  14. Custom charachters that are from the comics added to the game would be great. Im buying the Jason Goes to hell Comics off ebay. I Will share other charachters from those comics here with you all.
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