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  1. As the title says: Has anybody ever had Savini chosen when playing Random Jason?
  2. spookyvizionz

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Will random Jason players spawn with chosen skin/weapon or will it default? Will savini ever appear for random Jason?
  3. spookyvizionz

    Bruce Campbell retires as Ash / Ash vs Evil Dead cancelled

  4. spookyvizionz

    Bruce Campbell as Tommy Jarvis

    After seeing this image, I just want to see Bruce Campbell revise the role of a grown Tommy Jarvis set to take on Jason one more time.
  5. spookyvizionz

    Favorite DC hero?

    You have your heros... I have mine.
  6. spookyvizionz

    Favorite DC hero?

    The Joker.
  7. spookyvizionz

    Best obscure slasher films?

    Student Bodies (1981)
  8. spookyvizionz

    Thinking of buying a XBox one(Update)

    GT: spookyvizionz
  9. spookyvizionz

    Vent out your frustrations

    When I get put on suspension for a language violation from a teaming squeaker... when my next game drops the F-bomb as soon as I spawn
  10. Wasn't horrible... a few host quits here and here, mainly when I played Jason and killed the host. A few Pam tapes I didn't need... no Tommy tapes. Played a bit of Counselor Fight Club in a Private match just to change things up a bit on Friday night...
  11. spookyvizionz

    Vent out your frustrations

    BIGGEST Frustration... The overall whininess of the so-called "fanbase". definitely wouldn't want to be stranded at camp with the majority...
  12. spookyvizionz

    How about other horror games?

    Devils rejects/ House of a Thousand Corpses/ 3 from hell... for every 2-3 survivors there would be one of the firefly clan. Lobbies wouldn't allow duplicate characters. Plenty of location maps from the film's.
  13. I hope that this will be adjusted in an update at some point. I love to play with the cards that are dealt by using random, but I would like to see my selected skins and savini without choosing them before a match.
  14. People complain about slashing... People complain about grabbing... People complain...
  15. I think a better perk would be to two uses from a pocket knife. You would still have to rely on finding one and if you dropped it, it would still be only one. This would at least get you a chance at tripping a trap...