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  1. Best obscure slasher films?

    Student Bodies (1981)
  2. Thinking of buying a XBox one(Update)

    GT: spookyvizionz
  3. Vent out your frustrations

    When I get put on suspension for a language violation from a teaming squeaker... when my next game drops the F-bomb as soon as I spawn
  4. Wasn't horrible... a few host quits here and here, mainly when I played Jason and killed the host. A few Pam tapes I didn't need... no Tommy tapes. Played a bit of Counselor Fight Club in a Private match just to change things up a bit on Friday night...
  5. Vent out your frustrations

    BIGGEST Frustration... The overall whininess of the so-called "fanbase". definitely wouldn't want to be stranded at camp with the majority...
  6. How about other horror games?

    Devils rejects/ House of a Thousand Corpses/ 3 from hell... for every 2-3 survivors there would be one of the firefly clan. Lobbies wouldn't allow duplicate characters. Plenty of location maps from the film's.
  7. I hope that this will be adjusted in an update at some point. I love to play with the cards that are dealt by using random, but I would like to see my selected skins and savini without choosing them before a match.
  8. People complain about slashing... People complain about grabbing... People complain...
  9. I think a better perk would be to two uses from a pocket knife. You would still have to rely on finding one and if you dropped it, it would still be only one. This would at least get you a chance at tripping a trap...
  10. Hardcore mode

    I think a better idea for a "hardcore" mode would be Camp Blood. A run down crystal lake... more boarded up windows , if they aren't boarded then they are already broken... doors missing and already cracked up... no power to begin with, power would need to be restored to call tommy... lots of vegetation to slow down and stumble... weapons would already be rotted and break easier... just a thought.
  11. What kind of beer do you drink?

    All time favorite...
  12. Definitely agree with the Random Jason Issue... I love playing Rando for both counselors and Jason as I like to kind of play the hand I'm dealt. I did notice my Savini never came into play, but I just figured it was my luck and not an issue with the random feature...
  13. Elm Street Map

    I can understand that. they went through years and years of right negotiations to get Freddy versus Jason made. I was under the impression that New Line owned rights to both now, but I suppose there was a lot of small print in the final agreement. Shame because I believe that Freddy vs Jason was the most lucrative of both franchises...
  14. Elm Street Map

    Aaaaand... Freddy sent Jason to Elm Street to take out the fornicators there... so...
  15. This could have been addressed... if so delete. But I do think it would be awesome to have an Elm Street Map. With Nancy's house of but especially if there was a Freddy Krueger Hideout with all his gruesome swag inside, just as a nod.