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  1. Definitely agree with the Random Jason Issue... I love playing Rando for both counselors and Jason as I like to kind of play the hand I'm dealt. I did notice my Savini never came into play, but I just figured it was my luck and not an issue with the random feature...
  2. Elm Street Map

    I can understand that. they went through years and years of right negotiations to get Freddy versus Jason made. I was under the impression that New Line owned rights to both now, but I suppose there was a lot of small print in the final agreement. Shame because I believe that Freddy vs Jason was the most lucrative of both franchises...
  3. Elm Street Map

    Aaaaand... Freddy sent Jason to Elm Street to take out the fornicators there... so...
  4. This could have been addressed... if so delete. But I do think it would be awesome to have an Elm Street Map. With Nancy's house of but especially if there was a Freddy Krueger Hideout with all his gruesome swag inside, just as a nod.
  5. Gamer Tags for F13!

    XBOX One Gamertag: spookyvizionz