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  1. perhaps now, after they had done their damage. I play on the xbox, so all I know is of what I have seen from streams, videos and heard about. the xbox still seems to be booming, I have been in full lobbies every evening. Host quits are still a pain, but once you reach 150 it don't hurt as bad. Plus, by then you should have a pretty good method of weeding out possible problematic lobbies.
  2. I would say that if the PC version is dying, then it is the hackers and cheaters that are killing it more than anything.
  3. Kenny in the pink latex police outfit...
  4. spookyvizionz

    Questions About Future Content

    Since it would technically be existing game content could environment kills from the single player challenges be placed in quickplay???...
  5. spookyvizionz

    Questions About Future Content

    Now that I think about it the best way you can sum up this news is you start off finding two pocket knives firecrackers you get the sweater you know where the fuse house is the fuse on the map and the host quits...
  6. spookyvizionz

    Questions About Future Content

    Sad, sad, sad news that leaves an after taste of BS in your mouth. I love what was started with this game and would have gladly purchased any available DLC in the future. This game had the potential to bury the competition. My only hope is that they can and more importantly "will" keep their final promise or "teaser" or whatever lingo you would like to use regarding fixing what has been broken so that we may actually enjoy what has been given to us until they pull the plug completely and Jason gives out his final gasp.
  7. As the title says: Has anybody ever had Savini chosen when playing Random Jason?
  8. spookyvizionz

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Will random Jason players spawn with chosen skin/weapon or will it default? Will savini ever appear for random Jason?
  9. spookyvizionz

    Bruce Campbell retires as Ash / Ash vs Evil Dead cancelled

  10. spookyvizionz

    Bruce Campbell as Tommy Jarvis

    After seeing this image, I just want to see Bruce Campbell revise the role of a grown Tommy Jarvis set to take on Jason one more time.
  11. spookyvizionz

    Favorite DC hero?

    You have your heros... I have mine.
  12. spookyvizionz

    Favorite DC hero?

    The Joker.
  13. spookyvizionz

    Best obscure slasher films?

    Student Bodies (1981)
  14. spookyvizionz

    Thinking of buying a XBox one(Update)

    GT: spookyvizionz
  15. spookyvizionz

    Vent out your frustrations

    When I get put on suspension for a language violation from a teaming squeaker... when my next game drops the F-bomb as soon as I spawn