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  1. The only thing to hope for now is that Sean and Victor do end up making a deal together like Larry said. After that, maybe Gun can at least push out the stuff that was done/almost done like kill packs, clothing packs, Uber Jason. Other than that, interesting video. Let's hope that Sean doesn't follow through and file an appeal.
  2. I always thought that both of the game outfits were wrong. They look like two polar opposites when it's basically just a combination of the two. Although I will say I prefered the blue to the green.
  3. ZillaMeister

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    Avengers Infinity war was pretty good 9/10
  4. ZillaMeister

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Thanks for beating the franchise over the head again, Cunningham.
  5. Indeed, that seals it. The folks at Horror Inc don't know when to quit.
  6. We thank you for the clarity regarding the many questions people have. As long as you guys continue to work and push for new content someday in the future with Horror Inc ect, that'll keep some semblance of hope alive. Maybe one day we'll see Uber, maybe.
  7. Part 7 with the wood axe is surprisingly really fun to use. I feel like he’s still in the lower tier but he’s not a bad Jason like he was before.
  8. I’m not sure about Final Chapter (I still have yet to complete “the sequel”) but I’m pretty sure that it does not count. Bot kills, however, for Jason Goes to Hell and Gotta Kill Em All do count towards those trophies.
  9. ZillaMeister

    October Event Celebration!

    Cool to see something neat happening.
  10. The boat, even with it's startup sound now, is really easy to escape with. I'm trying to get my boat escape badges done and I've been getting about one or two per night, more if I'm lucky.
  11. ZillaMeister

    Best Halloween Movies

    That list is really odd. I can't tell if it's a top twenty or if they really think that The Nun is better than Halloween.
  12. ZillaMeister


    That's all we needed to know. Would have been nice to know sooner. However, I fear only more questions will arise now...
  13. ZillaMeister


    Until we get a crystal clear yes or no, theories will run rampant. This needs resolution.
  14. ZillaMeister


    Check the links there, read comments at your leisure. I guess that's it then. Just gotta enjoy the game while it lasts.