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  1. If it's the same sound that you heard at the dock when the boat starts then it doesn't matter because it's and already existing asset.
  2. ZillaMeister

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    When this drops for PS4 I’ll have to work even harder for my boat escape badges.
  3. ZillaMeister

    Jarvus house glitch

    Throwing knives will kill them. It's not a perfect exploit. Kinda similar to the one in Higgans Barn.
  4. Oh yeah that game was just awful for shift grabs. I'm far better than that, and I think the new animation makes it easier for me to catch them, like in this clip with
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNjgSfeN-Zk&t=26s&ab_channel=GZilla2010 Swiping this team nice and clean as
  6. I’m just laughing at this point. It’s just sad and funny how absolutely nothing has gone right.
  7. Part 9 is by far the most underrated Jason in the game. He’s Part 6 without a morph weakness. I usually demolish people with him because he’s one of the most mobile Jason’s in the game.
  8. Very nice! That is stellar Jason play. Bravo sir. That Top Popper kill is bugged or something for you also?
  9. It absolutely should be 5 minutes.
  10. ZillaMeister

    Troll Disposal

    If you make the host leave as Jason you automatically win.
  11. Part 2 - Spear Part 3 - Shears Part 4 - Battle Axe Part 5 - Pig Splitter Part 6 - Pickaxe Part 7 - Wood axe Part 8 - Fire axe Part 9 - Machete
  12. ZillaMeister

    Top Popper Kill bugged

    I figured it wasn’t just my issue. I guess I’ll just put the leg sweep on until it maybe gets fixed. It’s a DLC kill too, what a waste.
  13. So I have the pickaxe equipped on Part 6. I go into offline match (although I think it’s the same issue online), and I grab a counselor. All other kills are available to use (this is a relatively flat surface), but Top Popper is not. She gets away, I grab her again. Spamming my button bound to it, I finally get it to go without ever seeing it light up. As soon as it’s over, the game crashes. I remember that one of the fixes last patched was related to this kill (even though I cannot remember having issues with it before the patch), so I’m wondering if this was just broken even more?
  14. Literally everything that @Daneasaur said.