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  1. I have all the tapes. First two games in I found a duplicate Jarvis and Pam tapes, respectively.
  2. ZillaMeister

    Inviting not working

    Yeah having the same problem. Joining from the menu works, but invites aren’t going through. Sucks.
  3. Cool to see you guys doing something I guess. Bare minimum, but I didn't expect much more.
  4. ZillaMeister

    Exp increase is now in effect

    It's what I expected, not what I wanted. I already am level 150 with all of the tapes. I'll probably still play later anyway.
  5. Wes has tweeted some relavent Friday the 13th wishes and images. Still seems strange. I’m gonna wait and see what happens. I’ll be checking back often to see if anything new is posted.
  6. Been checking Twitter. Not a word from them. Killer Puzzle is going strong though. Did my first daily death puzzle today for Ghost Jason.
  7. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me. But does anyone think it’s weird that they haven’t even said ANYTHING today? Not wishing the community a happy Friday the 13th, not doing any kind of event, seems a little odd.
  8. I always use 4 traps for objectives and a spare for retrapping or if the last person is left alive I might use it to try and catch them. For 3 trap Jason's I do one for each objective. If they get tanked I make them priority morph spots. With Part 2 I use the same strategy as a normal Jason except I have 3 extra traps instead of 1.
  9. One thing I just thought of to buff grip strength is so that Jason can take an extra hit or two before dropping the counselor he has in his hands.
  10. Knowing that objective is being worked on. Notification tool. Traps are crucial tools for Jason defending his objectives and most counselors pay attention if you place them around outside a house. Once had a Part 4 use all 3 of his traps around the house I was at and I got away pretty easily.
  11. Using your traps on anything other than objective control is a bad strategy imo. Maybe if you’re Part 2 it’s acceptable. Maybe. But I wouldn’t.
  12. Just today I load into a full lobby of pretty mid tier level counselors as Part VII on Jarvis (with his trusty wood axe). Trap the phone, check. Trap the car, check. Mitch decided to stick around the car so I went after him. After a brief chase through a few cabins I finally caught him with a nice shift grab and... You guessed it. Error: You were kicked: Host has left the game. Bravo. You ruined the game for everyone you salty bitch. Classic.
  13. Fortnite didn’t let me in. Said I had no connection (even though I do) and tried creating a party endlessly. I know they have a big update today but I’m not sure that’s the problem. I’m thinking this is a PSN issue, but Black Ops 3 appears to be working okay, which is mystifying. EDIT: Fortnite is indeed having its own issues. Might be connected. Not sure. RE-EDIT: PSN servers reportedly down for some users. https://status.playstation.com/en-US/