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  1. That's actually a really nice change. Better animation for sure.
  2. My friend played as Jason 5 times last night. Two different times, he was selected twice in a row. Yet another bug that desperately needs fixing.
  3. I think I need to play a lot to adjust to it. It seems like a lot of players don't really get a lot of the new mechanics and are flinging themselves right into me. I haven't gone up against a really solid team yet.
  4. I'm still not sure of the tier list yet but Part 4, 6, and 7 are all the worst. J4 and J7 have horrendous weaknesses that are hard to play around, and J6 has -morph which to me is a massive no no. If you get jipped and morph and then a trap gets tripped, you're screwed.
  5. ZillaMeister

    Best Grab Kills for Each Jason

    When I play as Jason, every Jason gets two of his unique weapon kills, a unique non weapon kill, and the head punch. Part 2 - Head stomp, Canopener, Headbutt Part 3 - Head Squeeze, Head Chop, Stunner Part 4 - Neck Twist, Up and Under, The Jarvis Roy - Rugby Player, Last Breath, Hedge Trimmer Part 6 - Heart Punch, Knock Down, Spear Impale Part 7 - Head Rip, Eviscerate, Dismember Part 8 - Free Kick, Doubletap, Fireaxe Throw Part 9 - Disarm, Chest Stab Head Chop, Decapitate
  6. If people weren't allowed to play as a specific counselor the results would be catastrophic. This suggestion is absolutely silly. If you don't see anyone picking a repair character, step up to the plate and pick a repair character. It's not hard. If you get Jason, get ready to slaughter them.
  7. ZillaMeister

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    It was heavily implied that Jason survived the re entry to haunt the teenage populace of Earth 2. The tone of the movie certainly sells it. Besides, there’s absolutely no point attempting to apply logic to Jason X.
  8. Aside from being killed (which hasn't happened yet), anything below 4 is a loss. 4 kills for me is a draw. I get pissed when even one person gets away though and I strive to be merciless and kill everyone.
  9. ZillaMeister

    Part 4 Tips

    Play aggressively. Like people have said, get kills early in the game to cripple the team. You can't afford to let objectives be completed and you have limited traps to defend them. Get them down and start running. I sometimes utilize a strategy where I trap the phone and then the four seater and leave the two seater untrapped so I have another trap to potentially re-use. However recently the car has been getting away from me more than I'd like it to, so I'm gonna be basic and just use all 3 traps on different objectives.
  10. ZillaMeister

    Best Kills for Part 8

    Free Kick, Head Punch, Doubletap, Fireaxe Throw. Perfection.
  11. Blocking is Jason's most underutilized tool. I keep urging my friends who get stunned over and over again to learn how to block. Good on you man, keep learning and slaying them pesky counselors.
  12. Funnily enough, last night I found a Tommy tape after just explaining to my friends that I haven't seen one in ages. Three to go.
  13. Now THAT'S an interesting theory... Uber Jason/Grendel is my most anticipated DLC release so I'm hoping you're right.
  14. I haven't seen any since the event. Usually I end up spotting a duplicate Pamela tape at least once every weekish depending on how much I play. Something definitely seems to be off about it.
  15. I like 8 and 9 the best. Their stalk strength is some of the best and they keep the pressure high on counselors.