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  1. Proudest achievement you have done.

    This one’s a doozy... Crystal Lake Small. Day before the Roy update which included Jason’s needed buffs. I spawn in as my tried and true Part 8 Jason and set things up. A noob Jason was killed last round so I trap the shack because I thought these people might be confident enough to do it again. Somebody leaves early on. I stumble upon a large group of counselors (5 at least, perhaps the whole team). I proceed to get beaten on in a gangbang dance stunathon and my mask gets removed, which gets picked up by Tiffany. Two people get slashed to death in the process. Tommy comes back. During my attempts to pursue the rest, Tiffany went and got the sweater, dodging my trap completely. Here they come. I managed to scatter the rest of the group and corner them in a house before Tiffany stuns me with the sweater. Apparently nobody was ready as I mashed X and got up without being brought to my knees. I was shaking. Closest I’ve ever been to being killed. Then objectives start getting rushed. I’m constantly morphing between the phone and the four seater, taking out a couple along the way. Tommy almost manages to fix the phone box but I stop him with the good old head punch. Then the four seater starts up. Perfect morph allows me to stop it and kill the last few people who were trying to give me the runaround at the archery range. I received a message from one of the dead players calling me a tryhard. Okay, fine, but what were you guys doing the whole time? After I get the last kill for the most glorious 7/8 (still counts as perfect because somebody left), I got on the mic and said tryhard or not, you’re all dead, and I left. Best, most intense round I’ve ever played.
  2. As people have said, I'd recommend Part 3 as your beginner Jason. He's easy to play and has few weaknesses (however I would recommend trying out every Jason). You should have either the choke or the head punch on every Jason you use (I use choke on human Jason's, and head punch on undead Jason's) because of how fast they are and how little space you need to execute them. Don't be afraid to slash people to death. There's a stigma against it but it's completely fair. Also, slash Tommy Jarvis to death, since he spawns with a knife. Always check on objectives. Your first morph location should usually be the phone since it's the easiest way for people to get away. Place traps at each objective so you can be alerted when people start working on them. Sense is your best friend. Use it often so you don't lose track of where people are at. Use Stalk to trick people into thinking your shifting during a chase. Often times they turn tail and run straight into you for a grab. Hope this helps, happy slashing!
  3. Your current thoughts on Gun & Illfonic

    I think we are in a good place right now. I've been playing since early digital release days and I've seen it all. With the recent balance changes, continual updates and support on new content and servers, things are looking up, especially considering all the shenanigans that took place last update. I think we mostly just need to iron out some of the persistent bugs, make a few tweaks, add more customization, and we'll be set.
  4. I got a 4 or 5 out of eight because the police got called. I kind of knew what I was doing because I had seen beta videos. Never trapped objectives, slashed for about half the kills.
  5. Why is part 3 so popular?

    As it’s been said before, Part 3 is one of the most well rounded Jason’s in the game. He’s easy to use and is great for beginners. He’s definitely in the top 3, and is the best running Jason IMO.
  6. There is no reason to change sense. If anything, allow the ability for Jason to change his power loadout to add a larger variety of playstyles for Jason. I don't think Stalk is nearly as important as Sense. Jason should be able to know where players are at, and whether they are entering or exiting cabins at a given time. You may see a sound ping, but you may not know if that's coming from within the house or outside of it. I mostly use Stalk as a deterrent to trick people into thinking I'm shifting. I'll use it for stealth when trying to stop cars or when there's only a handful of counselors left in the match. It's absolutely a late game tool. But if people want Stalk first, then allow the loadout to be customized as such. Otherwise, no need to fix what isn't broken.
  7. Yeah I’m not a fan of Summer of Heat at all. I like the Crazy Lixx stuff, but the Misfits song is the best on the radio. I almost hope they’d include their “Nightmare on Elm Street” track from the same EP as a little jab at Freddy.
  8. Jason gets stuck cannot do anything but move?

    Had this happen to me on Higgans Haven when I was Part 4. Killed everybody in the match (there were other goofy glitches as well). The last person was in the closet upstairs but I couldn't open the door to kill him. I just used stalk and waited there. After about a minute and a half he opened the door and I was able to grab him and snap his neck. Great match almost ruined by the frustrating glitch.
  9. What if Grendel is only a SP map

    I don’t see any reason why Grendel won’t be available to play in multiplayer, with any Jason. It would be a poor decision if it wasn’t. It’ll have to play differently but they’ll figure out ways to do it.
  10. I don’t like that idea at all personally. Sense is far more important than stalk and not having it early game would completely flip the meta of the game. Jason needs to know where people are. That is far more important than getting a surprise jump on them. I’m all for the option of customizing where you want your powers located (with morph being the only constant), but I’m personally gonna need sense at all times.
  11. I almost forget about how useful his Stun Resistance is. I was in a game on Jarvis House as him against a group of Fox's and a Bugsy (this was before the recent Jason buff) who promptly ganged up on me after I trapped the phone and car. Demasked within the first three or four minutes of the game, rage was active in the first 5. Managed to hack down two of them, out played the rest with shift, stalk, and throwing knives. Tommy arrived but nobody went for the sweater or objectives so I got a clean 7/7 (lobby not full). Having rage so early helped me shut that shit down as fast as I did. I suppose I was lucky the remaining few were not being smart about getting stuff done and just resorted to wacking me.
  12. Hm if I were to rank every Jason in the game...(excluding Savini because I don't have him nor have I ever used him). 1. Part 8: Jason of choice. +Destruction and no major weaknesses make him a powerhouse. 2. Part 9: Negative traps is a bad deal but it is made up for by his excellent shift and stalk. 3. Part 3: Solid all around. Good for beginners and deadly in experienced hands. Best running Jason imo. 4. Part 5 (Roy): Retains most of Part 3's core attributes, just gets manhandled a little easier. 5. Part 2: +Traps and +Morph is KILLER at the expense of shift. Easy to control the map. 6. Part 4: He has amazing strengths but some detrimental weaknesses. Has trouble stopping objectives but can kill very quickly. 7. Part 6: +Shift is great but his -morph is hugely problematic and his weapon is wonky. 8. Part 7: Poor guy can't catch a break. -Shift and -traps with no great balancing pluses make him difficult and frustrating to use.
  13. When did F13 end?

    The original series continuity ended with Jason X (Freddy vs Jason chronologically coming before it). A new timeline was created when the series rebooted. I'm interested in seeing how a new film will play out. It may take a while for that to happen though. Hopefully the new Halloween will do well enough to get studios' gears turning and resolve copyright issues.
  14. New Friday Blu Ray Set

    That's pretty cool. I love box sets but I have the DVDs individually and I'm good with that. The quality is still nice. Space is the only thing I struggle with on my horror shelf. I keep "the big four" series together, plus other horror franchises together, along with another big section of pretty much everything else.
  15. I would say no myself. I think Jason Takes Manhattan is hot garbage but Part 8 is my favorite Jason of choice in game. My favorite Friday film is Part 3, and I use Part 3 rather effectively like I do most Jason's. My favorite look and design for Jason is Part 7, but he's not very good in game. I can still clean up lobbies with him but not as easily.