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  1. Or The Upper Rooms in Pack, I tricked a Jason By Going in and out of a Hiding Spot, He saw the blimps, But in Reality, I was behind the door!
  2. Blocking is the ultimate dick move for Counselors who want to kill you, They will follow you around and try to kill you, They won't get objectives done, Less XP and all that shit.
  3. I don't even like Dogs, They scare me But Muffin all the way to Jason's Cabin.
  4. And I'm not exactly talking about that, Look before this page and you will see what I mean Hint: Mine and Armani's Convo.
  5. Why Resurrect Something that has been resolved for a while? Even if it bothers you, This issue was resolved.
  6. Fair Points, Although this was more about the Games Popularity than It's Mechanics But Yes I do hope they fix the stealth aspect in F13
  7. Sigh, I never said anything about DBD Having better Map Design, Although I Actually Like Some of the Maps more than Pinehurst (Gideon Plant, The Forest one, Forgot the name), DBD Is Focused around a Different type of "Story", And It's not all about slashing everyone to death, Also I actually Prefer the Stealthier aspect of DbD You can really escape if you are the Last Person Alive, By getting to the hatch! Although in F13 That Is Made Harder because Jason Has Not One, Not Two, But three abilities to track you down (Three because of Improved Sense in Rage), I mean you could hide, But Jason will still find you because Of Sense, Or because he entered the cabin you were in and Your counselor screams when he gets near to your hiding place. Stealth Aspect of DBD > Stealth Aspect of F13
  8. Yup, This game is more about: 1. Tracking Players Down With Noise Pings and Sense 2. Chasing them or easily catching them 3. Killing them RINSE AND REPEAT No Stealth element here . - .
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