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  1. Seems Pretty Cool, Although I'm Worried about how well they will Implement all of this And Also the Last One For Rage, Some Jasons may use it to troll, Not coming up again (Unless it has a timer for how long they can stay there), And Also After the Update comes on I feel like Not everyone would fall for the Jason Downed Trap.
  2. Well I suck at Using Decisive Strike Then, Never managed to get away with that, Always had someone rescue me with a pallet or flashlight.
  3. Oh Stop being such a bitch about this, As Many People have already Said, The Customization would be completely useless, All the hard work would be gone And If it only appears during a few Scenes, So what? That doesn't make it any better. And Customization is Useless and the Game could survive without It, BUT It's already in the game, People paid for these things and the Devs don't want to throw their work in the water.
  4. Well This game has horrible stealth Mechanics, Fix that first, ty ty. Second, No, As @Qcici Mentioned Character Emotes, Clothing and Other things would be pointless. Third, This would Bring unbalance to the game if Counselors could see in First Person, But Jason in Third, Although there could be a toggle for Private Games which allowed either one.
  5. They Overall need to Fix (rework) Stealth as well, This game doesn't really feel like A Survival Horror game, Because well, Jason can track you ass down with 2 things (Pings, Sense) It Should be a challenge to hide from Jason and for Jason to find you, Would make the game a ton more exciting and fun to play!
  6. I don't like asses or boobs or dicks for that matter. I simply enjoy playing Tiffany, Although my Comment about Vanessa is a bit cheeky, Since I actually played her quite a lot as well!
  7. Tiffany > Jenny > Vanessa I'd rather not have Jason on my ass the whole game.
  8. Excuse you, Both Tiffany and Jenny are best girls Vanessa sucks
  9. Well Darn, I couldn't really think of a better date since the Content Is going to be coming in like 10 centuries or so, I had to give an at least optimistic answer! Yesss, Of course, Although we will need a designated necromancer so we don't turn into mindless zombies.
  10. Ugh I hate those types of Tommies(?), If you can't fight Jason at least help others by Fixing Things!
  11. New Grab Info and the "It's Good, It's not good" Wars have already begun, At least wait until we get to see it in Action (This is for the people already complaining, Not the Ones Discussing how the new grab will work)
  12. The Perks I care about have the least useful stats for me Oh well, I'll stick to Almost Rare ones.
  13. That really doesn't do much, It only increases it a little bit, And As I said "Trolls will be trolls", Not even the salt mines will stop them from quiting the match if Jason catches them.
  14. Simple, People will either stop using Emotes or Still use them. This fixes nothing, Trolls will be trolls
  15. Oh, It's Okay. I generally make confusing sentences, Not your fault hehe.
  16. I think you took my Reply in a different way, In a Dick move I meant that It was the Good kind of thing to do because they may lay off, Which in turns gives you a chance to dispose of them One on One. And It was Mostly a Humour Related comment, Nothing too serious. Yes I haven't been stunned when I was in Block, Quite a surprise that It 100% Blocks any types of stuns.
  17. Hello Welcome to The Forums! I hope you do enjoy your Stay, Beware of trolls.
  18. Omg Same, I got so confused like What the actual heck, Is there a new Youtuber who goes by Slasher Cast?!
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