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  1. Same, The So Called "Good Host" Trolled the "So Called Trolls", I hope they finish Dedicated Servers quickly So we won't have to deal with People like Him.
  2. Same Here, But With Tiffany I don't even need Luck, If my Team has Jason Distracted, I can fix the whole car.
  3. I Know I will be playing Her, I don't care about Stats. I'm here for The Models, The Clothes And the Thottyness Of Tiffany
  4. Well That could be if they Hit something like a Fence or Tree while going too fast, Instead of dying though they are injured.
  5. Yes I have noticed that as well When I played Normal/Hard they just usually sat there, Didn't do anything and Hide. But In Easy Mode, The car Got Fixed, The Police Got Called, I got Juked And they saved each other. They Must of Have Mixed it up...
  6. I'm Gonna Go for Multiplayer, Don't really care about SP Or Weapon Swap, Don't enjoy playing as Jason Either. I will most likely be playing Victoria.
  7. This has been Suggested, Discussed And Problemized A Hundred Times Already and Every Single time My Answer is No. This will Negatively Impact the Player Base and No one wants to play as LaChappa.
  8. Same Problem Here, I could find 2-3 Tapes each Match before the Event, 0 After the Event, 0-1 During the event.
  9. OOh Could it be the Head Cut off Kill then, If Jason Sees someone coming, He takes out what ever weapon he has and Holds it in a Position that will cut the head clean off! That would be cool.
  10. A Perk which Assigns a Driving bot to you so You don't Crash Into Jason,Counselors, The Map Stand, The Gates, The Trees, Rocks, Fences and Air.
  11. Naaah I'd rather Snipe Jason from 1 Cabin away with a Flare Gun, Than handgun It just looks a lot better.
  12. Yep, Right Now They better fix the Bugs, I can live with the stealth being shit now.
  13. The Really Bad Stealth Aspect of F13 Is Why I like DbD More, Once In a Game I had a Leatherface Chase everyone down, Left Alone I was hiding around in the Gideon Meat Plant, What's cool is that Most of the Abilities Make a sound but you never know where they are, I got Caught but the Leather face was kind so he let me escape. I was Hiding around for the Whole Game, Hid Behind Walls, Pillars etc. It truly felt like I was running away and trying to hide from a Serial Killer, If there was something like this In F13 It would be so much better, At least Remove one of the 2.5 ways Jason can find a Counselor (Stupid Screaming while they are In a Hiding Spot).
  14. This is Cool, But Can I let some Counselors survive? I don't want to Kill Deb or Jenny
  15. I wonder if the Necromancers are ready to resurrect us in the year 20030.
  16. Eh Sure, I'm not planning to get into them so this wouldn't really affect me.
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