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  1. If we did get Create a Jason, Maybe Astral Jason would really come to life!
  2. Seriously, Are we actually doing this right now, I wasn't even lying when I said The Community overreacts to everything! Oh Boo Hoo you couldn't kill the bot in 1 Minute because that bot had a Pocket Knife, No Need to cry about it, Just catch them again and kill them.
  3. I Do Agree, Victoria's Suit doesn't Look like what it's Meant to Be, It's More of a Pajama (Owned One that Looked Like that, Different Colors though), Also Agree about the Patterns And Colors, I'd love to see an Alternate Suit Outfit, Something Like a Fitting Business Lady Type of Suit for her, Or Casual Nice Looking clothes.
  4. I'd Love a CO-OP Mode, Set in the same Type of Atmosphere And Such as this One (One Plays As Jason, Other Plays as Counselor, Both have their Objectives to complete)
  5. Oh So It's On All of the Consoles Then, Not sure if it Happens on PC Since I don't have the game.
  6. When Have F13 Players not overreacted to something? There, That is the Answer.
  7. Yes Indeed And It's only 2$ for Now, Get Your Skin And You will get his Special Weapon! Hmm That May actually be why he keeps Killing the Counselors, They don't clean up after themselves!
  8. Now to combine this Skin and the Rainbow Blood to make the ultimate Astral Jason!
  9. But Why Does Saliva even come out from the Crotch Area. And Yes, I Agree on everything you said, Good Idea.
  10. They better fix the Milk, I meant Blood that Comes out of Counselors sometimes...
  11. Indeed, But I quite Doubt it, He was the Type of Troll who wanted reactions from People, The One who always moaned and Complained about something, While not exactly doing much.
  12. Well At Least Dorian Only Complained About Jason Being OP, Then Counselors Being OP And those kinds of things, He never outright did anything like this.
  13. Biitch I accidentally saw this again And Almost had 5 heart attacks, Even though I knew the date was 5/24.
  14. Oh No, Victoria is Roy 2.0! So now we are getting a New Killer, Not a Counselor Heheh, But Yes that Dress With the Morbid Details would go well with Vicky.
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