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  1. Yes, But we need a Name for the Last Rubber Bender, Don't we?
  2. Well Good Job, Dolemite debunked the Myth of Rubber Bending.
  3. Yes Oh my god 5 Times?! Oh Wow that's Even Worse, Although I think that From The Jason's POV Vicky was still standing there, While Me and My Friend Saw her Running down the road like the Hero she is.
  4. So As you know That Happens with the Car, But what about Stunning Jason, Windows and Cabins! As I was watching my friend, Playing Vicky, He Managed to Stun Jason And Run away out of a Broken Door, Earlier He was Outside pressing E to get Inside, And Teleported There, Then He Stunned Jason and Ran Away (Before This Everyone Had High Ping, But during the stun his ping went down to 99-101), Soon He was Grabbed and Teleported Into Jason's Arms from the Middle of the Road! Has Anyone experienced this problem? P.S Repairing with Vicky is actually so good.
  5. Sooo Any News on Reggie being the Next Counselor or Any other Counselor, Actually Interested right now (Not trying to start a petty argument again)
  6. Haven't Had the Problem, But I wonder If they will fix it in the Next Update coming in 2022.
  7. Let's Hope what ever comes next isn't going to be riddled with infinite bugs Well that Hope is dwindling...
  8. I do Know About that, Although Shelving Something By these Devs Probably means Canceling it fully.
  9. Oh Alright Alright, Also do you remember something Called Paranoia, I wonder what happened to it. (New Uber Jason Bug, Can't be Stunned At all, New Car Bug, Now it can fly in air, New Counselor Bug, Counselors can go underground and Escape without any method, Just a few examples)))
  10. If Only Sense wasn't so cheeky, The Darker Map is so much better for hiding, At least from the videos that I have seen.
  11. I'd Love More Outfits for them, And Why the hell didn't they use Melissa's Casual Outfit instead of.. What ever Vicky's Clothing is supposed to be.
  12. The Only One that Looks decent aside from Basic Colors is the Rose One, It's actually cute.
  13. Why Not, I'd love to actually see more.
  14. Bugs? Glitches? Broken Shit? Illfonic Doesn't know anything about that, It was Obviously Working Like a Perfect Polished Game When they *Play Tested* It.
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