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  1. Manipulated someone into giving me the boat saying I would wait for them, I did not
  2. Hello Everyone, I am Smugdoka, Nice to meet you all.
  3. Well.... I'd Probably not die first, I think Composure: 5/10 (I'm Squeamish, But Bitchy at the same time) Stamina: 4/10 (I'm not really good at managing my stamina, I don't work out and I'm extra skinny.) Speed: 8/10 (I'm really quick when I'm Scared, Especially is dogs are involved) Repair: 1/10 (I'm not handy at mechanical stuff, Instead I am what you would call a "Book smart" Person, So if this was int It would be 10/10) Luck: 6/10 (Not exactly the Luckiest person) Stealth: 10/10 (I'm good at blending in, not making a lot of noise and generally being "invisible") Strength: 1/10 (I slap people well, My Strength in general Is Horrible) Smugdoka "The Bitchy Person" My Appearance would be of a girly boy, Medium sized dirty blonde hair and usually wearing either A Jacket, Sweater and Black Pants, With Black boots with small heels or wearing a Warm Jacket with a Small White Shirt, Dark Blue Boots and Black small heeled boots, I dress like it's winter everywhere, So I would either have a hat or scarf, Along with some black gloves to not get my hands dirty. My Personality would be A Mix of Deborah and Melissa from F13
  4. Basically a Ranked like Mode? For the People who have already mastered the Casual Side
  5. I got it working with a Headset but not with The Laptop Mic, Since I usually don't have my headset with me I need to find a fix to this, It worked before in different games as well.
  6. Hello I use My Laptop Microphone in the game, But it doesn't seem to work, I can hear everyone but no one can hear me, And when I click T The Icon doesn't light up either.
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