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  1. Marathon is Great on Everyone! Especially if you can Add Restful to the Combo
  2. Now where am I telling people how not to have fun? I'm complaining because my Own "Fun" was being shit on by someone.
  3. The People who basically spawn around the place Just to find you, Ignore 2 other (A FREAKING DEBORAH?! AND A VANESSA!) Just so they can kill a Freaking Jenny, Also the Police had already been called ( 3 mins in the game because Jason was busy Trying to kill me and another Jenny) Like, Just stop.
  4. Go play a Hardcore Game then if you want, I'm not here to get my ass handed to me every single match simply because some "Pro hardcore" Players want to Get Killed. I am so done with you at this point
  5. I Agree, At least on Pinehurst, Because Jason can Usually see you leaving in the boat if he is chasing someone else
  6. Thrasher and ugh... Escape Artist, Are really useless right now
  7. Especially If I am Fox I get so Lucky with Fox that it's Kind of Weird
  8. Source Material /=/ Balance If there is no Balance in the game, Then no one will play the damn game, Jason was Darn OP In the Movies If he was that OP In the game then playing as a counselor would basically be "Who gets to die first"
  9. I find a firecracker at least once every 2 matches To be honest I have found More pocket knives than Firecrackers after the update
  10. I play on Pack Small and 99.9% of the time they are hiding in the closets
  11. The Bots in my games don't even fix the car, They Just hide in the Main Cabin
  12. I got killed because I spawned in Fuse House and well... Jason Had Other Priorities (Which did not include killing the people who were already fixing the car, what the heck jay?)
  13. Pretty sure it's Tiffany since she you know did a lot of "favors" for everyone Tiffany for Head Counselor
  14. PC, Although I play on my friend's account from time to time, Haven't bought the game my self yet. Haven't played for like a month or two now, I have been busy with other things
  15. Okay Thank you, And I am getting along very fine (Aside from Roy, Fuck you Roy)
  16. Thank you, Nice to meet you Chloe
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